Welcome friends, this is the second video of Affiliate Marketing Tip #2.

Today in this post I am going to clear your queries. Is Affiliate Marketing in India only suitable for Passive source of Income or can it be used as full time business?

Before proceeding let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain and I am into Digital Marketing for the last 16 years and for the last 12 years I am doing Affiliate Marketing. I have my own Company which is Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD. which is completely an Affiliate Marketing Company. So you must have got the answer that you can use Affiliate Marketing as a Full time Business. IF you are starting Affiliate Marketing as a fresher, the first thing which you need to understand that Affiliate Marketing is a Quick Money making field then it is a myth. Affiliate Marketing is the implementation of Digital Marketing.

You should know Digital Marketing and then only you can excel in Affiliate Marketing. As a fresher if you are starting with affiliate Marketing then you must have patience. Patience in the sense that you are working for Affiliate Marketing but not getting any returns as sales. My suggestion is not to go directly for full time business. Instead you create a website and whichever product you want to promote , market you can do. Once the sales starts in a consistent manner and if you are getting traffic either by paid ads or rank organically on Google and your sales starts this is the time you can quit your job and switch to full time Affiliate marketing as a Business. If you do not have any idea how to start with then you can join our Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi

Affiliate Marketing is a very vast field. From my personal experience I can tell you that I started  my Business as Digital Marketing with few clients.  Then I came to AdSense and created a few websites for running ads and started earning revenue through ads. But AdSense is not permanent. You cannot rely fully on AdSense as sometimes your account can also get penalized. Even my account was penalized 3 to 4 times. Then I came into the Affiliate Marketing field. Since then there is no looking back.

Now I am fully into Affiliate Marketing and I have achieved various awards and recognition. In an International Competition I got 2nd Rank and my two accounts were in Top 10. First account was on 2nd rank and second account was on 7th rank. SO If you club both I would have been on Top. So I did Affiliate Marketing at this level and I know how to make money in Affiliate Marketing.

So the answer to the Question whether Affiliate marketing is a passive income or full time Business. The answer is that Affiliate Marketing can be taken as a full time business but only if you have full knowledge and patience to work even if you are not getting any sales or revenue. There is a very good scope in Affiliate marketing but you need to have patience. Generally as a fresher, you start and create a website. You add products and run ads. Maybe you don’t get any sales for 4-5 days and then lose patience and stop running ads.

I have seen many campaigns where there were no sales for 25 days and in the last 5 days of the month there was tremendous sales and so much revenue was generated where I could run as many as 5 ads campaigns using that revenue.

If I talk about organic sites, I have created several websites where we have earned revenue only through organic ranking. But to achieve that organic ranking I had to work and wait for almost a year. My entire team worked using SEO strategy and link building for one full year. But once that website ranked organically, it generated so much income that I could make almost 100 websites. This is why I feel that people start well but lose patience in Affiliate marketing as they don’t wait for the end result.

So it is very important to have patience. So I hope you got the answer to the question that you can start Affiliate marketing as a Passive income and then take it as Full time business. There are no risks involved and you can use Affiliate Marketing as a full time business.

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