Hello Friends, I am Neeraj Vijay and I have been working in the Digital marketing Segment since last 15 years. Today I have come up with a new video in which I would explain how one can earn online through data entry work.

I received lots of queries and requests from those who do not have any technical skills. They ask how they can earn online if they don’t have any technical skills. To this I would suggest that those who do not have any technical skills, they can earn online through data entry. In this video I will impart knowledge as how to earn through freelancer.com. How to sign up on this site and search data entry jobs online. How can you earn online and receive payment safely to your bank account? So those who lack technical skills and feel they cannot do any technical jobs can certainly earn online from home through data entry jobs. Freelancer.com is one among the best websites that provides online opportunities to work from home and earn income through data entry jobs. All you have to do is to find data entry work projects, complete the project and submit the same on their website from home. You will be paid per hour as they will provide you with work projects of other countries such as the US, Australia etc. You will be paid for 15 to 20 US Dollars per hour amounting to more than INR 1000/. You must be wondering why they will pay so much but you need to understand that in the US they pay minimum $15 per hour as this is the charge over there. So you can easily earn up to $ 15-20 per hour by doing data entry work from home. So if you want to earn through data entry then this is the right opportunity for you.

So let us understand how freelancer.com works, how to sign up and find projects. Before proceeding , I will like to request if you like my videos do subscribe to our YouTube channel, like this video and share it to your friends and family. Let us begin this video tutorial. Friends first of all open freelancer.com on your browser of Computer/laptop. Now you need to sign up. In order to do the same you need to give your email id and password, agree to the terms and conditions. Click on register. Now you need to give a user name. Now proceed to next. You need to select I want to work since we are looking for work projects and select on sign up successfully. So your account will be created after following these simple steps. Now you will get a panel or dashboard as Welcome to Freelancer.com – The World’s largest online platform for finding jobs!.

There are jobs related to every field and segment. There are various freelancing projects which one can take and complete it and submit it back on the website. Now we have to select Data entry & Admin. Now there are 20 sub categories which need to be selected. You have to select 20 out of 20 options. You need to select all the options according to your level. Now proceed to Next. We need to give our first name. The language provides Hindi if you want to work in this language and also select English. Now how to select a payment method to verify. I have already mentioned in my previous videos how to create an account and verify it on Paypal to receive payment directly to your bank account. In the verify account you need to give the email id which is used for creating paypal is to be provided here and proceed to next. After logging, you need to connect your account by agreeing.

You will get a Plus Membership which requires payment. So you need to skip this as we will select free projects without spending any money. Now you will get the projects which were selected in the beginning. You will get all the jobs and projects depending upon your selection. As you can see various projects as hourly projects and fixed projects options. First you will get copy paste jobs which is quite easy for anyone to do. You will be paid 800 – 1500 per hour. Let us click on this and see project details. This project was posted 7 minutes ago. This is a Singapore based company and it has already paid freelancer.com. One can get the amount as soon as the project gets completed. It has completed 90 projects and is a member since 2010. What you need to do is copy paste work profile jobs, you must have Google chrome, Zoom, available to work as needed. This project is for 6 days so you can bid for this project.

Now enter an hourly rate for your profile to bid on this project. This will not affect your bid on a particular project. It is just to give employers an idea of the rate you typically work at. So you can enter the Professional headline, and in summary give your experience of work. You can enter $12 which is little less so that you will get more bids for this project. Upload your photo and save it. This is how you can bid and get projects for which you will get $ 12 per hour. So if you want to earn online you need to follow and learn complete steps the way I have shown. Don’t go for premium payment jobs. Select free projects and earn online through data entry jobs from the convenience of your home. So I will be back with another new video and post on how to earn online as part time jobs. Till then stay safe and take care. Thank you!