Affiliate Marketing is an important module of Digital Marketing. This is why we have come up with our Best Digital marketing Course with special focus on Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing starts with the right product and it ends up with sales of the product. The entire circle of Affiliate marketing involves lots of steps.


Product: We Start with Product

It is very important to choose the right product for Affiliate Marketing. As soon as we have a product, we create a lead magnet for that product. This Lead magnet is added on our website. There is an option of email collection on the landing page.

Then we send traffic on the landing page. It could be free traffic or paid traffic. There can be various ways to send free traffic. It could be through Search Engine optimization, normal Facebook Posting, by creating video on YouTube, etc. There can be various ways for generating free traffic.

Paid Traffic: Then there is paid traffic which can be generated through Search Engine ads, YouTube Video ads, Facebook ads, Instagram Ads. So our objective should be to send free traffic as well as paid traffic on our landing Page. Eventually the sales are generated which is the last step of the Affiliate Marketing Cycle.

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