Welcome friends ! Today as tip # 4 we are going to discuss whether we should use Expired domain or purchase new domain for affiliate marketing ?

In the last Tip #3 we discussed we must use a website for Affiliate Marketing. Having a website is very good for a long run in Affiliate Marketing in India. Today we will discuss whether the website which we should purchase should be an expired domain or totally a new domain?  All these concepts are for SEO. IF you want to do affiliate marketing and want to rank organically on Google then you need to work for achieving rank to get traffic on required keywords related to niche. What is Expired Domain? Let us understand about expired domains? When a domain is purchased for a specific time period such as 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. Now the domain has not been renewed due to any reason and hence it expires and is known as Expired domain. When someone purchases a domain, adds content on the website, designs it, builds links for it and does SEO for the domain. But somehow now the domain has not been renewed or maybe it was penalized. Whatever might be the reason for not renewing domain and now it has expired and is available to be purchased again by anyone who is interested to purchase the expired domain.

Suppose the expired domain was related to health or weight loss Niche and if your niche is also related to weight loss or of the same niche then all the credibility of the domain will work in your favor. It takes a lot of efforts such as content writing, website design, SEO, link building to rank on Google for a fresh domain. Still it might not rank on Google as all the new sites are kept under the Sandbox process to test the credibility of the website. During this period when your new domain is under Google’s Sandbox process there is no fixed time frame as to for how long it will continue to remain filtered.

It can take up to 6 months or even a year for that site to rank on Google. Now during this period fresher’s might lose their hope and their time gets wasted. Whereas experienced affiliates go for expired domains as they are trusted by Google since the backlinks, Domain Authority (DA). Page Authority (PA). All these things are discussed in our Digital Marketing Course. These things are considered important to know how good your website is. IF you get an expired domain with good credibility then it can work for you and half of your journey of affiliate marketing is complete as you only need to add new content and is easy to rank on Google.


There are various benefits of Expired Domains. But then you might ask if there are so many advantages of Expired domains then why to purchase new domains? New domains should be purchased if you have a brand name. If you want to make a site with a brand name the new domains are preferred for the same. I would suggest buying new domains as well as expired domains. You can use expired domains to link back to your new domain. This will work as backlinks and overcome the sandbox process to rank organically. Also expired domains play a good role in PBN’s. PBN is a private Blog Network which is an advanced Link building Concept. As we create our own PBN as a network of expired domains to get backlinks for our new site. So it can be concluded that expired domains have a very important role to play in Affiliate marketing business.

So if you have any queries related to Affiliate Marketing and related to expired domains, do write and ask us in the comment section. If you want to learn Digital Marketing then kindly register for our free 5 days Digital Marketing Demo class. On this note I am concluding my post , and will meet you with the next Affiliate Marketing Tip. Thank You!