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You do not require any technical skills and neither invest any money. So this is best for students, housewives, professionals and for those who have free time can utilize and get benefited by watching this video tutorial and earn online. Today I am going to discuss about website where you can learn by simple typing jobs, visit sites and perform simple tasks to earn online. I will also tell you how to withdraw the earned amount and transfer it to your account. I will also review whether this site is scam or not. So continue watching this video and keep on learning. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, do subscribe us so that you get let notifications for the videos on how to earn online. Also like our video and share it to your friends and family so that they can also learn how to earn online from the comfort of their home. Our mantra is Learn, implement and Earn. So in this video you need to learn first then implement and then your earning will start. If you face any problem you can ask us in comment section. We will respond you and solve your queries.

So I am switching to my Laptop and lets start the tutorial. The site which I was discussing is Drop.xyz.

You need to open it on your browser and proceed to sign up option. We need to provide email id, password, captcha and then sign up. You can use Gmail id for sign-up. You will receive a verification mail in inbox you need to confirm it and login then. After login, you will get a dashboard. You need to change wallet and click for payment setup which I will discuss later

Lets see what are the options by which we can earn. The first one is visit website, offer wal, captcha filling, coupons and mining such as Bitcoin mining of cryptocurrency. The basic medium using which one can earn is through visiting website and CAPTCHA.

So let us understand these two process in detailed manner. So let us click on visit website option. So you will get an option to choose that you are not a robot and I am human. You need to fill the CAPTCHA to verify that you are a human. Now after completing the captcha we need to submit it. This will show the number of clicks which are available for visiting websites. As you can see there are over 4 CRORES websites which you can visit. You will get 290 drops for each website which you will visit. So the earning will be in drops which can be converted to the wallet. So let us visit website. As you will visit a new window will open and you need to wait for 5 seconds and refresh the page. This way your drops will get accumulated and will reflect in your account. Every time when the site is refreshed a new webpage link will be loaded and it can be visited.

So let us opt for 2nd method which is of captcha.

Here also we need to provide that we are not robot and human. So we need to fill the captcha properly and submit it. So now you will get captcha which is to be solved and you will get 20 drops for successfully completing the captcha and submitting it.

Next is offer wall where you will be getting surveys.

To proceed you will next to click on ok and fill the details and select next and until it is finished. Then you will get list of surveys and will be paid drops accordingly. You will get surveys matching your profile and earn rewards. You will get 7980 drops for completing the survey and earn points. If you will click on continue you will be redirected to survey sites.

In offer walls you will get 80 k drops to play games, you can take offers to complete survey, earn rewards and so on.

So the next one is mining of course which requires more earning so we are leaving it right now. So these were the ways on how to work and earn points. Now let us know how to receive and convert or withdraw payment. So we need to change wallet by providing XRP address and wallet name.

For this you need to visit coin base site and create your account by providing details and mobile no. The code will be received on your mobile phone which is to be verified. In the profile settings you need to create crypto address with XRP wallet address till g. Now we need to copy the address and fill in the XRP address. The numeric part is the destination address which is to be provided and the click on next. Now our wallet address is created and payment transaction will be transferred to the account. So you need to collect atleast 5 XRP so that it can get converted to US $.

I will make another video on how to transfer the XRP to dollar in my next video. I hope you have followed the entire process and came to know how to earn money online. These videos are for part time jobs. If you want to earn full time then you need to switch to Digital Marketing and upgrade skills. As Digital Marketing in one segment where there is maximum growth. If you want to learn Digital Marketing you can join our Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. You can click on the link to know more about this course. We are going to launch Digital Marketing Workshop which is of course free of cost and can be registered online with the form available on our site. So on this note I am concluding my video. Will be back with a new video shortly. Till then take care. Bye!