Hello friends. I am Neeraj Vijay and I have been working as Digital Marketer for the last 15 years. I come up daily with a new video describing how to earn online easily.

If you are new and watching my video for the first time then kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel by pressing the bell icon so that you receive notifications whenever my new videos are published and you can learn new tricks and tips to earn online. I have come up with the simple way to earn online. Yes, all you have to do is to search free images on Google and I will let you know about a website where you have to upload those free images in different categories and earn money online through images per views. Also you will come to know how to optimize the images so that you get more views so kindly do not skip this video and watch till the end. You can earn up to INR 15-20 per view of the images. So if you get 100 views per day you can easily earn INR 1500 per day as a part time income. Just imagine you can earn upto 45,000 in a month which is a very good amount. So if you like this video do like it and share it among your friends and family members. So let us know about the website where you can upload images and earn online through it. Believe me, this is one of the most researched content and you will not find it anywhere. Many users are following this video. Maybe you are new to our channel and if you find any difficulty in any of the methods and steps, you can write and post it in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem. Also those who lack technical skills they can also earn by following the above mentioned steps. So let’s start my video and see what are the steps to be followed to start earning online.

Now the website on which we have to upload free images, I am opening it on my browser and it is clickasnap.com. You can see it is the World’s largest, free to use, Paid per view image sharing platform. Now lets see how it works. You can see the top contributors name is there with 531 uploaded images by him and has more than 1 Lac views. So now lets see how it works. As you can see Make Money when your Photos are viewed. You can sign up for free for any country and can be used on mobile and laptops/ PC. You will get 0.15 cents which is equivalent to Rs.15. Minimum payout is $15 which is INR 1000. You can earn millions through pay per views every month of images. So there is an option to upload Your Photos, Users View Your Photos, You Get Paid. This is a completely legit website and whatever you earn will be credited to your bank account. So we need to sign up for a free option. Just provide email address, username, password and agree to terms and conditions. We have to select and subscribe for a free account. Last step is to follow 5 people or users and then we have to continue.

 Now you have to write a channel description and you can see your account is created and ready to be used. So now I am downloading an image of a dog and uploading it on my channel. Select the category as Animal and Pets. You can also upload and select images for any category as there are various options. Try to upload as many images as possible. Now you need to include a Title, tags and now we have to select the album and confirm it. So now go to the market place and see the featured categories. I hope you must have followed how to create an account and how to upload images to earn money easily. If you face any problem you can post it in the comment section. Friend if you follow it step wise you can easily learn and earn online by uploading free images. Try to upload as many as possible so that you can earn more and make money online. My motive behind this video is to make users understand how to earn online as part time and full time.

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