Welcome Friends! How are you all? Today in this video post we will discuss the factors on which Google my Business listing depends.

What are the various factors which determine the ranking of GMB listing to rank on Top?

Those who do not know what is GMB listing, let me give them a brief idea as to what is GMB listing?  Google My Business is a local listing which is provided by Google for free to list local business within the local area or location.

Whenever any keyword is searched on Google, the local business is fetched related to that searched keyword. For instance I searched Digital Marketing course Patna. Using this keyword, Google will fetch the local listing of the Companies which are locally listed on GMB and present within 5 kms of radius should appear in the Google Search results.

This is very important keeping the prospects in today’s present time since it is found that 60% of the sales of business is by GMB local listings. In the coming days GMB will determine the success of any business and will prove to be very powerful and competitive. So if you have not yet listed your business on GMB then do it now.

So let me start my tutorial for GMB Listing and let me consider the factors which are important for determining the ranking factors of the listing on Google.

Whenever any keyword is searched on Google, we get ads on top results, after ads we get GMB listings. We also refer to it as 3 packs of Maps. As you can see there are 3 listings. BTW Semsols listing is on Top.

Let us see the various factors which determine whether your listing will remain on Top or not?

The first option is most important and consists of 33% of GMB Dashboard.

The activities done on GMB consist of 33 % of the coverage. When we consider any website there is on page and off page factors. Similar is the case with GMB. There are various options which are given by GMB such as uploading of photos, event creation, adding products, adding services, you have to create posts regularly on a weekly basis, add interactive photos, and delete photos which are not relevant. All these are considered as on page activities for GMB.  SO it consists of 33% ranking factors of GMB.

Next is Reviews as it consists of 16 % of GMB ranking factors.

Reviews are posted by customers. The positive reviews and negative reviews which you get related to your business. It is quite an important factor as the content which is used in the review whether it contains and reflects your business keyword or not.

If there are negative reviews, then how are you handling it and whether you are replying to it or not. If there is negative review for your business you need to reply to the customer else it will give a negative impact to your business. It is important for both your business and your customers.

On Page

Now on page depends upon the website which is added on GMB listing. Whether the content which is written on the website contains local business, products and services or not?

The content which is used on the website is unique or not. Suppose your website is of Digital marketing and the content does not match with this keyword. So the data should be matched which is listed on GMB and the content on the website should be related.  Many users do not create personal websites and use free websites on Google. But if you promote and use a website it matters and it will get more preference in ranking factor as compared to free websites.

Links consists of 15 % of the ranking factor

The more number of links are created for your website and it will determine the ranking factor. The quality links will actually decide the ranking factor as it will bring traffic from outside to your website and to the profile page of GMB listing.


Behavior is the interaction of the customer and the time spent by the users on your website. It consists and determines 8 % of the ranking factor. The time user holds and spends on your website. Whether they are reading your reviews, viewing photos, interactive content. If the content lacks any of these then your website cannot rank on GMB listing.  SO the content should be unique and contain related keywords.


What is citation? In GMB , there is NAP which refers to Name, Address and Phone Number. SO our objective must be to feature NAP on as many websites as possible. It should be present on all local directories, listings. Name of our business or company should be present on other websites.


Personalization is the name of the owner of your Company whether its present on other places or websites. The products added by your Company matches and are relevant wherever it is promoted or not? SO these are the 7 ranking factors which determine the ranking factors of GMB listings.

TO solve this, we have come up with a detailed course which is GMB Mastery Course. Through this course you will come to know how to create a GMB listing, how to follow and do regular activities on a weekly and monthly basis, your GMB listing will rank and continue to rank. If you follow this course as there are 30+ videos related to GMB listing.

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