Hello friends, I am Neeraj Vijay. As you know Amazon Great India Festival Deals are going on for both Prime Members as well as for others who are not prime members.

I have come up with a few i5 Processor Laptop deals in this video post. What are the features and how to compare its prices that you need to look for before selecting or buying it. Mainly three brands of Laptops such as Dell, Lenovo and HP. There are some very good deals and there are very good offers which can be availed during this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. Apart from that even if you want to go for a Mac system you can purchase a Mac system too. Friends, I am a Digital Marketer and I come with a new video every day on how to earn online, how to find a job in the Digital Marketing segment. So if you want to learn easy tips and tricks to make money online then you need to press on the bell icon to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you will get the latest notifications for our new digital marketing  videos whenever it is posted and is live on our channel.

So let’s begin with today’s deals and offers or Amazon Deals. Friends I am a Prime Member and I have logged in with my account on Amazon.in. Lets go to Laptop’s Deals and offers. So lets click on Laptop and select all available deals on Laptops. Now we need to select a 4 + star rating and select i5 processor so that all related deals on best laptops. Now lets select from the results, I have selected Dell Inspiron, Lenovo, HP Laptop. So first of all let’s check Dell Inspiron 5501 with 15.6 Inch FHD screen. It has a 10th Generation processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB hard drive storage. So this seems to be a good laptop and you can go for it. Now let us go to the reviews section and there is only 1 rating as it has not a good backup as mentioned by 1 of the customers. Let us compare its price. It’s available for 74k and its actual MRP is 80K. Also you can exchange with an old laptop if you have any.

So let us compare its price history on pricehistory.in. It is available for 74 K and there is not much discount or price variation so we can leave this model. Now let us check another Dell’s Laptop and this is Dell Inspiron 5300 13.3-inch FHD Laptop (10th Generation i5) with 8GB RAM, 512 GB HDD. Its price is 77,590. Lets see its reviews and has good reviews and ratings. IF you have a high end budget you can go for it. Lets see its price comparison. Highest price is 82,990 and now it’s available at a discount of 5-6%.

Lets check Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i5 10th Generation with 14-inch Full HD screen. It has 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, Windows 10 OS. It has a good configuration and price range is good with a 32% discount. Lets see its reviews and there are various reviews and it’s mentioned that it is a good laptop in the 60k price bracket. So let’s check its price review. So the lowest price in June was 57k and it has never gone higher than 60K. But they have mentioned its actual price which is quite high to 87K and after discount it’s available for 58,990. That is why I mentioned we must compare the price as there is hardly any discount as it was sold at the same price. As you can see they are offering it for 58 K. SO you can go for Lenovo and I would suggest this as Lenovo is a Good Brand.

Now let us check HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, 15.6-inch FHD Laptop. 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and it lacks SSD. Its MRP is 62 K and Deal Price is 51,990. Let’s check its customer’s reviews and seems to be ok. Now let us check its price history. The highest price was 68 K and the lowest price was in March was 47 K but now it’s available at 51K so there is a difference of 4K. So if you wish to buy HP as a brand then one can go for it. Else Lenovo is a better option.

Now for Apple users, Apple MacBook Air 13-inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, i5. Its review is naturally 5 star rated. SO let’s check its price range in price history. The highest price was 1,22,990 and was sold in this year and the lowest price range was 57K. But now it’s available for 64 k which means a difference of 7k. So it’s good for Apple lovers and want to work on Apple then you can go for it. So these were some of the deals for today. So I would suggest the best deal for Lenovo was comparatively best among all. So if you want to purchase a high end laptop then go for Lenovo as it is a good deal. I have provided links to these deals in the description part of my video. So go for best deals only and avoid purchasing those products which are of no use. People get attracted towards deals and end up wasting money and shop wisely. So let’s meet in my next video post with some more deals and tips related with Digital Marketing course. Thank You!