Hello friends, I am Piyush Jain and I am into the business of Affiliate Marketing for last 15 years.

I have immense experience and expertise as a mentor for Digital Marketing Course. Within Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is one of the most key module. I am going to discuss about right step for starting the career of Affiliate Marketing.

Do you want to start your career of Affiliate Marketing ?


The right step to start Affiliate marketing is to select the right product. Yes choosing a right product can bring your business of affiliate marketing to new heights and success. If you select a wrong product for affiliate business then your journey to Affiliate marketing ends before getting started. So you need to choose the product wisely if you want to be successful in the Affiliate marketing business. So let us know how many types of products can be there in the Affiliate Marketing Business.

Types of Products in Affiliate Marketing

1. Cost Per Lead (CPL)


First of all there is Cost Per Lead. This is the fixed cost which is paid to you if you generate lead magnets and if its converted to sales. If you are into business of Affiliate Marketing then you need to bring leads for product/ services and promote it through Affiliate links. If the leads are converted into sales then you get fixed amount of commission for each leads that are generated. This is known as Affiliate Commission per leads in the Affiliate Marketing business.

Some of the examples of Cost Per Lead includes

  • Insurance leads
  • Education Leads
  • Loan Leads
  • Medical Leads

2. Cost Per Sales (CPS)


As it is evident from the term itself , here you need to generate sales for the products and sell the products. You get percentage for cost per sales which is predefined. If you generate sales through your site you can get certain percentage of the sales amount. You can sell anything starting from household goods, electronics, apparels or anything which you can desire or think of.

3. Cost Per Action: (CPA)

Cost per action involves action to be taken for getting any software, apps, games downloaded by the users. If you generate downloads through your site by including call for action as download button or by free download links. Once the recommended program is downloaded by the users, you get a pretty good commission from the vendors.

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