Do you want to earn income in Dollars? Direct Deposit of $80, $60, $53, $100, $75, Direct Deposit of $120.

If you want to earn Direct deposit as mentioned above then you can also earn online if you watch this video and read this post carefully.

You do not require any skills. You can earn by working from home as a part time job without any investment.. If you want to do this work as full time, I would suggest this is suitable for a part time job. If you are new to our channel then kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you get the latest notifications on how to earn online as we create videos, Photography for the same. So let us start our Tutorial and see how to earn money through this website.

The name of the website is Insta refers to Instant and GC refers to a Gift Card. As you can see it’s mentioned as a Digital Gift card received Instantly. These Gift Cards can be of any format. It can be PayPal GC, Amazon GC. You can redeem it on their respective sites easily. I have created a video post on how to create an account on PayPal and redeem and transfer the money directly to your account. You can refer to that post. Now let us see how to use and earn through

Earn Points for things you already do online

By Completing Surveys, learning how to create videos and Watching videos will give you money, Shopping Online, and searching the web. You will get points which can be redeemed and directly transferred to your account.

Redeem your points for gift cards

Choose from 330+ gift cards

Digitally delivered

✓ No wait

✓ Use in store or online

✓ Send to a friend

You can refer and see View Redemption Proofs

So now let see how to sign up on this website

You can join through FB, Twitter or Google account.

Only you need to click and give access through your account. If you wish to sign up through email id then also you can join.

You need to provide username, password, email address and click on sign up. You will receive 10 points for signing up and will open an extended form option. You need to fill out how you find the option.

If you are registering from India, it requires a verified PayPal account. If you do not have a verified PayPal, please stop now and return to complete registration on PayPal first. We have a verified PayPal account. So we are signing up and getting this process complete. So we have linked and connected our PayPal account and it’s now verified successfully. We also need to verify our confirmation email.

Now you need to click on surveys to get surveys, watch videos. You will get money for watching videos over here. You can click on redeem through the gift card store and transfer it through your PayPal account. This was the way how to earn online through

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