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In this video post we are going to discuss the Google My Business Phishing attack.

Do you have your Business listing on GMB?

Have you created any Profile on Google My Business?

Have you received any mail regarding someone who has requested ownership of your Business account on GMB?

Then this post is very important for all such users. Actually such mails can be due to a phishing attack if the email id is from an unknown sender. So I am going to explain what to do when you receive such mails and how to protect your data from phishing attacks. How to keep your account secure and your profile cannot be subjected to unauthorized access. So let us begin our tutorial.

Actually a few days ago I received one mail from my client that they have received one such mail requesting ownership of a GMB account. There were numerous such mails requesting ownership and access to GMB accounts. After research we found on GMB support forums there are several threads created where users have complained that they have got various mails requesting access to their GMB account. Let me tell you, if you are also receiving such mails then you need not click on any links and instead delete the mail itself. Actually there is an option in GMB to manage various activities such as postings, uploading photos and videos which has a user’s option to outsource these activities to third parties or any Company.

When someone does not have enough time to manage GMB activities they can outsource the role of manager by simply providing the email id and assign the role as a manager. Now that person works as a Manager of your GMB account. That person can carry out any activities and postings on GMB on your behalf. This facility can be sometimes misused and hackers actually send such mails to hack GMB accounts. SO if you are also receiving any such mail requesting ownership and profile access then kindly do not click on them. You need to delete the mail ASAP. Also you need to login to the GMB account’s dashboard, and in the users section, view all the listed email ids whom you have assigned with a role as a manager. IF you have found any unknown email ids over there, simply delete that email id. This is the only way you can keep your GMB account safe and secure from any phishing attacks.

Some of the clients have forwarded their mail which they have received stating that “I have been receiving suspicious emails to my Gmail account alerting that someone has requested ownership of Business on GMB. Although I have declined the request and have deleted all such mails but still getting various emails.” This is because GMB is an important source of traffic with very good conversions in recent times. I hope this video will definitely help all of you.

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