Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing ? In this video we will discuss how to select the best product for affiliate marketing ?

Are you interested in Affiliate marketing ? If yes then are at the right place this post is about  Affiliate Marketing Course in India and to begin with best Niche for Affiliate Marketing is product related to Health, Wealth and Relationship. These 3 categories are the most searched Niche with maximum traffic. But if there is traffic, there is also very high competition. Then how to choose a product that will get earned for lifelong. It is important to know how to promote our product. Either we want to promote product with organic traffic, whether product is to be promoted by paid traffic or whether we should promote by mixing both as organic + paid traffic. This should be very clear in our mind from the initial level. Then only we can excel in affiliate marketing for product promotion and become successful. If you are selecting any product from clickbank then it is evident that you want to promote the product through paid ads. Since it is very difficult to rank organically if you are a beginner in Digital Marketing segment. Actually what happens if you select specific product of clickbank after some 4 to 5 months the product itself discontinues and changes to with a different brand name. Obviously, the organic keyword which has been targeted to rank after 6 to 8 months of hard work will be wasted.

Suppose if you registered on clickbank and selected any product then it means there are maximum chances of promoting the product with paid ads. It is very difficult to promote organic keywords and traffic for products on clickbank. It is seen that a product which is often selected or chosen from clickbank gets saturated and the product owner discontinues that product and renames it with different branding. Since it is very difficult to rank organically and if the product gets discontinued and it is renamed with a different brand, all our efforts will get wasted. This is seen in many cases that the product gets discontinued by the owner and is renamed with a different brand name. So if you want to promote organically, we should not promote products and instead we must choose problem related keywords. We must select what is the problem that is being searched most. For example we can select weight loss as this problem is searched the most. Weight loss is an example of a problem

Since weight loss if you select products such as capsiplex pills and make a website on this product and run ads for promoting this product. if you want to promote with paid ads then there is no problem but if you wish to rank organically or with organic traffic then it is difficult. So instead of making websites on Capsiplex pills we need to make a website on problem solving type products that is how to lose weight and weight loss. Because problems will never change but the product such as capsiplex pill can get discontinued or changed. Now how to find and select keywords. If you are promoting through paid ads then there is no problem as you can choose any products from clickbank but if you want to rank organically then you need to select problem solving type keywords. First of all we need to select problem related keywords and it can lie in any category. It may be related to Health, wealth, relationship, it can be digital related products such as software. Suppose if you have selected a software related product and you want to promote any antivirus software as a product with XYZ name. You can create a website on XYZ. But this won’t be life long.  

Better select a problem related to antivirus products. What is the problem for which antivirus is used as a solution. We all know that antivirus is used to keep our PC protected and to remove malware from it. So you need to choose keywords like how to remove viruses from the PC ? How to remove virus from Windows 7 ? How to remove virus from Windows 8 / windows 10 ? Now what we have to do is to create a website on these keywords and write content on them so that it can rank on these keywords. This is how to rank on organic keywords and get organic traffic. After targeting these keywords we can also bring traffic by running ads which work as a mix. We can get organically strong and rank on keywords as well as we will run ads and bring paid traffic to our site. The keyword to be selected for running ads should be specific and the keyword which is targeted in the content should be generic. This page which would be created on a generic keyword as how to remove virus from PC can have any software and can be promoted. you can even change the antivirus brand may be Norton to Avast as there won’t be any problem and continue to get traffic for lifelong.

So it can be concluded that if you want to earn through Paid ads then you can select any specific keyword . But for Organic traffic we need to target problem related keywords as products might change but for organic traffic we need to target problem related keywords and create websites for the same and get traffic for lifetime. So I hope you liked this video. If yes, then kindly like , share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you want to learn Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi then we have designed Online Digital marketing Course as Digital marketing Course from Zero to Hero with affiliate marketing  course in Hindi  as one  of its modules of the course. On this note I am concluding this post, will meet soon with the next Affiliate marketing Tip very soon.