Welcome friends Today we are going to discuss Affiliate Marketing Tip #5.

If you are running Affiliate Marketing campaigns in India either through organic or paid ads, our landing page should be targeted for custom audiences and with custom audiences we should run re-targeting ads. Lets understand this in a detailed manner.

Now what is a landing page?

Landing page is the first page on which any visitor lands on the website and has maximum traffic. This is the first page which is shown to our visitors. The question arises: what is the audience? Audiences are those who are interested in your products. But we need to create a custom audience. Those audiences who have landed on the homepage need to create a custom audience of our landing page and can be accessed only by you. So we need to create a custom audience of the landing page. You can also create a custom audience of other pages of the website also. So we need to create a proper funnel to track how our custom audience is moving from landing page to other pages of the website. Suppose if the audience comes on your landing page and fills up the form and goes to the Thank you page. SO we need to create a custom audience of thank you pages also. So the landing page and custom audience is clear till now.

Now the third concept is re-targeting ads. Running re-targeting ads will show only to your custom audience who visited your website. Suppose if you are running a campaign for any affiliate marketing product. Your landing page has a form which requires it to be filled up with details such as name, email and phone number. If a visitor lands on your landing page reads the content but does not fill up the form. Now the second audience comes to your website , fills up the form and goes to the thank you page but does not purchase the product. SO this is the second custom audience as he /she has filled up the form but has not purchased the product. This custom audience is different from the 1st one.


If you want to increase the form fill up rate by showing ads specifically by showing different ads. Whereas you want to remarket ads to a second custom audience who has filled up the form but has not purchased the product. So re-targeting ads are for such a custom audience. This is why when we visit any e-commerce website such as Amazon , or any site offering any course then remarketing ads starts appearing for such visitors.  This is running re-targeting ads. Suppose if you visit our website and have registered for our free demo class of Digital Marketing but have not purchased the course. SO in this case remarketing ads will run and will be shown to such visitors.

This can be only possible if a custom audience of landing pages is created and such custom audiences are shown remarketing ads. So if you have your own product and want to increase the conversion rate of the product you need to create a custom audience of the home page and other pages where you have created or included download or register product link.  We should never avoid remarketing ads for increasing conversion rate of products. I have given the link on how to create a custom audience for a specific page of a website. I hope you liked this video. Kindly do like, share and subscribe to our channel.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing then you should register for our free 5 days Demo class. This is a 5 hours class where you will get 1 video daily till 5 days. If you attend and watch these videos you will get a detailed concept of Digital Marketing. So on this note I am concluding my post. Will be back with Tip # 6  soon. Thank You !