Welcome friends! This is the third video post of Affiliate Marketing Tip #3

Today we will discuss whether we should use a website for Affiliate Marketing or directly without any website?

Before proceeding further let me remind you that if you want to excel in Affiliate Marketing you should know Digital Marketing. If you learn Digital Marketing then no one can stop you in becoming successful in Affiliate Marketing Business. If you want to learn Digital Marketing then register for Our Free 5 Demo Class of Digital Marketing Course and know various modules of Digital Marketing with Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi. Let us start our Tutorial and back to our question whether we should have a website for Affiliate Marketing or start without using any website? What are the advantages of having a website for Affiliate Marketing and what are the drawbacks? 

This is a very common question whether we should start Affiliate Marketing with a website or without a website ?

As a fresher when someone starts their journey after getting influenced by watching any Affiliate Marketing Video in order to earn maximum profits. To start with they do not want to spend anything and wish to earn without making any investment. So they start Affiliate Marketing business without any website. So what are the benefits or drawbacks of this ?

Inorder to understand this let us know about the mechanism and how affiliate marketing actually works ? In Affiliate Marketing there is a Marketer who promotes products, then there is a Company which creates products as a Developer. There is middle layer or level which provides an interface for common platform for merchants to share their products and we as an Affiliate Marketer register and gat URL to promote it for Marketing.

These Companies provide us with unique URL with Affiliate code which is to be promoted for Affiliate Marketing. This URl is unique URL which we use on our website so that when the traffic or visitor click on this link they will directly get redirected and land on Merchant’s website. This is the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Suppose if you still do not start with a website and instead promote direct Affiliate Links for Marketing and promotion and have worked very hard in sharing links. But have you realized what will happen if the product Developer changes the Affiliate link. If you have submitted the direct links at various places and sites, it will not be possible to change the existing links from everywhere. So all your labor will be wasted. But if you have your own website then you can easily change the affiliate link. Suppose if you are promoting any product and earning 30% commission of the sales from a particular Company. But if some other Company is offering 50 % commission for promoting their product. So you can easily switch in that case and change the Affiliate Link on your website only if you have a website.


IF you do not have  a website then you cannot change the links on various different platforms. IF you are a fresher and feel that you do not have enough money to own a website but I would suggest that you should purchase a domain and create your own website to start with because initially you will have to spend for your website but at the end of the day all your hard work will not get wasted if you have a website. This is a common thing in Affiliate Marketing that Product link can change at any instance. From my experience I can tell you that I was earning 60% commission for promoting software and another Company offered me 75% commission for a similar software product. All I had to do was to change my affiliate link on my website and I got pretty good commission as my website had good traffic.

So if you are of the opinion that you can start Affiliate marketing without a website, to this I would suggest that you should always start Affiliate Marketing using a website. This will give you long term returns. So I hope you liked this video. Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let’s meet with next Affiliate Marketing Tip # 4. Thank You!