Welcome Friend! How are you ? I hope you must be fine. In this video we are going to discuss Google Advanced Search Options.


What is this Advanced Search option?


Maximum people while using Google Search input any keyword and press enter key. They get search results related to the keyword and they select the websites fetched from the results. But Google provides various advance options. If we use advance search options we can generate good search results and we can get exact results. So let us start and know about advance search options.

1. Advance Search option is Exact Search – “Search query”.

When we have to search for Exact Query Search we use double quotes such as “keyword” to search on Google. When we use “digital marketing course Patna” only those results will be fetched where all these 4 words are used together. Only those results will be shown by Google. This is an exact search.

Suppose we search video editing software, Google will fetch anything and everything related to this term. As you can see all the sites which are on top due to SEO or links would be fetched. This is a basic search. But when we use this keyword within double quotes. This gives refined search and we get exact search results.

2. Include Words:

When we search Digital marketing Course , Google finds related words with Digital as Internet, other words related to marketing course, SEO Internet marketing course etc. But we want Patna then we have to include Patna and we have to add + Patna such as Digital Marketing Course + Patna. Now it will fetch searches related to Patna only. So only results with Patna will appear.

Similarly if I search Video Editing Software + Mac then Google will fetch results as Video Editing Software only for Mac. So you can also include specific OS and version as refined search

3. Exclude Words :

Suppose if you want to exclude any search location and if I search Digital Marketing Course – Patna. This will exclude search results that will not have Patna. We will get a Digital Marketing Course from rest places and not listed in Patna.

Similarly if I search for Video Editing Software-torrent. So all the torrent sites will be excluded as advanced search results. So you can include + and – to make our search results a lot more refined and advanced search. This will create more complex search results. So you can research what your competitors are using. So this is where Google Advanced Search can be quite helpful.

4. Exclude Multiple Words: 

We can exclude multiple words suppose Digital Marketing Course -Patna-Ranchi. So the advance search will not fetch listed results from Patna and Ranchi. So you can use multiple phrases to refine the search results. Similarly you can search for Digital Marketing Course + Torrents from where you can download the course or program.

5. Exclude multiple phrases :

Suppose if I want to filter search results which provide free classes and online classes. So we have to search Digital Marketing Course-“free class”-“online” So this way we can use Basic Search Operator in Google for advanced search. So I will create more videos on how to use Advanced Search Operator. If you have any query related to this video do write in the comment section. If you like this video do comment and share it.


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