Affiliate Marketing – Landing Page, Custom Audience – Re-targeting Affiliate Marketing Tip#5

Affiliate Marketing – Landing Page, Custom Audience – Re-targeting Affiliate Marketing Tip#5

Welcome friends Today we are going to discuss Affiliate Marketing Tip #5.

If you are running Affiliate Marketing campaigns in India either through organic or paid ads, our landing page should be targeted for custom audiences and with custom audiences we should run re-targeting ads. Lets understand this in a detailed manner.

Now what is a landing page?

Landing page is the first page on which any visitor lands on the website and has maximum traffic. This is the first page which is shown to our visitors. The question arises: what is the audience? Audiences are those who are interested in your products. But we need to create a custom audience. Those audiences who have landed on the homepage need to create a custom audience of our landing page and can be accessed only by you. So we need to create a custom audience of the landing page. You can also create a custom audience of other pages of the website also. So we need to create a proper funnel to track how our custom audience is moving from landing page to other pages of the website. Suppose if the audience comes on your landing page and fills up the form and goes to the Thank you page. SO we need to create a custom audience of thank you pages also. So the landing page and custom audience is clear till now.

Now the third concept is re-targeting ads. Running re-targeting ads will show only to your custom audience who visited your website. Suppose if you are running a campaign for any affiliate marketing product. Your landing page has a form which requires it to be filled up with details such as name, email and phone number. If a visitor lands on your landing page reads the content but does not fill up the form. Now the second audience comes to your website , fills up the form and goes to the thank you page but does not purchase the product. SO this is the second custom audience as he /she has filled up the form but has not purchased the product. This custom audience is different from the 1st one.


If you want to increase the form fill up rate by showing ads specifically by showing different ads. Whereas you want to remarket ads to a second custom audience who has filled up the form but has not purchased the product. So re-targeting ads are for such a custom audience. This is why when we visit any e-commerce website such as Amazon , or any site offering any course then remarketing ads starts appearing for such visitors.  This is running re-targeting ads. Suppose if you visit our website and have registered for our free demo class of Digital Marketing but have not purchased the course. SO in this case remarketing ads will run and will be shown to such visitors.

This can be only possible if a custom audience of landing pages is created and such custom audiences are shown remarketing ads. So if you have your own product and want to increase the conversion rate of the product you need to create a custom audience of the home page and other pages where you have created or included download or register product link.  We should never avoid remarketing ads for increasing conversion rate of products. I have given the link on how to create a custom audience for a specific page of a website. I hope you liked this video. Kindly do like, share and subscribe to our channel.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing then you should register for our free 5 days Demo class. This is a 5 hours class where you will get 1 video daily till 5 days. If you attend and watch these videos you will get a detailed concept of Digital Marketing. So on this note I am concluding my post. Will be back with Tip # 6  soon. Thank You !

Affiliate Marketing using Expired / Aged Domain Vs New Domain – Affiliate Marketing Tip #4

Affiliate Marketing using Expired / Aged Domain Vs New Domain – Affiliate Marketing Tip #4

Welcome friends ! Today as tip # 4 we are going to discuss whether we should use Expired domain or purchase new domain for affiliate marketing ?

In the last Tip #3 we discussed we must use a website for Affiliate Marketing. Having a website is very good for a long run in Affiliate Marketing in India. Today we will discuss whether the website which we should purchase should be an expired domain or totally a new domain?  All these concepts are for SEO. IF you want to do affiliate marketing and want to rank organically on Google then you need to work for achieving rank to get traffic on required keywords related to niche. What is Expired Domain? Let us understand about expired domains? When a domain is purchased for a specific time period such as 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. Now the domain has not been renewed due to any reason and hence it expires and is known as Expired domain. When someone purchases a domain, adds content on the website, designs it, builds links for it and does SEO for the domain. But somehow now the domain has not been renewed or maybe it was penalized. Whatever might be the reason for not renewing domain and now it has expired and is available to be purchased again by anyone who is interested to purchase the expired domain.

Suppose the expired domain was related to health or weight loss Niche and if your niche is also related to weight loss or of the same niche then all the credibility of the domain will work in your favor. It takes a lot of efforts such as content writing, website design, SEO, link building to rank on Google for a fresh domain. Still it might not rank on Google as all the new sites are kept under the Sandbox process to test the credibility of the website. During this period when your new domain is under Google’s Sandbox process there is no fixed time frame as to for how long it will continue to remain filtered.

It can take up to 6 months or even a year for that site to rank on Google. Now during this period fresher’s might lose their hope and their time gets wasted. Whereas experienced affiliates go for expired domains as they are trusted by Google since the backlinks, Domain Authority (DA). Page Authority (PA). All these things are discussed in our Digital Marketing Course. These things are considered important to know how good your website is. IF you get an expired domain with good credibility then it can work for you and half of your journey of affiliate marketing is complete as you only need to add new content and is easy to rank on Google.


There are various benefits of Expired Domains. But then you might ask if there are so many advantages of Expired domains then why to purchase new domains? New domains should be purchased if you have a brand name. If you want to make a site with a brand name the new domains are preferred for the same. I would suggest buying new domains as well as expired domains. You can use expired domains to link back to your new domain. This will work as backlinks and overcome the sandbox process to rank organically. Also expired domains play a good role in PBN’s. PBN is a private Blog Network which is an advanced Link building Concept. As we create our own PBN as a network of expired domains to get backlinks for our new site. So it can be concluded that expired domains have a very important role to play in Affiliate marketing business.

So if you have any queries related to Affiliate Marketing and related to expired domains, do write and ask us in the comment section. If you want to learn Digital Marketing then kindly register for our free 5 days Digital Marketing Demo class. On this note I am concluding my post , and will meet you with the next Affiliate Marketing Tip. Thank You!

Affiliate Marketing With Website OR Without a Website? Affiliate Marketing Tip #3

Affiliate Marketing With Website OR Without a Website? Affiliate Marketing Tip #3

Welcome friends! This is the third video post of Affiliate Marketing Tip #3

Today we will discuss whether we should use a website for Affiliate Marketing or directly without any website?

Before proceeding further let me remind you that if you want to excel in Affiliate Marketing you should know Digital Marketing. If you learn Digital Marketing then no one can stop you in becoming successful in Affiliate Marketing Business. If you want to learn Digital Marketing then register for Our Free 5 Demo Class of Digital Marketing Course and know various modules of Digital Marketing with Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi. Let us start our Tutorial and back to our question whether we should have a website for Affiliate Marketing or start without using any website? What are the advantages of having a website for Affiliate Marketing and what are the drawbacks? 

This is a very common question whether we should start Affiliate Marketing with a website or without a website ?

As a fresher when someone starts their journey after getting influenced by watching any Affiliate Marketing Video in order to earn maximum profits. To start with they do not want to spend anything and wish to earn without making any investment. So they start Affiliate Marketing business without any website. So what are the benefits or drawbacks of this ?

Inorder to understand this let us know about the mechanism and how affiliate marketing actually works ? In Affiliate Marketing there is a Marketer who promotes products, then there is a Company which creates products as a Developer. There is middle layer or level which provides an interface for common platform for merchants to share their products and we as an Affiliate Marketer register and gat URL to promote it for Marketing.

These Companies provide us with unique URL with Affiliate code which is to be promoted for Affiliate Marketing. This URl is unique URL which we use on our website so that when the traffic or visitor click on this link they will directly get redirected and land on Merchant’s website. This is the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Suppose if you still do not start with a website and instead promote direct Affiliate Links for Marketing and promotion and have worked very hard in sharing links. But have you realized what will happen if the product Developer changes the Affiliate link. If you have submitted the direct links at various places and sites, it will not be possible to change the existing links from everywhere. So all your labor will be wasted. But if you have your own website then you can easily change the affiliate link. Suppose if you are promoting any product and earning 30% commission of the sales from a particular Company. But if some other Company is offering 50 % commission for promoting their product. So you can easily switch in that case and change the Affiliate Link on your website only if you have a website.


IF you do not have  a website then you cannot change the links on various different platforms. IF you are a fresher and feel that you do not have enough money to own a website but I would suggest that you should purchase a domain and create your own website to start with because initially you will have to spend for your website but at the end of the day all your hard work will not get wasted if you have a website. This is a common thing in Affiliate Marketing that Product link can change at any instance. From my experience I can tell you that I was earning 60% commission for promoting software and another Company offered me 75% commission for a similar software product. All I had to do was to change my affiliate link on my website and I got pretty good commission as my website had good traffic.

So if you are of the opinion that you can start Affiliate marketing without a website, to this I would suggest that you should always start Affiliate Marketing using a website. This will give you long term returns. So I hope you liked this video. Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let’s meet with next Affiliate Marketing Tip # 4. Thank You!

Affiliate Marketing is Passive Income Or Full Time Business? Affiliate Marketing Tip #2

Affiliate Marketing is Passive Income Or Full Time Business? Affiliate Marketing Tip #2

Welcome friends, this is the second video of Affiliate Marketing Tip #2.

Today in this post I am going to clear your queries. Is Affiliate Marketing in India only suitable for Passive source of Income or can it be used as full time business?

Before proceeding let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain and I am into Digital Marketing for the last 16 years and for the last 12 years I am doing Affiliate Marketing. I have my own Company which is Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD. which is completely an Affiliate Marketing Company. So you must have got the answer that you can use Affiliate Marketing as a Full time Business. IF you are starting Affiliate Marketing as a fresher, the first thing which you need to understand that Affiliate Marketing is a Quick Money making field then it is a myth. Affiliate Marketing is the implementation of Digital Marketing.

You should know Digital Marketing and then only you can excel in Affiliate Marketing. As a fresher if you are starting with affiliate Marketing then you must have patience. Patience in the sense that you are working for Affiliate Marketing but not getting any returns as sales. My suggestion is not to go directly for full time business. Instead you create a website and whichever product you want to promote , market you can do. Once the sales starts in a consistent manner and if you are getting traffic either by paid ads or rank organically on Google and your sales starts this is the time you can quit your job and switch to full time Affiliate marketing as a Business. If you do not have any idea how to start with then you can join our Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi

Affiliate Marketing is a very vast field. From my personal experience I can tell you that I started  my Business as Digital Marketing with few clients.  Then I came to AdSense and created a few websites for running ads and started earning revenue through ads. But AdSense is not permanent. You cannot rely fully on AdSense as sometimes your account can also get penalized. Even my account was penalized 3 to 4 times. Then I came into the Affiliate Marketing field. Since then there is no looking back.

Now I am fully into Affiliate Marketing and I have achieved various awards and recognition. In an International Competition I got 2nd Rank and my two accounts were in Top 10. First account was on 2nd rank and second account was on 7th rank. SO If you club both I would have been on Top. So I did Affiliate Marketing at this level and I know how to make money in Affiliate Marketing.

So the answer to the Question whether Affiliate marketing is a passive income or full time Business. The answer is that Affiliate Marketing can be taken as a full time business but only if you have full knowledge and patience to work even if you are not getting any sales or revenue. There is a very good scope in Affiliate marketing but you need to have patience. Generally as a fresher, you start and create a website. You add products and run ads. Maybe you don’t get any sales for 4-5 days and then lose patience and stop running ads.

I have seen many campaigns where there were no sales for 25 days and in the last 5 days of the month there was tremendous sales and so much revenue was generated where I could run as many as 5 ads campaigns using that revenue.

If I talk about organic sites, I have created several websites where we have earned revenue only through organic ranking. But to achieve that organic ranking I had to work and wait for almost a year. My entire team worked using SEO strategy and link building for one full year. But once that website ranked organically, it generated so much income that I could make almost 100 websites. This is why I feel that people start well but lose patience in Affiliate marketing as they don’t wait for the end result.

So it is very important to have patience. So I hope you got the answer to the question that you can start Affiliate marketing as a Passive income and then take it as Full time business. There are no risks involved and you can use Affiliate Marketing as a full time business.

IF you liked my video then kindly like, share this video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can find a link in the description part to register for 5 days free Demo Class. You can know various concepts about Digital Marketing course and its modules. So kindly register to get 1 video daily for 5 days. So on that note I am concluding my post. Lets meet in my next video soon. Thank You!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1 – Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1 – Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi

Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing ? In this video we will discuss how to select the best product for affiliate marketing ?

Are you interested in Affiliate marketing ? If yes then are at the right place this post is about  Affiliate Marketing Course in India and to begin with best Niche for Affiliate Marketing is product related to Health, Wealth and Relationship. These 3 categories are the most searched Niche with maximum traffic. But if there is traffic, there is also very high competition. Then how to choose a product that will get earned for lifelong. It is important to know how to promote our product. Either we want to promote product with organic traffic, whether product is to be promoted by paid traffic or whether we should promote by mixing both as organic + paid traffic. This should be very clear in our mind from the initial level. Then only we can excel in affiliate marketing for product promotion and become successful. If you are selecting any product from clickbank then it is evident that you want to promote the product through paid ads. Since it is very difficult to rank organically if you are a beginner in Digital Marketing segment. Actually what happens if you select specific product of clickbank after some 4 to 5 months the product itself discontinues and changes to with a different brand name. Obviously, the organic keyword which has been targeted to rank after 6 to 8 months of hard work will be wasted.

Suppose if you registered on clickbank and selected any product then it means there are maximum chances of promoting the product with paid ads. It is very difficult to promote organic keywords and traffic for products on clickbank. It is seen that a product which is often selected or chosen from clickbank gets saturated and the product owner discontinues that product and renames it with different branding. Since it is very difficult to rank organically and if the product gets discontinued and it is renamed with a different brand, all our efforts will get wasted. This is seen in many cases that the product gets discontinued by the owner and is renamed with a different brand name. So if you want to promote organically, we should not promote products and instead we must choose problem related keywords. We must select what is the problem that is being searched most. For example we can select weight loss as this problem is searched the most. Weight loss is an example of a problem

Since weight loss if you select products such as capsiplex pills and make a website on this product and run ads for promoting this product. if you want to promote with paid ads then there is no problem but if you wish to rank organically or with organic traffic then it is difficult. So instead of making websites on Capsiplex pills we need to make a website on problem solving type products that is how to lose weight and weight loss. Because problems will never change but the product such as capsiplex pill can get discontinued or changed. Now how to find and select keywords. If you are promoting through paid ads then there is no problem as you can choose any products from clickbank but if you want to rank organically then you need to select problem solving type keywords. First of all we need to select problem related keywords and it can lie in any category. It may be related to Health, wealth, relationship, it can be digital related products such as software. Suppose if you have selected a software related product and you want to promote any antivirus software as a product with XYZ name. You can create a website on XYZ. But this won’t be life long.  

Better select a problem related to antivirus products. What is the problem for which antivirus is used as a solution. We all know that antivirus is used to keep our PC protected and to remove malware from it. So you need to choose keywords like how to remove viruses from the PC ? How to remove virus from Windows 7 ? How to remove virus from Windows 8 / windows 10 ? Now what we have to do is to create a website on these keywords and write content on them so that it can rank on these keywords. This is how to rank on organic keywords and get organic traffic. After targeting these keywords we can also bring traffic by running ads which work as a mix. We can get organically strong and rank on keywords as well as we will run ads and bring paid traffic to our site. The keyword to be selected for running ads should be specific and the keyword which is targeted in the content should be generic. This page which would be created on a generic keyword as how to remove virus from PC can have any software and can be promoted. you can even change the antivirus brand may be Norton to Avast as there won’t be any problem and continue to get traffic for lifelong.

So it can be concluded that if you want to earn through Paid ads then you can select any specific keyword . But for Organic traffic we need to target problem related keywords as products might change but for organic traffic we need to target problem related keywords and create websites for the same and get traffic for lifetime. So I hope you liked this video. If yes, then kindly like , share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you want to learn Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi then we have designed Online Digital marketing Course as Digital marketing Course from Zero to Hero with affiliate marketing  course in Hindi  as one  of its modules of the course. On this note I am concluding this post, will meet soon with the next Affiliate marketing Tip very soon.

How to Create Amazon / Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Websites Series in Hindi – Make Money Online

How to Create Amazon / Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Websites Series in Hindi – Make Money Online

Welcome friends!  In this Post we will learn how to create a Profitable Affiliate Marketing websites for Amazon / Flipkart.


Can you make money with an Amazon affiliate website?

How do I make an Amazon Affiliate website?

Why Do I need a website to be an Amazon affiliate?


Yes, I will describe the complete process how to Create Amazon Affiliate Marketing & FlipKart Affiliate Marketing Websites Creation in step wise manner.


This will be Amazon Affiliate Marketing  website  series consisting of 9 videos and If you follow it and complete the entire series you can create your own website and start a passive source of income for the rest of your life.

I will demonstrate with the help of an example. This is my website and you can also create a similar website for affiliate marketing. What strategy we have used on this site is that we have included all the products of Amazon and Flipkart wrinkle free shirts and trousers here.

When any visitor visits this site and selects any product, suppose Blackberry Wrinkle free shirt or trousers and click on the product then they will be redirected to FlipKart’s website product page with the help of affiliate link.

Now if this product is added to the cart and purchased then we will be paid commission for that product. Also we will get commission for any other recommended product which will be added to the cart and purchased as the traffic landed on the Flipkart website through our affiliate link. This is the actually the concept and strategy for how to create Amazon Affiliate  website How this entire system works and is implemented you will come to know if you follow our video series. You must be thinking how to get traffic on the website so that visitors will click on the product. This website is designed in such a way that there is organic traffic on our site without running any ads.

Let me show you by searching wrinkle free trousers on Google.

You can see our site wrinkle free is on 4th rank on Google’s  first page. So you can also create a similar Affiliate Marketing website and generate revenue from Amazon/ Flipkart. SO you need to just follow our video posts and you can easily accomplish this task. Let’s sum up what will our visitors and followers get over here?

1. I would suggest is to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel if not done so far and also press the bell icon. This will get you the latest notification for our next videos instantly.

2. After this Series – SEO Tutorial will Start. We will discuss how to bring organic traffic to land on your website and not generate traffic through facebook ads or Google ads.

3. The Video is the process of creating Amazon Affiliate websites. We will focus on how to create and design Affiliate Marketing Websites, how to create website for amazon affiliate , how to add products, mechanism and how to generate links. What are the terms and conditions of the Amazon affiliate which is to be followed so that our account is not rejected or gets canceled. I wont only focus on Amazon Associate program or how to sign up but rather how to create affiliate marketing website for Amazon / Flipkart Marketing.

4. Our Goal is to get more traffic & More affiliate link click. We will focus on how to bring maximum traffic so that more click is generated and redirected to Amazon/Affiliate website. Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs right now, and you can get started making it an easy way to earn passive income.

5. More Monetization options:

How to generate traffic for other sources of revenue through different channels such as Google Ads. We will see all sources in this series


6. How to get our site approved by Amazon / Flipkart Associate Program:

The prime objective will be how to follow strategy so that our site gets approved. If we read Amazon’s policy they have mentioned that your website should have 10-20 posts and should have organic traffic. IF not then such a website will not get approval.

So we need to post blogs on keywords related to your niche.

We will describe how to search keywords on Google Planner

How  to write content on those keywords.

You can also get the content written by someone else if you do not have a good written English. I will also tell you how to select a niche on which you can write content. Once you have selected the niche then we will focus on

HOW TO SELECT a Domain Name for our Website.

This series will focus on each and every aspect step wise. You need to work with me in step wise manner


you will get all the details on how to change settings in the name server and other details

How To Install WORDPRESS For your DOMAIN NAME:

In this series you will know how to design a website using WORDPRESS and I will describe it in the video how to design it easily with no prior knowledge would be required. WORDPRESS is the most trusted design platform of the World and I will describe each and every thing relate to it in detailed manner in our video.

Choosing A WORDPRESS Theme: After installing WordPress we will focus on how to choose a WordPress theme either free or paid themes. Here I will suggest a free theme so that anyone can follow our strategy.

How to UPDATE and INSTALL WP Plugins This is also a part of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing website series. Till now the video will focus on WordPress site creation and its design.

How to Analyze traffic which are coming to our website :

ADDING Product Categories in WOOCOMMERCE:

The products are separated in category wise such as kitchen, household, cleaning products etc. This is the most important part for adding products in category and its importance in WOOCOMMERCE which we will come to know in this series.


  • How TO ADD AMAZON PRODUCTS TO YOUR WEBSITE: Till now your website will be ready and you need to know how to add products on to your website.
  • HOW TO USE WOOCOMMERCE SHORT CODES: There are certain short-codes for WOOCOMMERCE.
  • HOW TO CREATE WORDPRESS BLOG POSTS: How to write content on keywords. IF you can write yourself well and good but if you want you can get it written also through outsourcing.
  • HOW TO Setup PERMALINKS- This is most important and will begin our tutorial for SEO right from Permalinks and its base starts from Permalinks.
  • How TO CUSTOMIZE WEBSITE and THEME Depending upon your products. IF its related to fashion or kitchen or home accessories and accordingly theme and customization is to be selected for this.
  • How to Create Menus on header and footer part.


This will be discussed in detailed manner on how to set homepage for your website while creating Amazon Affiliate Marketing  Website series. These are the things which will be described in detailed manner as a part of Affiliate Marketing Series. If you have any queries related to Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing you can write in the comment section and we will respond to you.

How to find Niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website- Profitable Nano Niche 2021 Beginners

 We will focus on finding Niche for AMAZON affiliate Marketing.


The word Niche is most important and determining whether your online affiliate business will work or not?

How to find a suitable niche & How to make a website for Amazon Affiliate marketing using niche

Lets understand what actually is Niche?

Actually Niche is a sub or sub level category. Let us see on Amazon website, how to find out any category. suppose there is a category of Car , We will focus on finding Niche for AMAZON affiliate Marketing. The word Niche is most important and determining whether your online affiliate business will work or not? It is most important to find a suitable niche for your business. Lets understand what actually is Niche? Actually Niche is a sub or sub level category. Let us see on Amazon website, how to find out any category. suppose there is a category of Car , Motorbike and Industrial accessories is the general category. Within this there is a subcategory of Car Accessory which can be selected. Now within this there is a sub category as Interior Car Accessory which is sub level Category. Now some people select this as their Niche and target it for their affiliate business.

For Amazon Affiliate Marketing website creation, you can create a website on this niche but I would suggest to target and select such a niche so that you start earning within 2-3 months from your website. I would target such a niche where within 6 months of time you start earning and getting maximum outputs is the general category. Within this there is a subcategory of Car Accessory which can be selected. Now within this there is a sub category as Interior Car Accessory which is sub level Category. Now some people select this as their Niche and target it for their affiliate business. You can create a website on this niche but I would suggest to target and select such a niche so that you start earning within 2-3 months from your website. I would target such a niche where within 6 months of time you start earning and getting maximum output from Amazon Affiliate marketing , Flipkart Affiliate marketing websites.

But if you select such a competitive category then there will be more and more competition and it becomes difficult to rank with such competitive Niche.

So I would suggest to select Nano Niche and select even sub level categories such as car sunshades.

As you go down the category and select it as Niche it becomes easier to rank better on Google for getting organic ranking and traffic to your website. So I would suggest to select Nano niche and start earning from scratch and ultimately you will gain confidence when you start earning online and later you can target competitive Niche gradually. So now must be clear as how to select Nano Niche for your Amazon Affiliate marketing business. Suppose when we select sunshades of car accessories. Now there are various sunshades as half magnetic sunshades, Car business Pullover Sun Shades, half magnetic sunshades etc.  Likewise there are so many sub categories which can be selected for writing content. If you selected sunshades to target it as Niche for your website as it is nano level Niche. Now you need to also consider what commission you will get by Amazon. For this you need to search on Google.

I would suggest selecting that Niche or topic in which you have a good idea. If you are experienced as a Digital marketer then you can select that niche or product that gives good commission by Amazon. But if you are a fresher then I would suggest my students to select only that topic which you are well aware of. It should be your hobby so that you can easily create 50-60 contents easily. Unless you don’t have interest in that particular topic then it will prove to be boring to write content. Since you need to create content and then only it will get approved by Amazon and then you can expect organic traffic on your website.

There are certain policies of Amazon affiliate associate programs which are to be used for qualifying criteria as good thumbnail posts.

There should be a minimum 10 posts. These posts should be continuous and should be recent ones. I would suggest to write or have minimum 15- 20 posts and then only you should submit it on amazon for approval. Content on the website should be recent and of at least not older than 60 days. Also you must own your website. SO these were some of the qualifying criteria for Amazon Affiliate Marketing program.

Now let us come back to our niche and we know that content is important. SO It is always better to target only that niche or category so that you can write and create content on it easily. So now I would suggest you to find 3-4 Niche on which you can find out the most suitable niche or topic among them. This can be considered as task before proceeding further.

So now task for you would be to find Niche for your Business

 you must be interested to know how to create Amazon Affiliate account without website

TASK: Find 4 to 5 Niche & Select 1 Niche.

Suppose if you have interest in Niche related to home kitchen Kitchen, or car accessories, specific mobile phones or mobile covers. So you have selected 4 Niche and now you need to select the best among the lot. Now the next step is to find out the best among the selected niche for creating a website.

So the first top 2 results are branded Companies and no affiliate sites. So there are no affiliate sites on this niche So if you target keywords like top 10 car shades in India. You can also refer to related searches suggested by Google at the bottom of the page. These keywords can be targeted for content creation.

If we want to track and analyze this keyword on Competitive sites which are in rank and on top. For this we need to analyze it on Neil Patel’s UBER Suggest for keyword competitiveness and  analyze its dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. Lets analyze it on UBER Suggest site for Buy car sunshades there is around 18 backlinks with around 5000 visitors. So 18 backlinks are normal and it can easily be targeted as a niche as there are not many links. If there are 1000 + links then it could have been more tough competition. So one can easily create 18 to 20 links for this keyword.

So now the next keyword which is to be selected is Top 10 Car Sunshades and I am searching without including India. As you can see there are some very good sites along with tripsavy. So mostly the websites which are in result are selling its own product in the segment of Car Sunshades. The drive is a review site so there are not many specific sites and also no domain is on specific car sunshades. So you can easily use this keyword as domain name also such as best car sunshades for the niche Best Car Sunshades. This is a keyword specific domain and and it will make your online business easy to rank on Google. We will focus on how to use keywords for domain name.

So let us recap. First of all we have to select a Niche and check it on Amazon about its price range. The product should have around 1k. Selecting products which are very costly will have low or less number of sales. Then we have to search keywords related to that niche by using Google Keyword Planner. Also we can use Google related search and target best with the keyword and search on Google. What are the sites that are in rank. Then we have to analyze the sites as what they are following as a strategy. What is the backlink, keyword volume, category. Always remember to go for Niche where there is low competition. Don’t go for earning as it is secondary. Since you are starting as a beginner to know and complete the circle. Once you gain and get ideas you can target high volume keywords. SO we need to target Nano niche. You can also select books if you are into the habit of reading. Similarly home kitchens are also widely searched and can be used as Niche. So now you know how to select a niche and target it for your business.

How To Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Amazon Affiliate Marketing website for Beginners

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Site ?

Now We will know how to select the Domain name for Amazon affiliate Marketing website creation. we will discuss how to select domain names for selected Niche. But before proceeding further let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain and I am into the business of Digital Marketing and have an experience of over 12 years in this segment. I have my Own Company named SEMSOLS Technologies PVT. LTD.. Semsols stands for Search Engine Marketing Solutions and it is a Private Limited Company. Many of the students have undergone Digital Marketing Training and all of them have done well and are employed in reputed MNC and Organizations. There is some misconception with some students which I came to know during my mentor ship. They want to earn through online business instantly and they do not want to wait for long. This clearly shows that they lack patience which I feel is not correct. Just remember that if you find any instant source for generating online money, it will not last for long. As a mentor I suggest my students to have a solid foundation for achieving long term goals.

If you have patience, follow discipline and prepare a good solid foundation for online business then they can make good earnings. As far as guidance is concerned we are there to guide you. In my last video some users commented that they don’t want to purchase domain names as they don’t want to invest any money. Let me tell them domain name costs not more than 600 annually which comes to rs 50 per month. This is a nominal amount and if you are not willing to invest such a low amount then you are not serious for your business. Many users hesitate to purchase domain but I would suggest investing in domain is the most basic thing for your online business. Also for hosting you would cost around 2500 per month. Suppose if you do not want to spend in hosting, you can go for free hosting and I will tell how to create amazon affiliate website for free But those who wish to start their business then domain is most essential for it. IF you are watching this video on youtube then you can search there also how much one can earn through Amazon Affiliate business? You can also watch favorite videos of your any YouTuber channels You will find links in the description part of the products they are using Digital Cameras, Tripod, Laptops. If you click on these links and purchase those products they will earn commission from Amazon or Flipkart.

So now let us start our tutorial on how to select a domain name? There is no thumb rule for selecting a domain. Many people feel that domain names should be on keywords. Many suggest that domain names should not be on keywords. Many feel that domain name should be such that one can know what business it promotes. But it is not so and there are no thumb rules as such. If you did not know about amazon, can you know if it is an online store, same is the case with Zomato, Swiggy. It is not clear by the name that it is a food delivery partner. These are myths and no fixed rule. But as a fresher I would suggest you to Select such a domain that is short and easy to remember.

Secondly if you have selected any domain name then you need to search with double quotes on Google. This would verify whether this domain is brand new or is it reused one? Else it might be possible that someone else has purchased it before and now it is purchased by other users. If that domain was penalized or filtered before and then it would be difficult to rank. Suppose I have selected and I checked it on Google as “” and no result found message is displayed so this confirms that this domain is not a reused one and it is on the safe side.

Then I would suggest going for .com for your domain if you are creating a website for the first time. However, if you have an Indian product for marketing then you can also go for .in. Now what is domain name? Actually domain name is your Internet address which is unique you can purchase. This can be regarded as rent and you need to pay the rental fee annually. You cannot own the domain name but can own it as lease and pay for it for 1 year, 2, 5 or 10 years. This domain name is available for you till you pay its rent.

Now the question arises how to purchase a domain name? We prefer so you need to open on your browser. Now you need to search it to find whether it’s available or not? is available but it’s very costly as it is purchased by someone else. So we make some changes in the url by applying – as Then this domain name is available. So we added it to the cart and then proceeded to check out. If you wish you can select web hosting. If you want you can proceed without web hosting services and then it would cost rs 755. You can also apply coupon code as hello so that promotional offer is applied and then the cost is around 603.

Next step is to login by creating an account. You need to fill details such as

  • username
  • password,
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Name of Organization.

Only red fields are mandatory. Now you need to create your account and you will get a verification mail on your email. You need to verify the link and complete the payment using a credit card. So your domain name is ready and I have given the link to purchase the domain name.

After purchasing the domain name, next we will see how to connect it with hosting for configuring the website. I would suggest purchasing the hosting . If you select free hosting then your hosting provider will include multiple free ads which might affect the ranking of the site. So I would suggest purchasing the domain name and hosting if you are really serious. If you have proceeded till now then you are just a few steps away from the next step of earning online. So you need to complete each task as shown in this video series. Today’s task is to purchase the domain name and what are the things which are to be considered before purchasing the domain. If you have any queries do write in the comment section. The main objective of this video series is to provide long term goals where you can start earning online. In my next video we will proceed on how to purchase hosting and how to configure with our domain.


If you want to learn digital marketing then do visit on the link provided in the description part. You can also register for the free demo class of 5 days where you can get to know about the modules of Digital Marketing. If you are interested in our course after attending demo class you can join our digital Marketing course. Thank you!

What is Web hosting in Hindi? Best Hosting For WordPress Affiliate Website

What is web hosting and how does it work?

How many kinds of web hosting are there?


If you wish you can skip the conceptual part and come directly to the implementation part of the web hosting. But I would suggest not to skip and go through the entire post to know and understand the concepts behind hosting. If you watch the entire video post you will come to know how your website works right from the time it is opened on the browser and the hosting site how it actually coordinates with your website from where you have purchased the domain name. It is important to know the mechanism so that you can easily implement and how to set up the domain and hosting to complete the entire cycle. If you understand the concept then you can use any site for purchasing domain name and purchase web hosting from any other site. I will make you understand on a particular platform but when you follow the concept you can use any platform. If you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel, kindly subscribe to our channel. Your subscription, likes, sharing and comments on the video motivates us to create more such videos. So lets begin.

What is web Hosting?


Literally, Hosting is a place where all the data and files of your website are saved. This is a kind of physical address on the web or Internet. Domain name is the name but hosting is the location of your website.


Now let us see about the types of Hosting. It depends upon the requirement or space which is required by the users. There is as such no good or bad hosting. Let us understand this with example, hosting is like home that provides space to save your website files. As a bachelor, say 4 people are staying and living together as there is less space or requirements. After when your family increases, gradually you need more space and a bigger house to live in. Similar is the case with the hosting. When we talk about web hosting, it totally depends upon the number of traffic and importance of the website. IF your website is very important with maximum traffic then you need to purchase costly hosting. But as a fresher when we are starting with Affiliate Marketing website, we need to go for shared hosting on Linux server. So I would suggest not to think anything else in selecting hosting. We can easily go for shared web hosting as we need to complete our circle as we have selected Niche, Domain name and now hosting.

So we need to take a web hosting and configure our site. So this is all about type of web hosting.

Now let us know how domain name is linked with hosting and how it actually works

So we have purchased a website or domain name. We have a server and we need to link domain name to hosting. For this we need to input DNS or Domain Name Server as DNS 1, DNS 2. Similarly in hosting also we get NS-1 and NS-2 (Name Server).

So we need to add this Name server to the DNS server. Once connected, when we open the website, the file will be accessed and we can view the website. This is the conceptual form of Domain name and hosting.

Let us see this practically.

We purchased hosting from hosting company Greengeeks and as you can see we got two name servers as NS 1 and NS 2. Now we need to input these into Name server of domain Name from where you have purchased the domain name. Such as in our case. So we need to edit the NAMESERVER and update. Once updated it will take around 24 to 48 hours to open the website. Many people complain that their configured website is not opening and feel that the server is not responding. However they need to wait as it requires time to propagate. 

There are various routers placed on the web and it requires time to update the website information which has been purchased. So let’s proceed further to hosting. I would suggest purchasing Greengeeks hosting as it is most reliable and affordable. When we log into our web hosting you can see there are 3 kinds of plans in WP. Lite Plan, Pro Plan and Premium Plan. I would suggest starting with Lite or Pro Plan. However you need to understand the basic difference between them. In Lite Plan you can host only one website but if you go for Pro Plan you can host unlimited websites. In lite plan you can host only one website but in Pro Plan you can add unlimited websites. Suppose if you want to register more domain names.

So now let’s get started and I am including as domain name



My web hosting order for will be live on GreenGeeks in just a few minutes.


Now we need to include all the details and fill the required fields. The plan is selected and now credit card details are to be added to complete the registration. As soon as we proceed, one confirmation mail will be received on the given mail address. It will bear all the information with NS1 and NS2 Details and FTP details. Now we need to go to and configure by adding NS1 and NS2 details. So by now your website will get configured and you have to wait for 12 -24 hours and your website will be ready to use.


So this is how we configured our website on and on server So by now you must be aware how to configure your site. But now you want it to be more secure by converting it to https:// .

Now how does it work we need to know.

Suppose your domain name is XYZ and it is hosted on Server. But now what we do is go add cloudflare which is a third party Company that offers many services free of charge for converting our site to https. You can find a detailed video on how to do this as I have created a separate video. Here Cloudflare works as a filter and will prevent any spam, attack, DDoS attack from harming your website. Also if your site is https and cloudflare secured, Google will give better ranking to your website and this would work as an added advantage. So now we are ready to install WP on our site.

How To Install WordPress for Beginners in Cpanel To create First website in 10 Minutes

This is the design of GreenGeeks hosting which I am using


As you can see there are Files at the top in the Control Panel. Maybe the design of the Control Panel can vary depending upon your hosting if you are using free hosting. But overall features will remain the same. I would suggest not to try anything different in the Control Panel. Since there are multiple options so you need to just get the overview and use it according to your need. If you go on exploring you can get to know many things for upto 6 months. But that should not be our objective. You need to focus on your objective. This will save your Time and you need to know what is your goal and what do you need. So you need to only access those options which are needed. SO don’t explore all the options. I will instruct the settings which will be required in the control panel. The first option is FIles. This is required only while uploading files of your website on the server which is not required at this moment.

Then there is Databases. The wordpress site which we create get saved in these databases. So this is also not required at this moment. Then there is SEO and Marketing Tools which is also not required but will be used later on. Then there is Domain Section where one can use to add add-on domain and subdomains which is also not required at this moment.

Then there is Email which is important. When we create and register any website, it should have a related email address to that domain. It is important for having authenticity. You can use a website based email id for creating accounts on social media, forums which will be required for SEO and getting links. First of all we will create an email account for that we will create an email account and then click on create email. The domain will reflect in the domain section. As in my case., there is a username, you can assign admin in this field and then set a password in the password field. In the storage space, select unlimited and then we click on create and our email id is created as [email protected] We will see in our next video on how to install this email id on our desktop.

Now we have to go to the Software Section, there is Softaculous Apps Installer. We need to click on this application as it will configure WP sites on your website. You can also configure it manually but I would recommend to select configuration automatically through this application. Apart from WP there are other scripts also which can be installed but for now we need to install WP site. As soon as the install option in WP is clicked it will show the page. You need not enter anything in version. You need to opt for https:// in the domain name you have to enter the name of the site as url. Give the name of the blog to be used for your website. Select admin as user name and desired password using this one can login to the website. There are certain plugins as default. You can select themes or show all themes which can be set later on. Now we include an email id on which we would receive email in future related to this site. Now we need to click on install. This would install WordPress in the server in 10-20 seconds using this application.

Now your wordpress site is ready. Now you need to login by wp-admin and provide a username and password to visit the dashboard.

Now let us take an overview of the WP site. You will find a post and pages option. Post is used for daily updates by using Add new posts. Whereas Pages can be used for one time activity. As we do not change its content. Suppose About us page. There are categories which can be created for post but in pages there are no categories. Then there are tags for specific posts. By default there is an uncategorized category which can be edited but cannot be deleted as it is present by default. Then there is a media section for uploading images and videos which would appear in the Media library.

In the pages, all the pages which are created will be displayed here as

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy
  • disclaimer etc

Then there is a comment section. Users visiting your website can comment and it will be shown here.

Next is the appearance section in the dashboard, it has themes, customize, menus, widgets etc. Theme will define the design of the website and it can be customized by creating a menu, background etc.

Then there are plugins which can be used to change the functionality of the website. All the plugins will be discussed later in the post.

Next is the settings option, there is a general option

You can add or change the main title of the site and tag-line related to your niche.

Site language, date format. Then there is a writing and reading option to set the page as a homepage.

Then there are permalinks which is most important for creating SEO friendly urls. By clicking on the post name we click on custom structure and remove slash / at the last and save the changes.

Now next we will set the theme for adding products for our Amazon affiliate website.

How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2021 in WordPress – Plugins & Pages Step By Step

Now we will discuss and learn on how to install plug-ins on the website.

So we will configure plug-ins.

Also we will discuss how to create important pages for Affiliate Marketing.

Actually important pages are referred because they are most vital for promoting products as an Amazon Affiliate program. So before proceeding further kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel and share our videos to your friends and family members so that they can also know how to create such websites.

As you can see this is a new WordPress website on my laptop screen. This is the new born website and it has only default plug-ins and features which are powered by WP. So you need to login and come to the dashboard by using wp-admin and providing its login details.  

Now we need to go to plug-ins and select as Add new. Either you can upload the plugin or install it from the WP Database. The first plugin to be installed is Caldera.

Caldera plugin is the first to be configured. This is for creating forms and can be used for communicating with your visitors who visit on your site as they will provide details which will help to easily know about them and can be used for future references..

Lets learn how to create form now.

Click on Create New form option.


There are various options as samples.



We need to select on Contact Form and provide a name as Contact us and then click on create.

You can edit the pre designed form and make changes to it as you desire and save them.

Now we need to change the settings so that if anyone provides information, it can be delivered to your mail. For this you need to select Email.

Caldera is used for creating Contact US form for our WP site. After installing it we need to activate it. 

You need to provide the email address where you want to get the mail.

Then you need to click on the save option after making the changes.

Then there is an option for Processors. It can be used as Auto Responders for replying to the senders.

You need to input the name from where you want to send email from

your email address, Subject, recipient name etc. Now we need to save it.

Now we need to generate a short code and use that code anywhere you want to load the form. 

The next plugin is WooCommerce .

This plugin enables your WP site to have e-commerce features. You can easily add products, create product categories, reviews, and add to cart options. This can be installed in a single click.



WooCommerce Plugin


This is our next plugin which we will now configure. So we have selected WooCommerce Plugin and go to its settings.

There is an option of Address so you can input the address of the store or any physical location it can be included here.

You can also choose to be anonymous if you don’t want to provide a physical address. You can select any Country suppose India or UK. In Pincode you need to provide the pin or zip code of that place. You need to select currency as Rupees or Dollars. Now you need to save changes.

Now next is the product option. In product it will be a shop place, in shipping you don’t have to do anything as everything will be handled by Amazon as we have created an Amazon affiliate site. In payments all we don’t need to do anything as it will be handled by Amazon. Now we don’t need to provide any other information in settings of WooCommerce plugin and it is ready for Amazon Affiliate.

Then we add another plugin which is Yoast SEO. This is a plugin for SEO and optimizing the website. Now it is to be activated. 

Yoast SEO: In this we go to General and Features option and all the features are set to ON by default. So we don’t need to make any changes. It has more of a role in pages and posts which will be created later on on the wordpress website.

Next plugin to be added and installed  is W3 Total Cache Plugin.

I have created a separate complete video for the same. You can watch that video to know more. This plugin can enhance the speed and make it really load fast and reduces the load on the server.

W3 Total Cache Plugin: We need to activate the plugin and visit. For configuring and its related files you need to visit the link given in the description part of the video. Once it is activated you need to visit the dashboard of the website. So now we have installed and configured basic plugins which are required are ready.

So now let’s move to creation of pages.

As an Affiliate marketing there are some terms and conditions for which you need to create some pages. So we go to pages and first of all trash the sample page which is by default present.

So Go to Pages and click on all pages option. Now click on Add New Page and we need to create 4 basic pages as

Affiliate Disclosure

Terms and Conditions

Privacy policy

Contact Us page

So you need to use the content which is provided here and replace it with your site’s name. So you can use find and replace with your domain name and publish the pages.

Contact Us Page

Similarly we need to create a Contact us page by clicking on Add new and in Title we add Contact US and publish it.

Now we need to edit the contact page and provide the shortcode of Contact form  which was created earlier and update it. So now you can see the form on the Contact Us page. SO now all the mandatory pages are created by us. Now let’s make some changes to appear on our site. . For this we go to the admin panel on the dashboard and go to the settings option and select General settings. There is a title and tagline. We need to write our title and tag and save the changes.

Now we need to create a menu which appears in Header or Top part and footer or bottom part.


It is theme dependent.  Now we need to create a menu under the appearance option giving Menu name and save the changes. We can select the pages which were created by us to appear in the menu in header and footer. Now reload the site and it will appear on the home page. Now under settings, Go to Reading option and select Static as homepage and choose shop which is created by WooCommerce plugin. So now your site is ready as a basic e-Commerce site. So now a quick recap of what we have discussed in this video post. We installed plugins, created pages for Affiliate Marketing, Content to be used for the pages.

Now we will discuss how to create categories and what categories should be used. For categories we need to use keyword analysis so this would be the most important part for  adding products on our site. I hope you liked this post for creating affiliate marketing which is an important part of Digital Marketing. If you are finding it a little difficult or if you have any queries related to it you can ask us in the comment section. You can also join our Digital Marketing Course as we provide an online Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero

Keyword Research Tips for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Sites in 2021 – Competition Keywords Analysis

What is a keyword?

You must have come across this term. So conceptually keyword is that term which is searched on Search Engine such as Google or any other search engine.

So keyword is that word which when searched, your website appears in rank and one can reach to your website is keyword. It depends and changes with the selected niche, business, service which you are providing.

The Niche which I selected was Car Sunshade. So you have to follow a similar strategy for your Niche. If you follow it carefully by the end of this series you will have your own Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website which will be ready to appear in Organic ranking on Search engine.

The first step is to understand the product or service which we are promoting as affiliate Marketing. You need to understand what are the terms which are used by probable customers for searching that product on the web. It’s not that you can find all the terms but there are certain terms and keywords which you will be able to understand and know. There are many keywords which we know and there might be various keywords which we don’t know but they are searched by the customers.

Since I selected Car sun shades which is my main keyword.

Now I will research and find it on the web. So I am now going to search it on wikipedia. Let’s proceed on my Laptop. I am searching on Google for the Car sun shades wiki.

Now I will open wikipedia and will find out the terms and keywords related to car sun shade and paste it on a notepad. Windshield Sun shade is another term which I came to know. Now I will copy all the terms by removing comma and paste it on notepad

sun-screen shades

sunscreens shades

sun car shades

sun shields

heat shields

UV shields

protective shields

car’s windshield

Sun visor

You might find it a lengthy process but it is one time activity and if you do it correctly then you need not find keywords for 6-8 months. So you need to find related words of your niche and find it on Wikipedia and save it on notepad. If you search on wikipedia and follow or read entire information you will get an overview of your Niche and different keywords related to your Niche. When you search it on wiki you get an overview

Suppose if you want to search keywords for Digital Marketing Affiliate, lets search it on Wikipedia. You will find various keywords related to Primary Keyword Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


content marketing


influencer marketing


content automation


campaign marketing


data-driven marketing


e-commerce marketing


social media marketing


social media optimization


e-mail direct marketing


display advertising


e–books marketing


Every word is a keyword and people are searching with these terms. So I would suggest you to use wikipedia to search for different keywords and to get an overview and information related to your keyword. So we first start with wiki. Many people suggest using Google Keyword Planner for finding keywords but when you have an entire idea about your niche. But if you are a beginner and have very little information about your niche then I would suggest to start with Wikipedia.

So now the next step is to use Competitor analysis.

Yes those competitors who are using this niche, we will analyze what they are doing or how they are selling. What are the categories present on their sites. So I will search car sunshade on Google and check sites which are in rank and it should be private websites and not shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart etc.

My primary keyword is Car sun shades and now I will search it on Google Search Engine.

I will check the results and will select sites which are not e-commerce or shopping websites. We have selected two sites.

The first one is and another one is

Rest sites are of amazon, flipkart and paytm mall which we don’t want. Now let us visit the page of

It has divided their site category wise as

  • Custom Fit Car sunshades,
  • Automatic Car Sunshades,
  • Foldable Chipkoo Car or sticky car sunshades,
  • Magnetic Car sunshades,
  • Auto Sunup car sunshades,
  • Stickon Car sunshades.
  • So I am saving all these categories in my notepad. Now we can see they have included various car models and brands which are searched with car sunshades.

Also you will find various models of top selling cars which can be used later on for targeting with keywords.


 Latest Launched Car Accessories


Honda Jazz 2020 Accessories | Renault Triber Accessories | Mahindra Thar 2020 Accessories | Maruti S Presso Accessories | Toyota Urban Cruiser Accessories | Toyota Glanza Accessories | Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Accessories | Hyundai Tucson 2020 Accessories | Hyundai Aura Accessories | Hyundai Verna 2020 Accessories | MG Hector Plus Accessories | Kia Carnival Accessories | Kia Sonet Accessories | Audi Q2 Accessories | Audi Q3 2020 Accessories | Fiat Cronos Accessories | Maruti Swift 2020 Accessories | Mercedes Benz EQC Accessories | Mercedes Benz GLE 53 AMG 4MATIC Plus Accessories | Mercedes-Benz G-Class Accessories | MG Gloster Accessories | MG ZS EV Accessories | Nissan Magnite Accessories | Renault Kiger Accessories | Skoda Karoq 2020 Accessories | Hyundai Elite i20 2020 Accessories | BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Accessories | Land Rover Defender Accessories


So in this way we have found additional categories for our webpage so that it can be used for adding content.


Next is TVS accessories website and they have created categories in car sunshades



Magnetic Sunshades,

Auto Folding Sunshades,

Roller Sunshades,

Stick On Sunshades.


So I am saving and adding all these categories in my notepad. So we have found various categories and saved it on my notepad and have the main category for our website. Now I am opening an excel sheet and  rename as category and saving all the categories on this excel sheet.

Now our next task is to find out keywords for our website for generating keywords.

So we will use Google keyword Planner.

you need to open this link and sign it. You need to go to planning and click on discover new keywords. Now we have to paste all the keywords which we found out during research. Now we need to filter the keywords by removing branded keywords and only find generic keywords which are searched. We need to add a filter as car sun and not sunshades and apply it. So all these keywords which are preparing are to be downloaded as .csv files.

Now again we go back to keyword planner and select start with a website. So now we will place the url of the sites and paste it here to get results. Filter is to be added as Car sun and now all keywords will be fetched and is to be downloaded as keyword ideas as .csv file again. So you can select 3 websites to find out all the keywords of our competitor site. Now we have 3 excel sheets with keyword lists. Now we discard the things which we don’t require other than keywords that are searched. So now we paste all the keywords in 1 sheet and use advanced filters to find only unique keywords and discard all duplicate keywords. So now we have the list after sorting it out and we have found out the keywords and have sorted it.

Next we have to prepare content.

In content strategy you have to select the keyword suppose first one is Car sun shades. So we can use it as

Top 7 car sunshades in India   or

Top 10 Car sunshades in India.

It can be used for writing descriptions with detailed reviews about car sunshades for posting it on our blog. You can also create videos and use images from Amazon or go to local markets and dealers to get the details about Car sunshades for content strategy. SO we need to target this keyword to write content in about 2500 to 3000 words. So we can target related keywords as content strategy and post it on our blog and save its published url in excel sheet So we need to target 3 to 4 keywords related to the main keyword and maintain everything in the excel sheet in row and column wise just adjacent to keyword categories. So in this video we saw how to find keywords , categories for writing content.

So our categories for website will be


Automatic Car sunshades

Roller Sunshades

Foldable Chipkoo Car Sunshades

Magnetic Car Sunshades

Auto folding Car sunshades

Stick On Car sunshades

Now let us see how to add these 6 categories on our site. Lets go to the dashboard and select the product and not that of the post. We will add by writing name in the category and click on add new category. So in this way all the categories are created and added on site.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing and want to have your own website for creating passive income then join our course. I have included the link to the Digital Marketing Course in the description part.


WordPress theme for Amazon affiliate – Complete Guide How to Install, Configure to Rank on Google

We found keywords on which we want our site to rank with. We also created categories and plugins on our WordPress site.


Now we have to install the theme and in this video we are going to demonstrate theme installation. We are going to use a free theme. This is totally free and we will use it to install on our website and lets see how it can be used to rank our website organically on the Search engine.

Let’s start our video but just a quick reminder if you have not subscribed to our YouTube Channel, kindly subscribe it now because I am going to come up with an SEO series soon. After creating the Amazon Affiliate website I will come up with an SEO Series where I will focus on how to rank our website on Google through organic ranking so that our site appears in top rank on Google with our researched keywords.

This is our dashboard of WP website and let’s look at the site to get a glimpse of it. This is a totally blank website. We had only changed title, created pages as Contact US, Privacy Policy, Terms and Affiliate Disclosure.


Now we have to install the theme. For this we need to go to dashboard > Go to Appearance > Themes. In the theme you will get to add a new option.


You can search for the theme in the search box with the name of the theme as shopstar. You need to activate it and apply it on your website. Now lets see the preview of our website and it has changed totally.

Now we need to customize the site as there is an option to customize with site identity. Title and Tagline will reflect here.

Now next is color and Woocommerce. In the header there is an option to auto update header cart and shop links which we need to remove. As we are not creating an Add to cart option. We will directly send traffic to the affiliate site and publish the saved changes. In the product catalogue we don’t have to change much.

Now within the Header there is a Top Bar if you wish to show or hide it. In the Site Logo Area you can align it in the center or left aligned. I have set it as Center only.

Now in the Header Text, you can write anything as text. Now I am going to Header Image. You can view the header image and we can change it. First open it in the new tab to know the size of this image as 1680X600.

We have to go to which is a free website for image creation and you don’t have to use Photoshop for editing images.



Now I am creating a banner on canva with the same dimensions.

Now you can select any image related to your niche and keyword. You can search on Google with the keyword and download any image which you like for the header.

You can remove the background by using a tool as This will remove the background which was there by default. So you can create an image on canva and download it as a png or jpg. It is better to use jpg to reduce the image size for image optimization as smaller image size will make it load faster.

Now we will upload the image in the header and publish it. In the text part we need to change accordingly whatever we wish to make changes such as Top Car Sunshade reviews.

Below that I am changing to Latest Reviews on Car Sunshades or model name etc. And now we have published it.

Now in the blog section we don’t have to make any changes as size is set to large and is set to active full post.

In the background image if you want to make any changes you can do. Then there is the Main Menu and all the pages which we have added in the menu will display here. You can also add any other page or custom link in the menu.

I am adding a blog page and publishing it. So the top menu is changed and will appear on site. 

In widgets you can make changes which will appear in sidebar.

Recent post, Recent comment, Archives, Categories, Meta are there. I only need search and recent post and published it. In the footer section you can add any widgets. Actually widgets are pre-built functionality such as product, calendar, html, image gallery, menu which will be displayed.

Now there are homepage settings as we have selected static page and in post page we have selected blog page.

So whatever we will post on site will appear in a blog and we have published it. So our site is almost ready. Now we have to go to the WordPress dashboard. Till Now we were customizing the theme. Now we have created product categories and it will show here. Suppose Auto folding and we open it this page will display and our objective is that this page should come in rank with Auto Folding Car Sunshade keyword and with all the products listed there. 

For that we need to edit the category. First there is Name as Auto Folding, slug which is url, parent category and then there is description. In this part we need to write content on Auto Folding in around 700 words.

This Category page will help in ranking E-commerce websites. Maximum people do not use this page. But we will use it with the objective to rank our Category page.

We have created 5 categories Auto folding, Automatic Car Sunshades, Foldable Chipkoo Car sunshades, Magnetic Car Sunshades, Roller Sunshades and Stick on Sunshades.

So we need to write content for these 5 categories pages as the first task. In the content part, keywords should be used around 7 times and it should not look like keyword stuffed. For example I am using dummy content and fill details such as title, focused keyword, description for Yoast SEO and then update it. So the pages will show the content. So you need to write content for each category page as a task.

Now we need to add products in the category page

For that we have to visit website. Now we have to search for auto folding car sunshades.

Now select the product and open in the new tab. We need to save the image and Title after modifying it . We do not have to use the same title so that it should not be duplicate.

Now we have to add products so we have to click on create products.

Title which we have created should be added in the Add New Product section.

In the description part we need to write 4-5 lines but it should be unique. Now we have to select a category and it lies in the Auto folding category.

Now we have to upload the image which we downloaded for the given product. So the image is uploaded. You can upload more images if you have one for your product.

Now in Product data we have to select affiliate products instead of simple products. For this we have to generate our affiliate link after logging in Amazon Associate program and click on Product link and copy the affiliate link from there. You can also use a shortened link.

So you need to add products in a similar way and add at least 10-15 posts and 40 products. So we have included Product url, in button text.

I would suggest to write New offer so that users will click it. Add regular price and sale price which is there on Amazon. So you must focus on unique content for product reviews and it will rank organically on Google. So in this way we have published our product. When New offer is clicked , we will be redirected to the Amazon website. So our site is almost ready and we can preview the changes.

If you want to learn digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing do check our course link given in the description part of the video. We also have a 5 days demo class where one can register to know about our Digital Marketing Course in a detailed manner.

How To Increase your Amazon Affiliate Earnings for Beginners in 2021 – How to Make Money Online

Now we are going to learn how to bring organic traffic on our website.

I will discuss about blogging in detailed manner.

Now we will have to create blog and write content on keywords whihc we searched for blogging so that our site should get organic traffic. This is quite easy as if you create even 1 post in 2 days then also there would be 15 posts in a month on your website which is good for generating passive income.

So let us go to our website and you can see the product which we added. There are pages in the menu and we need it but we will change its appearance.

So we will go to dashboard and change menu. In appearance we have to select Menu and create a new Menu with the name as Top Menu. So in view all we can add any link and add it in menu. So I am adding all the categories in Menu and save it. Now our categories will appear on Menu with the name.

I am adding the previously created menu in footer by adding widgets and save it. So the pages will appear at the bottom or footer part as Amazon recommends these pages should be there on the website.

So now lets focus on blog section. So I have already searched keywords for blogging. In the excel sheet the first keyword which is selected is Car sun Shades and I am creating

Top 10 Car Sun shades Reviews in India.

So we can use Best, Top 10 as Title. Let see an example. This site has used Best Ceiling Fans with Remote Control. They have used Top 10 products and reviewed all details. When the link is clicked users will be redirected to on that specific product page.

So we need to write in depth content having word count of 4000-5000 as this page will help in getting organic traffic with top keywords which we are targeting. So we need to prepare content accordingly. If you want you can get your content written by your friends, content writers, freelancers. There should be no excuse that you cannot write content. If you don’t want to write you can get it written by someone else and use that content on your site. We will follow the same pattern which this website has followed. They have used amazon affiliate link on the title but I would suggest to include the link of our product so that traffic will come to our site and then there we will add call to action which will redirect to amazon product page. We can also use Pros and Cons as Product review. They have used FAQ so we can also use to create questions such as how to choose best car sun shades? At last we can use Final words to sum up. So you need to just rephrase the content so that it should be unique. As the number of blog post will increase, the source of Organic traffic will increase. To know more about sources of traffic we have designed Digital Marketing Course. This is our page of the website where we have given the option to register for a free demo class of Digital Marketing.