Welcome friends! In our last post we discussed how to find out products from Clickbank. How to select product that generates quick sales ?


In this post which is Affiliate Marketing Tip # 7 and we are going to discuss about the importance of timing in Affiliate Marketing. What is the meaning of timing?

If any product is selected and when affiliates start promoting it at a specific time, whether that product has reached saturation. If it’s saturated and has reached maximum growth, this will affect its sales and begin to decline.This is why we have designed Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi where you will come to know about it in detailed way.

There can be various competitors for that product and thus its sales haves declined. There can be various reasons for such decline. Actually every Affiliate Product has a life cycle. It ranges from the period when the product is launched its sales increases, with time it grows and then gets saturated and its sales gradually decreases.

So it all depends upon the timing for any product. Whether the product is at boom or when the sales of product is going down. Many of the Affiliate Marketers simply look for Gravity of product in Clickbank and its sales commission and select it for promotion. 

Timing and lifecycle of the product is the most important factor which we will discuss in this post.

CBSnooper is an important tool for deciding and finding products.


In the left hand panel you will get 4 options of products as New Products, Rising Products, Falling Products, Recurring Products. When you click on New products , this will show new products which are added on clickbank. Rising Product indicates that gravity of such products has started rising and begin to grow. Falling products indicates such products which are now showing a decreasing trends.

Now we go to clickbank and after login we go to market place. After clicking on search lens button, we get Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic as first product. When any affiliate look at this product the find it attractive due to its high gravity and commission sales. But when it is analyzed on CBSnooper, we come to know that its sales is declining and decreasing now. So CBSnooper is the best tool that will define the timing and will give you perfect timing for promoting any product. All the data and analytics can be obtained from here. Now lets analyze STEEL BITE PRO.

Its overall rank is increasing which means the sale is decreasing with gravity. So you should not promote this product. You can also select and choose category of products from. So timing is most important which I mentioned about for Affiliate Marketing.

Suppose you selected Passive Profit Pages and search it on Market Place and find following details. Its average commission is $27. Now let us check its landing page and copy its url.

Now we go to similar web website and paste the url of paasiveprofitpages.com over there. You will get lot of public information about the website such as global ranking, traffic from different countries will be reflected, referral traffic from where they are coming from, direct traffic source for organic ranking. Also you will also come to know about the various organic keywords from which the website is ranking from.

So one should not promote any product blindly. Instead you should analyze the overall statistics for selecting any product for affiliate marketing. So friends I hope you liked this video. If yes then do like, share and subscribe our channel. If you want to learn Digital marketing then do register for our 5 day free Demo class of Digital marketing where you can clear all your doubts regarding the same. So lets meet in our next video with another Affiliate Marketing Course Tip in Hindi.