Welcome friends! How are you all?

I hope you must be doing fine. In our last video we came across some basic Search operators.

What are basic search operators?

How do we search as include + to search? how to search in double quotes “ ” ?

How do we exclude search by adding – while searching.

How to include multiple – to exclude multiple search results.


Today in this video post we will discuss about advance Search Operator.

6. OR Operator in Google such as X OR Y/ X | Y 

Suppose if we are searching Digital Marketing Course Patna but we want to search for Patna OR Ranchi. So what is to be done in that case. A normal user will first search Digital Marketing Course Patna and then they will search for Digital Marketing Course Ranchi. But we want Digital Marketing Course should appear in search results as common but it should fetch results of Digital Marketing Course either from Patna OR Ranchi. Actually Google will find and fetch results for the word Patna OR Ranchi since these two words are used with OR as either Patna OR Ranchi. The results will have websites with Digital Marketing Course Patna OR Digital Marketing Course Ranchi only as in the same result and we do not have to search separately. You can also use | sign or OR.

Let’s take another example and search Sports Shoes red OR Black as search results. If you want sports shoes which must be either Red or Black in color only. So you will get the results of Sports shoes only Red OR Black in color. As you can see in shopping results also you will get only Red and Black shoes as well as in Organic search results you will get only sites with Sports shoes in Red OR Black color. So this will filter your search as advanced search.

7. around(X) With this operator, you can get results where your search terms are close to each other.

If we search Digital Marketing Course Patna, Google will find all the results having Digital, Marketing, Course, Patna wherever it is used either separately or together. But this will not be regarded as filtered results. We need search results with Patna to be mentioned around 10-15 words on website within its content. If we want to search any specific search then such Search around(X) Operator will help a lot. Also for analyzing our competitors to filter out the information and results. So lets search using this Digital Marketing Course around(10) Noida. This means that all those search results would be fetched having word Noida in around 10 words closer to Digital Marketing Course.

8. tilde (~)

When we want to search any term such as Digital Marketing but we want all other related terms for Digital Marketing in the search results. So tilde can be used for finding the synonyms related to your keyword and domain. Now all the related terms and similar words for Digital Marketing such as Internet Marketing, SEO as this is also related to Digital Marketing. Many of us might do not know about them but Google knows as it has a wide dictionary and covers all words and related terms. So this tilde can be very effective.

9. site: 

This is our next Search operator and is quite effective when you want to find any specific search result related to that website only. Suppose if you want to search any news of Times of India related to Sachin Tendulkar

Let us see and check

Tendulkar site:timesofindia.com. So this site:command will help to find out specific news and results related to Tendulkar posted on the website of Times of India with the word Tendulkar wherever it is used. Suppose if Times of India is our competitor to find out how many posts they did related to tendulkar. To find out what our competitors are doing or have done so far using site:command

10. Related

This is advance search where we can find out sites related to any specific business or website. Suppose when we search related:flipkart.com then we get all the related websites from the segment. So you can see all the e-commerce websites are fetched as search results. Suppose if you want to start any business and want to analyze what are the websites of your competitor and into the business.

On this note I am concluding my video but will soon be back with a series of videos covering other advanced Search Operators. I hope you must have gained a lot from this video post. Kindly like our video, share and subscribe to our channel to get the latest notifications. Thank You!