Hello Friends, You must have reached this article while searching for BCA Scope in Future or Job After doing BCA or other opportunities available after completing your BCA Degree.

If you are doing BCA from top colleges then you will surely get placement from college itself. And I also suggest to take the placement. However if you are not doing BCA from top college or for any reason you are not placed in any company then you need to apply to different companies individually and this is really competitive. You need to have something extra such that you get a Job in a Good IT Company.

Let’s accept the fact that after doing BCA you can’t get into a MNC’s. As most of the MNC need Post graduation degree or B.Tech Degree. So this doesn’t means that BCA student don’t get the JOB. There is a turn-round.

If you will search for a Job where the pre requisite is BCA Degree then you will not find many companies, however if you learn a skill and look for a job opening for that skill then you will find many companies with many opening both for fresher & experience.

Lets understand this in this way that while doing BCA you must have leaned programming, database management or website designing then what you need to do is to select one particular skill dive deep into it & then add this skill in your resume & look for companies which have opening for that skill and apply for that job.

Now the question is which Skill you should learn such that you get a good Job in IT Company which have tremendous scope in future.

I will Suggest DIGITAL MARKETING without giving a second thought. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sector. Many job opening are coming daily. Salary is very good for fresher’s & if you get 2 to 3 years experience then you will earn more than any B.tech.

As a BCA Student you get the added advantage to learning all the digital marketing skills. Whether you are good in programming or not it doesn’t matter in digital marketing. Digital marketing job are full time office job. It is not like any other marketing job where you have to roam here & there to sell goods.

Once you learn digital marketing then you can add this skill in your resume & apply for digital marketing opening & get a Good Job.

So let’s understand what is Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing you will learn how to promote products & services online i.e. on search engines, social sites, video platforms, app and any other platform which can be accessed digitally.

We at SEMSOLS provide complete digital marketing training both online & offline. Anyone without any knowledge of digital marketing can do this course and learn about the digital marketing. We also provide digital marketing internship such that students get the complete theory & practical knowledge of digital marketing.

Other than Job you can also start your own business online like selling goods online or you can start your own YouTube channel. You can do affiliate marketing or drop shipping business. and all these business can be easily started from comfort of your home. and you don’t need lot of money to start this. Most of the student who acquire digital marketing skill eventually starts their own business.

Learn digital marketing today! this SKILL set is really important for you to get you a dream Job & dream lifestyle.