Facebook Marketing Course

Location: Patna Duration: 2 Weeks

As we know Facebook is the place where most of us spends time online. So if you are in business and want to promote your good or service on Facebook then Facebook Marketing Course suits you. This course will help you make powerful & professional brand of your business on Facebook.

After completing facebook marketing course you can indentify & reach new customers everyday. More than 1.4 billion user log on to facebook everyday and as a business owner you just can’t ignore the marketing possibilies on facebook. If you want to become professional in facebook marketing then do contact us.

Want to Grow your Business ?
Want to use facebook to find new potential clients?
Want to make your company as a Brand in your niche?
Want to optimize your facebook ads?

If these are some of the questions whose answer you are looking for. Then your search end here as facebook marketing training course has answers to each and very quesitons of your related to facebook marketing. Puting you company information in front of 1.4 billion people is the best way to grow your buisness.

After completing this course you can put your company information on facebook professionaly or you can get a job in social media company.  If you have any question related to our course you can call us.

Facebook Marketing Traning Course

Location: Patna Duration: 2 Weeks

Module 1: First Steps on Your Facebook Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Facebook Marketing Course: This is how you will be benefited with this course
  • What is the budget of running Ads on Facebook

Module 2: Facebook Pages

  • What are Facebook Pages
  • How to Create eye-catching Facebook Business Page
  • How to create a Professional Facebook Page Cover Image
  • How to Do Keyword Research using free Tools
  • Find the Keywords for your Facebook Page
  • How to Create an Optimized Facebook Page Description with Related Keywords
  • How to Optimize your Facebook Page Information
  • What is Facebook Apps Links
  • Facebook Page Apps That will Increase your Traffic
  • How to make your Facebook Fans see ALL your Posts
  • Using the Facebook Call-to-Action Button
  • How to Change the Name of your Facebook Page
  • Create your “Facebook Page”

Module 3: Facebook Groups

  • What is Facebook Groups
  • What’s the Difference between Facebook Page & Facebook Groups
  • Creating a Facebook Group
  • How to Edit Facebook Group Settings
  • How to Manage Facebook Group
  • Ways to Monetize your Facebook Groups
  • Create your “Facebook Group”

Module 4: Facebook Live!

  • What is Facebook Live
  • What’s Facebook Live and Why you should use it
  • What do you need to start a Facebook Live
  • Plann your Facebook Live Streaming
  • Talk with to your Audience
  • How to use Call to Action on Facebook Live
  • Way to Reuse your Facebook Live Session for Your Marketing
  • Start Your First “Facebook Live Session”

Module 5: Facebook Ads: Your Target Audience

  • How to Find your Target Audience
  • What is Facebook Ads Manager
  • Set Up Payment account for your Facebook Ads
  • Defining your Target Audience
  • Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to know your Target Audience
  • Defining your Facebook Target Audience

Module 6: Facebook Ads: How To Create First Ad

  • How to Create the Ad Post
  • How to Boost your Facebook Post
  • How Much to Invest on Facebook Ads?
  • Tips to get your Ad Approved by Facebook
  • Analyzing the Results of your Facebook Ad

Module 7: Facebook Ads: Type of Ads, Best for Your Business

  • Awareness Ads
  • Consideration Ads
  • Conversion Ads

Module 8: Facebook Ads: RETARGETING!

  • What is Retargeting?
  • What is Facebook Pixel
  • How To Create a Facebook Pixel
  • How to Install the Facebook Pixes on your Website
  • Is Facebook Pixel working and capturing information
  • Creating a Target Audience with your Facebook Pixel
  • Creating your First Super Optimized Ad using Facebook Pixel
  • Using Retargeting in your Facebook Ads

Module 9: Facebook Ads: Local Business Promotion

  • How to use facebook ads to promote your local business
  • What should be the Plan for your Local Business Promotion
  • Reaching People around your Business
  • How to Create your Local Business Facebook Ad
  • Creating your Facebook Ad Image For Local Business

Module 10: Facebook Video Ads

  • Creating a Powerful Facebook Video Ad
  • How to 10X the Reach of your Facebook Posts with Videos

Module 11: Instagram Ads

  • What is Instagram Ads
  • How to Link your Facebook and your Instagram Accounts
  • How to Create Instagram Ad
  • Tips to have a successful Ad Campaign on Instagram

Module 12: Facebook Landing Page: How to Collect Customer's Name and Email

  • How to Add a Sign Up button to Facebook Page
  • How to use Autoresponder service
  • What to give in return
  • The Landing Page
  • How to create Video Landing Page – Part 1
  • How to create Video Landing Page – Part 2
  • How to create Video Landing Page – Part 3
  • Getting your Landing Page Permanent Links
  • You have the Sign Up Button on Facebook

Module 13: Facebook Events

  • What is Facebook Events
  • Why you must need to use Facebook to Promote your Event
  • How to Promote your Event with Facebook
  • Using Facebook Ads to Reach more People!
  • Creating a eye-catching Facebook Event Cover Image

Module 14: 7 Secrets Tips to Boost Facebook Post

  • Secret #1
  • Secret #2
  • Secret #3
  • Secret #4
  • Secret #5
  • Secret #6
  • Secret #7

Module 15: Facebook Tips & Tricks

  • How to Reach 10000 People with a $3 Ad!
  • How to Steal Competitors Traffic on Facebook
  • How to Reach ALL your Followers on Facebook
  • Download Facebook Data to your Computer
  • Download Any videos from Facebook
  • Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images to use on Facebook
  • Using Facebook Videos in your Website

Module 16: FAQ

  • Review and Optimize Facebook Page Description
  • Number of Emails in a Email Sequence?
  • How to Optimize Your Audience Detailed Targeting on Facebook Ads
  • Use Tags to Reach more people on Social Media
  • Facebook is changing the rules. How to protect your Pages?


  • What Next



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