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Hello friends, this post is about digital marketing decoding module # 2 about Website Planning and its creation using WordPress CMS. You will get to know about website planning and its implementation. Also how to create a website using WP and logic behind the same with the help of different tools.

  • Such as Domain name Planning
  • Purchasing Domain
  • Getting a webhosting
  • Connecting Domain with hosting
  • Installing wordpress
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Pages and posts
  • Category and Tags

The above mentioned topics are some of the most important ones and it will be covered in Digital Marketing Module # 2 for decoding website creation using wordpress. Now a days WordPress is mostly used for creating and designing websites as it is the largest CMS and is quite popular as it is easy to use. Previously html was used for website design but now it is outdated as using html requires technical skills and cannot be used by those who lack technical skills. Today people are switching towards digital marketing and want to flourish their business by creating websites and so WordPress is perfect for them as compared to HTML. It is quite easier to install wordpress for creating websites also one can easily search on web how to install design website using WordPress CMS.

Domain name Planning: Lets come to our first topic that is Domain Name planning. In this module we will describe whether one should use keyword or brand name of their product as domain name. So taking up our digital MARKETING COURSE can be really helpful if want to rank your website for business promotion.

Purchasing Domain: In this module users will get to know whether to purchase domain having .com, .net or in the url. Ofcourse it depends on what kind of market users are going to target. So these points will be covered in the course as to which TLD is to be targeted. Also we will guide users on how to purchase a domain and from where it can be purchased from using credit card, debit card or net banking. It is seen that many people hesitate to use such digital platforms but it is quite safe to use digital channels if you are using it from your personal Laptops and PC.

Getting Hosting: Now you have purchased a domain and you need to host them on server. So web hosting is basically hosting of files and pages of websites on server. Also we will guide you on which web hosting to be selected. Generally linux hosting is better as it is comparatively cheaper and safe as compared to Windows server hosting.

Connecting Domain with hosting: This is a technical aspect where you will learn how to connect a website to hosting so that the website goes live and its pages get published. Once the site is live any one can access them online.

Installing WordPress: In this module, we will guide you on how to install worpress using C panel on hosting, how to create its database, such points will be covered in our course.

WordPress themes and plugins: In this module we will guide you on how to install a theme for wordpress site, Actually any site requires a theme for designing. We will discuss on how to select a user friendly theme which can easily be designed on WP even if you are a novice. Also throughout the course you will be getting a sub-domain where one can easily work and get the practical training for the same. Also we will focus on WP plugins and how to use them. Suppose if you want to create Contact us page. There you need to have a form designed. SO we need to have a plugin for that purpose and plugins such us caldera form plug-in can be effective for designing oif the form on that particular page.

Pages and Post: In this module we will cover on how to create a page and what are important pages which a website should have. Pages like about, contact page, services pages are of utmost importance. SO we will discuss all these in our Digital Marketing Course for website creation. Similar to pages, websites should have posts. Posts must cover latest updates regarding business or products which you have launched as latest updates.

Category and Tags: Categories are created to keep your post categorized to specific need. Suppose if your content is on Digital Marketing workshop or seminar, sio you need to create and categorize it as workshop category or Seminar as separate category and tags. So these were some of the modules which will be discussed in our Digital Marketing Course Module #2 Website Planning and its creation using WordPress CMS.

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