Learn Digital Marketing from expert. Semsols Technologies Private Ltd., having more than 13 years of experience in the field of Internet Marketing is offering offline course for freshers, entrepreneurs, BCA, BBA, Bsc, Bcom, MBA, MCA & anyone who wants to promote their business online.


Learn Search Engine Optimization from Guru’s. SEMSOLS is a leading search engine optimization company in patna. We have more than 1000 clients internationally who used semsols seo service to grow their business. You can learn SEO in depth from us.


WORDPRESS is the most used content management system. Learn designing a website on wordpress. After completing wordpress site designing course, you can design a profesional website in just few hours. We will teach you how to install wordpress & design a website.

WooCommerce Training

Want to make your own eCommerce site using woocommerce plugin. The you are at the right place. We at semsols teach you how to make ecommerce site using woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce plugin is the best opensource ecommerce plugin available on the internet


Semsols Training is an initiative by Semsols Technologies Private Limited. Semsols is an Internet Marketing Company based in Patna from last 12 years. Our expertise is in Digital Marketing. We provide complete consultancy & solution right from idea incubation to its implementation. Semsols has more than 1000 clients all over the world. Semsols has been awarded as an top affiliate in many niche industry.

The core objective behind the Semsols training is the decrease the gap between our education system and business firm requirement. We at semsols are in directly touch with the corporate and their requirement. After analzing the corporate world requirement we develop course which actually caters these firms requirement. That is why our trained studentsds are directly placed in big firms or they can start their own firms catering to those service. As we have seen the growth of internet in last 10 years most of the business house are taking their business online so they need professnals to do their work. And that is where our role comes into play. We provide most advance training module which directly solves the firm requirement and student gets handsome salary.


DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE OR INTERNET MARKETING COURSE is the best course which you can add in your profile. THis course will make stand ahead of others. This course can be done by +2 Students, undergraduates & also those who cannot speak english very well. Want to know more about the course then give us a call.
COURSE DETAILSCall us #91-9507036101

SEMSOLS Offers wide range of courses in the field of digital marketing. Most of our courses trains you to become a entrepreneur. We at SEMSOLS just not only give training but we make entrepreneurs. After completing the course you can get a good job in some IT company or you can start your own blog or start your own digital marketing company. Sky is the limit if you dive into the sea od digital marketing. Some of the advance courses like Affiliate marketing, kindle marketing can make you earn online from your home.


Learn what is digital marketing. This course gives you complete idea about internet marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Branding. After completing this course you can many question related to digital marketing.


Want to create your won video? Want to know how to use video editing tools like adobe premiere, filmora.. then you are at the right place. We will train you how to use these tools.


Learn what is website designing. This course gives you complete idea about website designing,  Design Search friendly website to rank on search engines. Learning to design a website is really critical for website designing. Learn html & CSS.


Graphic Designing course is must to do course to learn how to handle images. As we know images speaks thousand words. In this we train you how to use adobe photoshop.


We teach you how to use WORDPRESS and become a professional Blogger. A complete content management system. This CMS helps you to design the websites in very short time and start blogging about food, technology….


We teach you how to get your website rank on different search engines. Our course guide you about what is white hat & what is gray hat seo. 






Want to make money online? Learn affiliate marketing with us. We guide you how to earn by doing affiliate marketing. Our course will guide you from scratch to end such that you can run your own affiliate marketing business.

Woo-Commerce Training

Want to start your own e-commerce website? then choose woo-commerce WordPress plugin as this eCommerce plugin is being used by most of the eCommerce internationally.


Want to promote your business in Youtube? Our want to consultancy to to grow your youtube channel t. Discuss with us we have a customized solution for you. Drop us email to know more this service.


Want to add your product on Amazon India or want to increase sell of your product. Then do this training course to know how to rank your product on top of search results.


Facebook marketing is something which cannot be escaped from your to do promotion list. We can guide you how to optimize your campaign to get maximum roi on your adds. We also help you to understand & do Facebook marketing,


Are you a author? Want to sell your books on amazon and kindle.. then you are the right place. We will guide you how to write books & to promote that book to earn from home.


All of our courses are designed in such a way that after completing these course you can start your journey of online money making. We teach you in such a way that you complete the whole circle of online money making.


Thanks SEMSOLS, From day 1 I was sire that after completing the course I will be placed in good company. This confidence was because of you sir. Thanks again… Neha Shukla

Internet Marketing Executive

I never though I will be earning online. I read lots of websites about earning online, making money online but never succeeded. But ytour guidence made me earn online…. Ajay Anand


I tried many techniques to get traffic on my websites but never understand the core fundamental. You made me understand that very well, Now I am receiving tons of traffic… Amit Gupta

SEO Manager

Become an Expert

Semsols Technologies Private Limited training courses makes sures that once you complete the course from our institution, you are recognized as the expert in your field. I most of the training centers once courses is completed then training center responsibility is over, But at SEMSOLS we take next step to get in touch with all the student and give them the platform where they can learn about the new upcomming from their field. 

There you can ask question and mentors and senior student or your fellow student can help you out. For more information give us a call.


Neeraj Vijay and Piyush Jain A BIT – EDEXCEL LONDON alumni with more than 15 years of total experience as a Digital Marketer, E commerce Marketer and top digital material marketing consultants for software development, traditional business & Startups companies.

Semsols promises to give the best service through our well qualified team members. We take customer satisfaction as the main objective.

  • A BIT, MCA Alumni with a total of 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing.
  • We have received as the top affiliate award on international platforms.
  • Company specializes as Digital Marketer, Internet Marketer & Affiliate Business Marketer.
    Our Top priority is customer satisfaction.

We witnessed the growth of internet marketing in India. There is more demand of expert digital markerter than the supply. That is why SEMSOLS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED decided to bring the top professional courses for those who want to make their career in Digital Marketing World. There are some course which is offered by SEMSOLS only. Like our Kindle Course, Affiliate Marketing Course. We also have Gray HAT SEO Course whcih is for Top SEO Professionals. We have many course which stands you out of the masses.


I did digital marketing course from semsols, they are really the best. I opted for this institute as they have the practical knowledge about the subject. As semsols itself is a search engine marketing company.

Preeti Raj – A Food Blogger

SEO Course is really awesome. i was novice when I started the course but after completing the course now I can undestand the videos of international seo’s what they are saying. YOu made the fundmental clear. thanks

Akansha – Working at Digital Marketing Company



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