How to Select Best Niche in Affiliate Marketing for beginners? This is the most common question which our  students of Digital Marketing batch often ask us as which niche should be selected to start the career in Digital Marketing?

To this I would say that when I started my career in the field of Digital Marketing some 15 years back, after 2 years of learning Digital Marketing then I came to know about Affiliate Marketing. So 12 years ago the same question came to my mind: which Niche should I select to earn online and for the long run. Today there is a lot of content on the web but during my time, there was not much content. The first and last option for me was to search it on Google. I came across some foreigners You tuber links and I came to know through those videos that it is best to select your hobby or passion and follow that for long term online business. But if you do not have any hobby as such or have many hobbies then how to select a niche in that case. In my case I had many hobbies and I used them to start my business of Affiliate Marketing.

Before I proceed further, let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain and I have been running my own Digital Marketing Company  for the last 12 years.  I am Director of Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD and into the business of Affiliate Marketing. Now let’s be back to our question which is the best niche in Affiliate Marketing. To understand the concept of Niche, certain points need to be borne in mind. All the products lie and can be categorized in 3 main categories. Let us look at what are these 3 categories. If any product doesn’t belong to these 3 main categories it means that that product is not much in demand and one should never sell such products. The main categories are

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Relationship

These are 3 main categories around which all products belong to. There will be some products which intersect. Such products will lie in all these categories. Such products will lie in all these categories such as it will come within Wealth, health and relationship to some extent. Actually such products will be a bit easier to select and promote as your Niche. For example you are targeting keywords as how to get your ex back? In this keyword there is relationship and health may be you want your ex back if you are feeling emotionally weak and how to become emotionally strong. So it fulfills both these categories of health and relationship.

 Now let us understand about the products


  • Physical products : What are physical products? suppose the products which are ordered online and can be delivered to you physically. For example affiliate products on Amazon, clothing etc
  • Service Industry: You can select affiliates for the service Industry such as Doctors, Dentists. You can do affiliate marketing for them. Then there are surgeries for weight loss. Such as lap band surgery for weight loss etc
  • Software Industry: There are many software in the market which can be selected for affiliate marketing. Software such as PC Optimization, video editing tool or software, voice editing software etc
  • Digital Products: Digital Products are those which can be received on digital platforms such as emails or online. Ebooks, online courses are digital products.
  • There are various platforms for which affiliate marketing can be done. Platforms for sending emails such as mailchimp., eweber, Video making using cloud based online platforms.

All these products and services belong to our 3 main categories of Health, Wealth and relationship. So all these products lie in 3 main categories and it can be selected for affiliate marketing online.

Suppose in the Health category you are targeting medicines, and then it is an example of physical delivery of products in the Health Category. Suppose you target how to lose weight, this can be an ebook or any course to lose weight. SO what are these? These are digital health products. Now you need to decide which category you want to choose. You can choose from the Health, wealth or relationship category. It solely depends on which field you are interested in. Also now you need to decide whether you want to promote physical products or online products? If you ask for my suggestion I would suggest you to go for online products and choose products which can be delivered online. As the margin of commission is very high for these products as compared to physical products.

Now you have selected a product and let’s see how to proceed further with that product for affiliate marketing. Suppose you selected a health product of slimming pills which is a physical delivery product. Now you need to look for an affiliate partner. You need to look for Market Health platforms such as Clickbank, CJ etc. Also you need to look who are the users and where is maximum traffic who uses slimming pills? Target and identify the platform which you will be using for searching directly.  You can target customers as they are maximum traffic on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or directly on Google.

Now we have to create our own website. You can promote without a website also but it won’t be better in the long run. So I would suggest having your own website as you can collect the emails of visitors on your website. So when the traffic is directed from all online channels to your website you need to tap it. We can do that by providing any lead magnet. Now what is a lead magnet? Lead magnet is anything which can be given to users as helpful resources. It can be in the form of some free ebooks which can be downloaded after providing name and mails only. Now you can collect email lists easily of visitors on your website. Now you can send some free tips related to health since the list you have selected is for some slimming pills. As the fourth task you will send mail to your users that will consist of affiliate links for purchasing the product. If users click on that affiliate link and purchase the product you will get your commission. This is the mechanism as to how affiliate marketing actually works. Now back to our question which Niche should be selected for affiliate marketing as beginners? As a beginner if you don’t have any hobby or passion and if your prime objective is to earn money online then I would suggest you to choose any digital product for affiliate marketing. So the first task was to select a product. Second task should be to select 100 different topics related to that product on which you can write content. I am not asking you to write 100 contents but you need to have 100 topics. Why I suggested this is because when you will search for 100 topics you will come across various products and you will find several Niche. When you find 100 topics for your product related to your niche you will know what your objective is. Suppose if you are unable to find or found only 10 topics then it means you can only write 10 contents on that product. SO when you cannot do content marketing for that product how can you do affiliate marketing?  So I generally suggest my students select any product of their choice or niche and find out 100 topics related to it.

If you have 100 topics which means you can write 100 content in 100 days. That is the motive to find the best niche and excel promoting it using affiliate marketing. SO I hope I have answered this question Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing for beginners. You can select any product related to Health, Wealth and relationship Category. Select any product with digital delivery since it has high commission. After finding the product,  the next  task is to create and find 100 topics related to that product. So that you can write content on that 100 topics for the next 100 days for content marketing. So friends, I hope you will find this post informative.

If you have any queries related to affiliate marketing, related to niche finding or Digital Marketing do ask us in the comment section. I would reply and create a video on that topic. SO will meet again in my next video post. Thank You!