300 dollars a day isn’t it interesting? Yes you can earn $300 a day and that too by typing names only.

Yes you read it right. You only have to type names and you can earn $ 300 every day. This is a world wide online business which does not require any set skills. No matter from which country you belong from. It is quite easy to earn online right from the convenience of your home as a part time job using your mobile phone, laptops, tabs. You do not require to have any website or email list. You only need to suggest names to earn online. SO in this video post I will discuss how to perform this. What can you Expect? How does it work ? How to Get Started? It works worldwide. No matter from which ever Country you come from you can register  Free to Start, yes it’s free and no payment is required to sign up for this business. Even if you do not have any money, you can start and earn $300 per day. No website or email list is required. It works on all mobile, laptops and tabs. Whatever device you have it can be used to sign up and start earning online.

You can check the Google review and ratings of Squadhelp.com. Yes this is the website which I was discussing about. You can see the average review is 4.6 which is very good and is legit. Also you can check the payment of Competition won is $210. First of all open squadhelp.com on your browser. Now you need to sign up as First Name and Last Name, Display name, email, password and need to confirm your password. Then you need to select join as a creative and then create an account. Now you need to fill up the address and provide a picture. Then you will come to the dashboard. In the Contest option select active contest. You can see all the contests. There are 331 contests and a guaranteed price of $300. Yes it’s a guaranteed price if you get selected and become a winner. The first contest was for LOGO. Yes you can sell Logo, Names, Tag lines and domain as services on this website

As far as suggesting names is concerned, there are various online companies that get registered daily and look for unique names according to their domain. So they seek suggestions for unique names and taglines. So if you suggest a unique name and you become a winner in the contest then you can earn $300. Let’s take a look at some contests in which users participated on 15th July recently and earned $300 by suggesting names and Logos. If we talk about LEADERBOARD. Users have won 7 contests and earned overall $70000. SO on an average $2100 from one contest. So you can also use this site to suggest names and design Logos to earn good income online. Now I will tell you how to do that. You need to select and go to Active Contest. Go to Naming. There is Catchy name for an Indian Chinese Fusion Restaurant as a contest. Its guaranteed price is $135. There are 854 entries. You need to select on this and read the complete description provided by the Company.

Now you need to search for a free business name generator on Google. Select the first website which is Businessnamegenerator.com. Now you need to search for Names of the restaurant. It will generate lots of business names and use any of the suitable names and win the contest. Now how will you receive money. You can receive the money through your paypal and payoneer account. So you need to add a payment method. I have also illustrated how to connect paypal and payoneer accounts in my last post of Amazon affiliate business. You can refer to that and follow the steps exactly in the same way. I want to mention one important point that for a naming contest you need to pay $5-$10 as a fee and get free access for lifetime. You can participate in a naming contest on a daily basis and win $300. Whereas Logo, taglines and domain contest are free. So you can earn online just imagine how easy it is to earn through this website.

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