95 % of you will ignore this in 2020 many of the Companies are giving pink slip to its employees. What is this pink slip? Have you ever wondered?

Pink slip is the termination letter. There are many Companies in India such as Zomato, OYO, LendingKart, Makemytrip (MMT) have together laid off 5000 of their employees. This is going to worsen in the coming days and months. The Job openings have reduced to 1/3 as compared to the pre Corona period. There are hardly any job openings right now. There are very less job openings. This video is for those who are studying now or looking for jobs now and those who have lost their job in the Corona virus crisis. Mind you there will be very less placements in Universities and if at all on a very less salary package. Those who are working in Private Companies are in fear as any day they can get pink slip from their Company. So this is the right time for you to think and make the right decision. I had gone through this situation during my college days when every of my friends got placed in Campus selection and I was the only one who was left behind and did not get placed anywhere as I had no skills in my resume. This is the right time to take control of things and learn new skills to become an Entrepreneur. The most hot thing right now is Digital Marketing. There is no reason why you can’t learn Digital Marketing. Everyone can learn it as I did. You just have to follow my steps and learn Digital Marketing.

Keeping all this in view I have created a Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. There are 23 Modules in this course and each module is designed in such a way that once you complete one module you have created a part of business with that module. Once you complete all the modules then that means you have created your online business completely. So with the completion of this Digital Marketing course you can create your own business online. Mind you at this crisis time the Companies which are working online are doing better. There will be many job openings in the Digital Marketing field. So this is the right time for you to get enrolled in our Digital Marketing Course. Those who complete our 80 % course have added a bonus for them as we provide 30 days free internship to them. In this internship you will learn how to implement all the modules which you covered in Digital Marketing Course. So if you have any queries related to Digital Marketing and our course you can ask us. We have provided the link in the description part. Also you can join our Semsols Facebook group. We share many things related to Digital marketing Course. So best of Luck and Go Ahead.


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