Location: Patna Duration: 2 Week

Want to Sell Products on AMAZON INDIA?
Looking for a product to sell on Amazon?
Want to know how FBA Works?

Amazon Seller Training Course guides you how to choose products, add products on amazon & how to get sells. This course teaches you how to start a private label product, how to source them from china, how to find best quality products from china.

After completing this course you can start your own amazon business from your home. You can sell your products in India and also worlwide. Become a enterpreneur and start with low investment and sell worldwide. Once you are listed on amazon then you can eaily work on your brabd building. Learn more about starting Amazon business fro home. Call us to know more about this course.

Amazon Seller Training Course teaches you how to start your Amazon business from scratch and make this business as a full time earning business. As we all know that Amazon is the No. 1 ecommerce website where most of the ecommerce sells takes place. Amazon itself is a trustworthy brand. People believes on Amazon that why as a business owner we should use this platform to sell products online. Anyone who is running a physical product business & selling online then he should list their product on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Training Course is for anyone who wants to run business from home or those who want an additional income stream. if you have any question related to amazon listing, improving your product ranking on amazon or how to get more reviews then just give us a call.


Location: Patna Duration: 2 Weeks

Module 1 - Course Introduction

  • Introduction To Amazon
  • The Benefits To selling on Amazon

Module 2 - Amazon: The Basics

  • How to Make A Quick Listing On Amazon
  • How to make your product listing unique
  • How to deliver Your Products To Your Customers
  • What Amazon Charges
  • Sell a Little Pricing Fees
  • Sell a Lot Pricing Fees
  • Your Account
  • Summary & Top Reasons to Join the Amazon Marketplace

Module 3 - How to Create your product Listing

  • Introduction
  • Keyword Research
  • Getting Prepared

Module 4 - How to Create Titles & Bullet Points

  • Create Amazing Title
  • Product Titles & Bullet Points: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!
  • Creating Max Impact Bullet Points That Sell!

Module 5 - How to Stand Out Product Images, Product Photography & Editing

  • Product Images: Introduction
  • The Good & The Bad Product Images
  • Product Photography Guide
  • Getting The Most From Your Camera
  • Step By Step Product Photo Shoot
  • Gimp Photo Editing – Step By Step
  • Other Websites and Services

Module 6 - How To Write Awesome Product Descriptions!

  • Write Product Descriptions That SELL!
  • The World Revolves Around The Customer
  • No 1 Marketing Tool For Massive Sales!
  • Always Start Our Descriptions With a Headline
  • Headline Creation
  • Call To Action
  • Description Checklist

Module 7 - Fulfilment by Amazon

  • What is Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • FBA Pricing
  • How FBA Works
  • Converting a Product to be Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Co-Mingled Inventory / Normal Inventory – Whats the difference?
  • How to Label Products for FBA
  • What Packing Material Should I Use?
  • What Other Equipment Do I Need?
  • How to Prepare ‘Sold as Set’ Products for FBA
  • How to Prepare Small Items For FBA
  • How to Label Small Parcel Shipments
  • How to Prepare Loose Products for FBA
  • How to Prepare Liquid Products for FBA
  • How to Prepare Products With Expiration Dates
  • How to Prepare Fragile Products
  • How to Prepare Case Packed Products
  • How to Prepare Baby Products
  • Arranging Pick Up For Your FBA Shipment
  • Hazardous Materials Identification

Module 8 - Conclusion

What Next ?