Hello Guys, in this tutorial we are going to decode Module # 3 Email Marketing of Our Digital Marketing Course. You will get to know about what is email marketing and what is the significance of it from point of view of Digital marketing. Although in many of the Digital Marketing course, email marketing is skipped or it is not given much importance. But it should not be ignored at all. We have the reason for this as to why Email Marketing is important for Digital Marketing Course. Actually if you are running Google Ads Campaign as well as Facebook ads and your site is appearing in top rank due to high traffic on the site, getting good organic ranking, the purpose is solved. But what if suddenly your site lacks visitors or it does not appear in top search results due to change in Google’s update or change in its algorithm. In such cases, there will be hardly any traffic on your website and there will be no point running an adwords campaign since your website is not in top rank. As a result your business will be down. But if you have list of emails which you have collected in your database it can be regarded as an asset.

In such case you can promote or do brand marketing of your products and business through email marketing. This will serve as best way to promote your business and let your customers know about your products, latest business launch using your email as an asset. So email asset is of great significance in Digital Marketing Campaign. So from very beginning it is advised to collect emails and maintain it as a database from Day 1 and it is to be built for email marketing. So now let us come to our Digital Marketing Module # 3 Email Marketing. Lets have a look at list of modules which would be covered in our course.

Decoding Digital Marketing Module # 3 of Email Marketing

  • Sign up to the third party mail server mailchimp
  • Dive deep into mailchimp
  • Creating and Publishing Normal Website form
  • Creating Pop-ups
  • Email Analytics (Open Rate / Click Rate of emails)
  • News Letter
  • Auto Responder

Sign up to the third party mail server mailchimp: In this module we will focus on MailChimp and how to create or sign up to this third party mail server. Suppose if someone has email list then it can be used for sending mails using mailchimp for email marketing. Also the charge is very nominal for using mailchimp account. The best part is that when someone signup they would get 2000 email subscribers. So you can easily use these mail accounts to check how does it work for email marketing.

Dive Deep into Mail Chimp: In this module of email Marketing we will focus and discuss how does Mailchimp server actually works, how to create campaigns through emails, how to add email list and how to attach these mails to campaign, how to send mails and how to attach auto responders to mails. So all these points will be elaborated in this part of module.

Creating & Publishing Normal website Form: As described above, email list which is collected in the data base can be directly used and saved in mailchimps and can be used for creating form on your website email campaign. Also you need not copy those emails or ids as it gets saved in mailchimps. So you can easily send emails without referring your email database. Also with the help of form on your website any visitor can submit their details including email id. The auto responder set through form will deliver a welcome note to those visitors who fill up this form. Also you need not send individual mails to every visitors.

Creating Pop-ups: You might have visited various websites where pop-up open automatically seeking signup for registering News Letter. This is actually the mechanism behind creating such pop-ups. In similar way one can create pop-ups using mailchimp regarding your latest product, launch of business that can work for email marketing.

Email Analytics: This is very important part of email marketing. This will let you know whether users have received your email or how many of them have accessed such mails. Also what is the open rate or how many people have clicked on the links present in such mails. Suppose if you get a bad rate of clicking then you can easily know this through analytics. Also you can rectify any mistakes that ARE IN THE Title OR Subject to drive more number of clicks and improve opening rate further. So mailchimp give facilities to analyze email’s click rate and open rate and change email campaign accordingly.

News Letter: This is a sort of information or announcement set by Company on weekly basis for visitors who are on the website. You can send emails directly and automatically to all those email ids which are saved on mailchimps.

Auto responders: You can set auto responders and schedule them so that it can easily be sent automatically to your clients. Also you can give or assign personal touch using auto responders. Suppose if there is any special occasions such as Birthdays or anniversary, so auto responders can be set for this purpose and it will send greetings to the email ids of that particular individual. Also if you have an ecommerce website and the product has been added in the cart but not purchased. This is known as abundant cart. So using auto responders will help to add offers regarding such products of abundant cart and convert them into sales.

So on concluding note, we have given all basic information regarding decoding module #3 Email marketing of Digital Marketing Course. So if you are interested to know more kindly join  our next batch of Digital Marketing Course in Patna. Also you can register and book a seat for Next Demo Class of Digital Marketing Course Batch.