In this post, we are going to discuss ChatGPT and how it can be used for creating a faceless youtube channel. Yes, you read it right, for making such a faceless Youtube channel you don’t have to show your face and neither you have to use an expensive Digital Camera for recording videos. you can easily make such faceless videos and you can earn easily for a lifetime. In this post, we are not promising that you will be able to earn quick money instantly but definitely, but we will show a way in which you can earn for a lifetime by just working from home without any technical skills or knowledge. Even if you are a fresher, student, part-time worker, housewife, or freelancer provided you read this post till the very end. The complete post is divided into 4 steps and all these steps are interrelated. so let’s begin

ChatGPT se paise kaise kamaye – Work from home jobs for Women, Graduates, Housewives 2023 : Watch This Video

First of all, we will discuss what is ChatGPT ?

If you are aware of what chatGPT is? it’s very good but for those who are unaware of chatGPT, it is actually a robotic chat system that uses AI Artificial Intelligence. This is designed in such a way that users can chat with ChatGPT just like we do with humans. Whatever your queries are you can easily type on ChatGpt and it will give all the answers related to the question. the best thing is that it can be used for writing content on almost any topic that exists in its database. We will discuss everything in depth and detail as to how to earn income using this ChatGpt for yourself. For this, first of all, we need to browse and open the website of ChatGPT which is there you will find the Try button or option and users need to click it. Then you need to login it using your google account. This will help in logging in to chatGPT.



This is the interface of ChatGPT. This is the space by which you can chat with ChatGPT. Whatever your queries are you need to type in the chat box and it will answer any such queries or keywords which is typed in the chat box. So now the question arises how are we going to use this for making a source of online income? So as many users might be knowing that for making any video for YouTube we need a script.

chatgpt interface

What is a script?


The script is the story on which the video is completely based upon. Many users find it difficult to find out the right script for what they are going to create for the video. So this is a very big problem for video content creators but this problem will be solved by the use of Chat GPT. So suppose if your niche is Cartoon Horror Stories and for that, you need the script then you need to type the same so we can type to write a cartoon real horror story and now we enter it in the Chat GPT. As soon as it is entered Chat GPT will start writing. 

Suppose you want the script in the Hindi language so you need to write and give the command to write a cartoon real horror ghost story in Hindi. So the ChatGPT will write the story in Hindi with Hindi fonts. Isn’t it an exciting thing? Not only that you will get a different and unique story every time whenever you use Chat GPT. Not only that if you want more content you need to write in the chat to complete the story and it will provide you with the complete story. So now this story can be used for writing a script. Similarly, you can change the niche and ask to write a moral story for your script such as the moral story of the poor girl who became a business lady in the Hindi language. So this is the power of chat GPT.

So the first part was a script for the process of online earning. So now we need to get it voice-over done

What is Voice Over?

Voice-over is recording the voice for the script which we have for our YouTube videos. So now we have a script and so it is very easy to record a voice-over. Generally in Cartoon animation, there is generally a background voice that narrates the story and tells about the scene. Then there are characters present in the story. whatever might be the characters, such as a boy, girl, or ghost if it’s a horror story so on and so forth. So what we have to do is to do a voice-over for each character. Suppose there are 5 characters in the script, you might be thinking that 5 different people would be required. But the answer is definitely not. Actually, it can be done by only 1 person by just modulating the voice in the software as shown in the video. So now we have done the voiceover also. Then the next step is to make animation in the video.

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How to Do Animation?

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