Learn To Create Platform Independent App in Just 90 Days

Learn To Create Mobile App for Android & IOS Platform

Enhance Your Skills in this Lock down. Learn Typescript, Angular Basic, Understand Nativescript Basic For Cross Platform Mobile Development & Develop An Ecommerce App

Learn From Industry Leaders Having 12 years of Experience working with International Clients.

90 Days Course – 1.5 Hrs Daily Class From Monday To Friday. Recording Of Each Class Will Be Available Online – Facebook Private Group Support. 

Class Starting From 15th June 2020
(3:00 PM Onwards)

What Your Will Learn In This Course

Build real native mobile apps for iOS and Android with web technologies and the Angular framework. Share code to build a web app AND native apps from one and the same codebase. Learn how to use the NativeScript ecosystem and features.


What Angular is, How Angular apps start and work


What TypeScript is? How to use the CLI to create Angular projects and manage them


How to build nice user interfaces with NativeScript layouts and UI widgets


How to style your app with CSS (yes, the mobile app, too!)


How to handle state and data in the app (incl. storage on the device)


How to build and use components, what dependency injection is and how it works and how the general Angular architectureworks


What exactly NativeScript is and how it works


Which core building block a NativeScript app has


How to add mobile navigation (forward-backward, tabs, side drawer) in a NativeScript app


How to fetch user input


How to do all that in a way that works in both native mobile apps as well as a web app - with one and the same codebase


How to implement authentication


Class Starting From 15th June 2020

90 Days Course – 1.5 Hrs Daily Class From Monday To Friday (3:00 PM Onwards) – Facebook Private Group Support.

Recording Of Each Class Will Be Available Online

Learn At Your Home With Ease!


LIVE CLASSES With Daily Question Answer


LEARN FROM AN EXPERT Having 12 Years of Development Experience



Recorded Video Available for every live class for future reference.

About Us

since 2008

We are into the industry from 12 years. We have served various clients around the world.

Our Expertise lies in Software Development, Web Development, App Development and Digital Marketing.

Currently We are Providing Internship to BCA, MCA, CSE students on Angular Nativescript.

Our online Live classes are detailed and will make you understand the topic very well.

Mentor Mr. Varoon Vikas, is highly skilled and has 12 years of experience in web n app development. His teaching style and methodology gives you freedom to easy understand the subject.

If you Miss the Live Classes , Video Replay Support Will be provided to you.

Mission – Provide Quality Education to everyone

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Quality Education to every student at affordable price. We are bringing the most advanced and new technology at  your doorsteps. You can learn at your home with ease. We are continuosly working on our mission and connecting to Students all over India.

Vission – Empower Youth to be Independent

Our Vision

Our Mission is to empower the youth to be self sufficient to live lifestyle of their own. We are working towards our goal to provide online education, online internship, online mentoring to every section. Be it BCA, MCA, Engineering students. Connect with us to learn at your home.

Eligibility for Course

Let’s dive deep and see who all are eligible to do this course. Eligibility criteria is mentioned because when we start you should be able to grasp the things. If you are student of BCA, MCA, Computer Science Engineering, then these topics you must have covered and you can easily understand the concept.

Must have basic knowledge of javascript and Browser DOM (Document Object Model ) ( though DOM is not used in nativescript, but is required to understand Angular when learning angular in browser environment )

Should know the basics of REST API based services with JSON request / response ( how we will call REST API from angular is part of course, but one should know about REST based API )

Have Knowledge of CSS ( nativescript support styling using css )


Class Starting From 15th June 2020 (3:00 PM)

Learn Angular Basic

  • Introduction 
  • Installing and Setting up Angular 
  • Understanding Components
  • Understanding the Angular Project Folder Structure
  • The App Component
  • Creating our First Component
  • Cross Component Communication with Property Binding
  • Understanding Directives & String Interpolation
  • & More….

Learn Typescript

  • Installing and Setting up IDE ( Visual Studio Code )
  • Installing and Setting up Typescript
  • Typescript Basics + Basic Types
  • Typescript Compiler Configuration
  • Next-generation Javascript and Typescript
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Advanced Types
  • Generics
  • Decorators
  • Modules and Namespaces
  • & Many More


  • Setting up Nativescript
  • Setting up Android Development Environment
  • Setting up iOS Development Environment ( Optional )
  • Understanding Components & Layouts
  • Understanding the Styling Basics
  • Understanding Different Layouts – Stack Layout, Grid Layout, Absolute Layout, Flex Layout
  • Passing Data Between Components
  • Understanding and Using ListView
  • & many more.

Implement What You Learn During the Course by Creating a Prototype eCommerce Cross Platform App.

Our Students

I would like to take this opportunity and thanks Semsols for providing such a detailed course for my college internship program online. The mentor Mr. Varoon Vikas sir is brilliant and have depth knowledge in the subject. His teaching methodology is easy to understand and implement. And the price structure is too affordable or I would say low. Such a detailed course in low price is more than value for money.
I completed the course, and submitted the internship project. Apart from that i learned how to develop Mobile App for Android and IOS platform. Sincerely its the best place to go for angular nativescript course.

Karishma Tigga

I was skeptical to join the course due to it’s low price, but they are really helping students in this lockdown situation. The course is worth more than the price. If you are looking to get best training for app development on angular nativescript then join today, till the fees is low. you are getting the best offer. The style of teaching and problem solving of each student is amazing.
They not only guide you but also do the process of hand held and make you learn everything. I am thankful to the mentors and teachers at Semsols for providing such an opportunity and special thanks to Varoon sir.


This institute was recommended by my friend and i thank him for this. I was not too confidant for online study but the mentor over here made me learn everythiing online. The live class mode is just as offline and I was able to understand the things. Now i am confidant to develop a mobile app.
Also i have joined a company for mobile app development as a trainee, all due to the knowledge gained here.
Thanks a lot to Semsols for providing such a wonderful platform to learn online.

Amrita Kumari

Software Needed

## Should have basic knowledge to use npm (node package manager)

## Must have Andoird Studio or XCode or both installed based on whether you want to compile the app for android, iOS, or both.

## Knowledge of Visual Studio Code ( used as IDE for development )

Classes Starting 15th June (3:00 PM Onwards)


1-1 Live Classes with live support


Study just like offline Class


Facebook Group Support


If Missed Replay Video Available.

90 Days Course – 1.5 Hrs Daily Class From Monday To Friday. – Facebook Private Group Support.

Recording Of Each Class Will Be Available Online