Hello Friends ! Do you know how to earn money without doing anything? Yes, how nice it would be if you could earn money even while sleeping, by watching TV, or by playing. Today I am going to explain about some apps where you can sign up and earn money without doing anything.

If you wish to earn money without doing anything, then this method will be apt for you. Even if you are College students, House wife or professional or working somewhere but want to earn some extra income then this method is best for all. Friends I am Neeraj Vijay and I create and come up with a  new videos daily on how to earn online. In today’s video post I am going to discuss about some apps where you can sign-up to receive SMS and read those SMS to generate good amount. Also there is a website where you can earn upto $ 600 by listening music. Yes you read it right. Yes this is such a website and app where you can earn by listening to music.

Before starting my tutorial, if you are new to our channel please subscribe our channel and press bell icon so that you receive notifications about new uploaded videos by us. Also like and share our videos to your friends and family so that they can also know how to earn money online. So let us begin our tutorial. Friends I am on my laptop and I have opened first site which is moneysmsapp.com on my browser. This is the website and you can sign up over here

Money SMS is a free android app which allows you to make money online automatically by receiving SMS generated by our system and customers. You can also Download APK or can directly download from Play Store.


Feature of Money SMS app

  • Works on Android: It works exclusively on Android and allows apps to read SMS
  • Earn Money Online : You just need to install the app and get paid for received SMS as Text Message.
  • Secure : It is most secure and this app does not read your private messages on any other data. It reads only their test SMS.
  • Automatic : One can earn passive income through this app automatically even while sleeping, watching TV and while listening music.
  • Referral Program One can even earn by referring this program to their friend and relatives and earn 30% from their earnings. Suppose if they earn $ 100 , so $ 30 will get credited directly to you as referral income.
  • Free: This is totally free and you need not pay anything.

Learn how to make money online with Money SMS app.

All you need to signup after downloading and installing the APK, you need to keep your phone internet running all the time.

  • Receive automatic Test messages
  • You will be sent SMS as Text messages from customers and system from time to time. It depends on you whether you want to read those SMS or not. You can even delete them. You will get money for only receiving SMS. Isn’t it great?
  • Get paid


You will be paid in Euro you will get €0.02 when you receive test messages. However there is a threshold value and you can withdraw money when you have Euro 2 as minimum through PayPal.

Why you are Getting Paid?

You get paid as your phone number will be used for verifying Testing SMS services.


How Does this App Work?

Download the Money SMS App on Android phone
Register and Launch: The next step is to register, provide your payment address and launch the app.
Internet Connection will be required and you need to stay connected and the app will keep on running in the background all the time.
Receive Test SMS and get paid online within 48 hours

Now let us see our next website which is cashmagnetapp.com

They have clearly mentioned Get money from your Android phone. We pay for every minute of that time when you do nothing. They claim that if you work only 2 months for Cash Magnet you can buy a new phone and use it for this service.

You do not need to perform any tasks, watch ads or play games. You will get Passive income. This app is absolutely safe and it does not changes personal settings of the phone.

    You can read the FAQ to know more about Cash Magnet App. As you can see the points as Total Balance is increasing every second. So you can install and register on Cash Magnet app.

    • Sign up to start working:
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter new password
    • So you can earn money online easily without doing anything

    So now let us see the third app which pays you $ 600 by listening to your free music and it is Current.us

    You can earn money as rewards points while running, while working, commuting. So all you have to do is to play and listen music. You can earn $600 as points and can redeem it. The most you play them more you can earn. Points can be used as Gift Cards, buy electronics and donate to charity. So you can install it on your phone from Play store. So these were 3 websites from where you can earn money online and receive payment through PayPal. You can watch my separate video on PayPal and refer it on how to sign up and receive payments on it. So start earning now!

    Friends I hope you must have understood all the points which I discussed in this post about 3 apps Money SMS, Cash Magnet and current.us. If you want to earn you can install all 3 apps and start earning. These are legit apps and are safe to use. These apps does not require you to work and is most latest and unique way to earn money.

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