Hello Friends, I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer. I am back today with the topic 90% of you will ignore This in 2020 – Followed All Google Guidelines Still Lost Search Rankings. This is related to Digital Marketing and anyone having knowledge of Digital Marketing will be able to connect with this topic

Many of you must have lost your website rankings despite following all the Google Guidelines. Yes it is true, recently in May 2020 Google has rolled its core update for website rankings. Even if many of the web masters have followed Google Guidelines, do not have any problem or error in the web pages, neither there is any kind of manual action or filter but still the websites have lost their rankings. Even Google has stated that even if some of the website might have followed all its Guidelines, there is no error in the web-pages, no manual action or filter of any kind is there on the website, even then also these sites won’t rank on Google Search results. What is the reason behind it? You need to think seriously about what went wrong. Many of the people are of the opinion excessive link building has penalized their site rankings, or they need to improve on page, or Google is biased. However it is not found to be the case. When you will closely go through Google Guidelines then you will come to know the motive of Google on this core update which has caused such a problem with many of the websites.

Actually the motive behind this Google Core update is to present the most relevant and authoritative content for the users. Yes, Google assesses the content of each and every website. It might be possible that many reputed websites are now ranking low or no where in the rank due to its content. Also various small websites are now ranking ahead in place of these websites due to better quality of their content. This has happened and can be seen in the May Core update. So you need to learn what should be there in the content, how it should be written, what should be its quality all this matters a lot and you need to know them to rank your website on top of Google Search Result Page (SERP).

I am going to discuss all of these points in this post. Many people believe that they have used quality content on their website and believe that ranking of their website cannot be compromised due to content. Some other factors might have contributed to such a downfall. But it’s a fact that content and only content is responsible for loss of ranking in this core update by Google and it needs to be improved. If you go through Google’s Guidelines the main stress is given on 4 basic points to review the content and focus on these points.

First Parameter is Content and Its Quality:

Google always lays stress on the originality of the content. Whether your content is it written after good research or is it well analyzed or not? How comprehensively you have described your topic or issue on which the content has been written. Whether there are any interesting facts present in the content for users or not. Whether the user will gain maximum out of those facts. If the content is copied from various other websites or places and whether you have made changes to make it unique. If it’s really original or just rephrased. Whether users will find any relevance to the topic or not. These are the points which Google analyzes related to quality of the content. Other than these points, you also need to work on Titles. Whether the Title of your content summaries it or not? Whether the title which is made is not excessively exaggerated or not. Can you share such content to your friends or can mark it yourself? Would you like to read or go through such content yourself in any book or magazine which you select for yourself? These are some of the parameters of Google which decides the quality of the content. So whether the content is original, whether you would prefer to read it in a book or magazine, would you share it among friends and groups, whether you would prefer to bookmark it or not? How much the content is analyzed, researched and presented to the users. Not only this there are 3 other parameters as well.

2nd Parameter; Expertise Question:

Google feels if you are writing content on any topic then how expert you are really to deal and discuss that topic. What is the expertise level and how much you have researched on the content before writing it. You need to describe the Author and in the About Us page you need to mention who is the author and how much knowledge that author has who has written the content or topic on the website. Whether the content and its sources can be trusted or not? If users are reading your website content and trusting it then only the content and your website will be evaluated and valued highly. Google wants to confirm whether the content or that topic is written by an expert or not. Whether the searcher who would be reading your content can really trust and make a decision on the subject or not after reading the website content. So whether the website is about any services or product, so you need to put forth an expertise question. This can only be possible if you are really an expert or you need to learn and become an expert before writing on that issue. Then only you can present and write well researched trust worthy content for the readers. Finally it will be analyzed by Google and if they find it relevant that the writer is an expert and has detailed knowledge about the subject then only such websites can rank on Google.

Third parameter: Presentation and Production Question

Google feels that the content which is written whether it is grammatically correct or not and whether the website is mobile version optimized or not. Also whether there are many ads displayed on websites, whether the content is too sloppy, whether the content which is there on your website is unique or written on various other websites. Google believes the content to be unique and it should be present only on your website. These are the points which one need to cover for Presentation and production of content on a website for better rankings.

Fourth parameter: Comparative Question

Google always assesses whether the content is comparatively better than any other website or not. The content which is written on the website whether it is useful for the users, whether it is informative or not or whether content is written with the motive to optimize the website by using keywords. So these are very important parameters which hardly many of the website owners and content writers follow these days. If you want to rank your website then you need to focus on these 4 parameters, It may be possible that initially your site was on the rank but now if it is not appearing on the results then you need to focus on the quality of content and improve it really well then only you can rank your website on Google. Not only these there are factors as well that decide the ranking and quality of content. Google has various raters who rate the content and set guidelines for the content to rank in specific categories and which kind of content should fall in which specific category. Such Guideline is called the EAT method. Here E stands for Expertise, A for Authority and T stands for Trustworthiness. These are the 3 parameters for Google rating for any content manually. It is analyzed by Humans and not by robots or crawlers. These things are considered and using all these points Google updates algorithm. I hope this post will help you in improving the content and its quality and how to rank once again on Google. If you want to learn Digital Marketing then we have introduced a Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. This is a video course where you will get structured videos for each 23 modules. When you take and study this course we will come live on a weekly basis to solve your doubts and queries. Also you will get a free Internship of 30 days as a bonus. Also there is a private facebook group to get your issues addressed by us. So if any one in it is interested kindly join Our Digital Marketing Course and go through the link in the description part.

With this I conclude my post and will meet you soon with another topic in my next post. Until then Good bye!


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