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Note: Keep pen & copy along with you. As you will be learning many new things. This 5 Day will change the way you look at digital marketing. You will get Video’s as soon as you register.

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5 Day Digital Marketing Demo Class

Day #1 – Digital Marketing What, Why, When & How ?

What is Digital Marketing ? Who Can Do Digital Marketing ? Why Digital Marketing is Important right now About Me ? Why You should Listen To Me? Is English Important in Learning & Implementing Digital Marketing? Do I Need Technical Skill To Learn Digital Marketing ? When To Join Digital Marketing Course? Traditional vs Digital Maketing Strategies ? Digital Marketing Process ?

Day #2 – Domain Name, Hosting & SearchEngines… What, Why & How? They Really Works

What is Domain Name ? How Domain Name Registry Process Works? What is Web Hosting Types of Web Hosting ? How Website Works ? Why anyone Needs Website Search Engine Traffic ? How Search Engine / Google Works How I Got into Search Engine Marketing ? Create Your First Website in Next 10 Minutes For Free

Day #3 – Websites, WordPress, SEO & Keywords… Types,What, Why & How ?

Types Of Websites ? How To Structure A Website ? What & Why WordPress ? Know Information About Other Website ? In-depth Competitor Website Traffic Information ? How I Got My First Client While I Was In Job ? Designing A WordPress Website ? What Are Themes & How To Use It ? What Is Plugins ? Contact Form Plugins ? What Is Seo & Seo Friendly Websites ? What Is Keyword ? How To Find Keywords Which Your Prospective Client Is Searching For ?

Day #4 – Website Traffic, Organic, Direct, Social… What, Why & How To? Analyse Traffic…

What Is Website TrafficOrganic Traffic ? Direct Traffic ? Referral Traffic ? PPC Traffic ? Social Media Traffic ? How To Analyze Traffic Sources I.E. Google Analytics ? Various Modules Under Digital Marketing ? How I Left The Job & Started Own Company ? How To Use Digital Marketing To Earn Online ?

Day #5 – Blogging, Affiliate, Youtuber, Dropshipping… What, Why & How To? Make Money Online…

How All Digital Marketing Components Fit Together ? Professional Bloggers ? Affiliate Marketing Expert ? Free Lancing Service Provider ? Start Your own Digital Marketing Agency? Fulltime Or Part-time YouTuber ? Drop-Shipping ? E-Commerce Website? Create a Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website

Join 5 Day Demo Class (For Free)

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5 Day Free Digital Marketing Class

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