Hello Friends, I am Neeraj Vijay and have been working in the Digital Marketing Industry for the last 15 years. Today I have come up with a new video as promised and it will cover how you can save your hard earned money. Yes, as you already know that Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale and FlipKart Big Billion Sale is going on.

You must have made a long list to purchase during this festive season and what are you going to bring at home from Amazon and FlipKart at discounted price? Have you ever wondered if the things which are available in sales are really available at heavy discount? Are you getting bluffed? It is not that whatever things you are getting in sale is available at best price or as best deals on Amazon. You must compare the price of the products which you are going to purchase during this festive offer. Else you can end up in purchasing at high rates. In this video I will explain how you can compare prices and how to know about the product at what lowest price any product was sold on the same website during the last 1 year.

Let us begin this video tutorial. Now I have opened Amazon.in on my browser. This is Amazon’s Great Indian Festival which started from 17th October but for Prime Members it started 24 hours before. Similarly Flipkart Big Billion Day started from 16th October but for Plus Members it began from midnight of 15th October. Let us check any mobile and I selected Mobile and Accessories. Now I am going to compare the price of Redmi Note 8. Pricehistory.in is the website on which you can compare the lowest price of any product and what is the highest price. All you have to do is to paste the product url of Amazon, flipkart or any other e commerce site. It is a free price tracker. Also Know here about Amazon Seller Vs Traditional Business

So I copied Amazon’s product url and pasted it on this website. So the highest price of Redmi Note 8 is 14,999 and was sold on 13th July. The lowest price of Rs.6990 and was sold at this price on the same website that is on Amazon in the month of last week of September. And now this mobile is available at 12,999. So if you wanted to purchase the same mobile at 6990 but now it’s available at 12,999 which is quite high and almost double. Now you can well imagine how you are getting fooled on the name of discount. They have just mentioned 4% Discount which is not a great discount. Let us track one more example and this time of Lenovo Laptop. It is showing 32990 at a discount of 19%. Let us paste the product url in price history.in. So there is no change in the price range from September till today.

So now let us check FlipKart Big Billion day deals of Acer Laptop with price 72990 as Big Billion Day deal. So you can check and see its price history. It was available for 62990 and its price increased to 72990. So where is the discount and if you buy you will repent later that you purchased at a high price with an increased rate. So you must compare the price on price history and then only you should purchase. Friends these deals which I discussed were available at low price earlier but now they are available at high price. Maybe they will be available at a low price in near future. You never know!

Word of Advise before Shopping this Festive Season for Best Deals and Offers

  • you must purchase only those products which are worth needed and go for over purchasing and useless products. You need to save hard earned money and not waste your money just for the sake of deals.

  • you should try to bid for deals at 12 midnight when the sale starts with best offers and deals, maybe till the morning it gets out of stock. So you won’t be able to purchase the products.

  • If offers are available for Credit Card and Debit card, it must be used if you have one. But ensure the offers available are really available. If on a credit card / Debit Card there is 10% off and if you buy a Laptop worth 50 K then they wont give a discount of 5K instead you will get a maximum discount of 1k or 1500 only. So you should note all these points before purchasing.

  • There are various websites where you can register and get good cash back after shopping through Amazon, FlipKart. Cashkaro.com is one such website where you can get good cashback and also avail coupons or get the amount credited to your account. This will benefit users.

Apart from this if you want to earn through Amazon and FlipKart or any other ecommerce then you can register for the Affiliate program and get affiliate links. You can share these links on your Blog and website. Also you can send them to your friends and relatives on whatsapp and facebook. So if any product is purchased through your link, you will earn commission. IF you want to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon, I have created a video for the same. So I will share its link. You can become an Amazon affiliate member and earn commission in this deal. Friends do not purchase any product in a hurry. Look for the best deals before purchasing it. Search on Amazon and Flipkart, compare its prices, see its comparison on price history and then only purchase it. I have also created a video for best deals on Amazon and Flipkart. Do go through it. So if you are new on my Channel, do subscribe to it and like and share it to your family and friends as we always create videos on how to earn online and generate opportunities for earning income online. On this note I am concluding my post will be back soon with a new one. Thank You!