Hello friends, I am Neeraj vijay. If you have subscribed to our YouTube channel, you must be well aware of the fact that I come up with new video posts daily where I explain new ways on how to earn online through Digital Marketing.

In today’s video post, I will explain how to earn online by Online service, Online polls, Surveys and by watching online ads. This is one of the easiest ways to earn online and make money and you can easily transfer money to your Bank Account directly without using PayPal. Even if you reside in Countries such as Nepal and Bhutan, where PayPal is now allowed, you can earn and make money over there too as this website will give you the option to make money with direct transfer of money to your account

Today I will discuss that website, how to sign up and create your account on it? What are tasks which you need to perform for earning through this website? I will discuss everything in a detailed manner in this video. So you need to read the entire post carefully and do not skip it. You need a little bit of skill for performing any task. So even if you lack such skills, you can watch this video and try to learn and develop skills as described over here. Friends if you are new to our channel, kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel by pressing the bell icon so that you receive new notifications. Do share, like our videos. So let’s begin our Tutorial Guide.

So I am now on my Laptop and now I am opening a website as Dollarhuge.com. This is the website which I was mentioning about. This is an Indian website as you can see it’s clearly mentioned INDIA’s #1 REGISTERED & TRUSTED GLOBAL ONLINE REWARDING PLATFORM. SO you need to first SIGN UP. You can receive money through PayPal, Bank Account which is a very good option for those living in Nepal and Bhutan, Paytm.

How can you Earn Money through this website

DollarHuge is a rewards platform where you can take part in online polls, online surveys, install apps, complete tasks, watch ads, watch videos etc in your free time and turn your opinion into rewards.

As you can see, it’s mentioned on the website as DollarHuge.com is India’s #1 paid, trusted and registered platform. Work from home just by doing online surveys, viewing advertisements and sponsored videos, signing up to sponsored websites, participating in cool monthly contests. High referral commission upto 2 levels for lifetime. Earned points can be redeemed via E-wallets, Gift Cards etc. You will get a High Commission as referral also. So you need not worry about any frauds.

How to Sign UP and Read these Terms and Conditions

  • Do not use proxy/VPN. Using proxy/vpn will get you permanently banned.
  • Do not use fake information while signing up for DollarHuge.
  • Do not create multiple accounts. We will suspend multiple accounts without any further notice.
  • Do not use numbers while creating a username.
  • Every user has to follow DollarHuge rules, otherwise we will suspend your account without any notice.
  • To protect the integrity of DollarHuge, only one account per household is permitted. We have the rights to suspend your account at any time if we found you are violating our terms and conditions

You need to provide all the details for creating an account while registering. You need to give First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Password Again, E-mail, E-mail again, Mailing Address, City, Country, DOB, Gender, Passport/DL/ Aadhaar No., Security Code. Now you need to verify and confirm mail. After that your account will be created and we are now signed in. As you can see there are various mails for surveys. You can check on the Offers Wall. You can copy the referral link and share it to your friends and relatives for affiliate marketing and get commission for the same. For example you can be paid for completing polls service. You can also click on ads and get paid for the same. There are Survey Walls and answer questions for the survey and get paid for it. You need to provide email and postal code, proceed to next. Give DOB, education level, Full Time / Part Time and proceed to Next and then finish. So you will get surveys accordingly and earn points and earn cash online.

This is a very good site for earning online from your home. Friends let us see how to receive money through this website. For that Go to Accounts, you will get the option to withdraw cash. You will be required to submit your Identity and address proof. It will be processed within 48 hours and you can then add your bank account number to get money directly. If you have any queries regarding this part time job or income or how to earn online you can ask us in the comment section.

If you want to earn full time then you should learn Digital Marketing as we are the pioneers of Digital Marketing in Patna. We have our Online Digital Marketing Course as Zero to Hero. It is a theoretical course with structured videos modules. After that we provide 1 month of Practical Internship. We have a private FB group where you can raise your queries or doubts. We also come up live on the group on a weekly basis. So you can become an expert in Digital Marketing. So let us meet with a new video post on how to earn online, make money online? Till then Take care. Thank You!