What Are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are the online services where you can store bookmarks of your website on Internet. These bookmarks are stored on a cloud based server and you can access them from anywhere. There are lots of website which provide free social bookmarking sites list where you can register to create bookmark of your website and “tag” them under different categories. In recent years, social bookmarking sites have become very popular as they allow user to classify resources and locate them easily on Internet. It is not only great service for users, it is also helpful for marketer who want to promote their brand.

What Are Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites?

Best thing about social bookmarking sites is that it keeps user coming back for updates on regular basis. Most of the high pr social bookmarking sites allow users to have backlink on their sites. Primarily there are two types of backlink which is allowed to posted in content, first is Do-follow and second is No-follow. Do-follow social bookmarking sites instruct Google bot to crawl backlink to its origin.

There are many websites that provide high pr social bookmarking sites list on which you can bookmark your website and get benefits of do-follow backlinks. Below are some advantage of do-follow social bookmarking sites :

  • By using social bookmarking sites 2019 that allow do-follow backlinks, you can get valuable backlinks for website. This way external site also gets indexed by Google spider which it to rank top in search engine results.
  • Another benefit of do-follow is increased traffic. If your website has quality content, it will generate traffic and more traffic means a good reputation of the site.

Before you search new social bookmarking sites list 2019-20 to submit your site, you need to know that if you spam a lot with too many links, those social bookmarking sites may ban your website.

Why Should One Submit Site On Social Bookmarking?

Whether you want to earn affiliate income or monetize blog with ad-sense, you will require targeted traffic base to blog. So by submitting website on social bookmarking sites list 2019 with high page rank, you will improve search engine position of website and get that targeted traffic base. In order to make website or its posts rank higher in search result, it is important to create quality backlinks for them. High pr social bookmarking sites are a great way to get those quality backlinks. Here are some awesome benefits of submitting website on social bookmarking :

  • Adding website in social bookmarking lets create High PR Backlinks
  • Social bookmarking sites are beneficial for deeper indexing of web pages
  • Bookmarking can help your website rank better and faster
  • You can drive targeted traffic by doing social bookmarking
  • Adding site in high pr social bookmarking sites increase Domain Authority
  • It will help you to promote your brand as well as brand awareness

Every social bookmarking sites has own procedure to submit a website. So first of all you need to find a website that provide new social bookmarking sites list 2019-20. Then register on them to create account, confirm your email ID and submit the webpage. But do not forget to follow their guidelines, it will save your website from getting banned.

Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective In SEO?

In SEO, one way links provide best targeted traffic to site and Social Bookmarking is an effective method to create relevant one way links. A majority of high pr social bookmarking sites allow Do Follow link for your webpage summary links. In addition, Social Bookmarking has also a positive impact on authority of domain and Index Rate. Usually, most of the Bookmarking sites consist high Pagerank that passes quality link which eventually help your website or blog to improve in SERPS and Pagerank.

Especially in this era, where being social matters a lot for search engine ranking, expert recommend to not ignore the importance social bookmarking sites.


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