Welcome Friends, How are you? In this video I am going to discuss how to utilize GMB reviews effectively to improve the ranking of Google My Business Listing.

Generally what happens suppose if you are a shoe seller or have a shoe shop, and whenever a customer purchases any shoe you request your customers to post a review for the same. However stats suggest that out of 10 customers only 2 people post reviews and the rest 8 do not post reviews no matter how much you request them or try to contact them through mail, SMS or whatsapp. However, the number of reviews in GMB will decide the ranking factor of GMB listing is a myth. Yes, its not that if there are more and more number of reviews for any business listing on GMB, it will have a better rank. We have a client who approached us for improving his business listing rank through more number of reviews. However we made clear to him that getting more number of reviews will not help to improve the rank of GMB listing as compared to his competitors business as there were more reviews posted as claimed by our client.

We suggested our client provide a link through SMS which should contain a template link of GMB sample review to his customers. This sample review will give a better idea as it would contain phrases such as Best Shoe Quality, Latest Shoes, Trendy Shoes as keywords which can be used for posting reviews. Also sample Template would contain sample text to suggest how was the behavior of the shop keeper or the salesman? Was he polite? Did he show all the latest shoes, how was the quality of shoes etc. So this would give a better idea to the customers and they would definitely post reviews. As a result, now the conversion of reviews increased manifolds. Actually we embedded keywords in the sample text and template. Actually most of the customers do not post reviews as they don’t want to apply their thoughts as to what they should write as review. However, through this sample text they started posting reviews with embedded keywords such as Best Quality Shoes, Latest Shoe Collections etc. This increased the number of reviews as well as the quality of the reviews. This was made possible as the review which was posted had keywords embedded as comment in the reviews. So it’s not the number of reviews that matters to rank any business listing, its the keyword if embedded in the review decides the ranking of GMB listing. So even if you have less number of reviews posted for your business it will rank better if it contains keywords as embedded in the text of the reviews.


So if you have listed your business on GMB listing do give sample text to your customers so that they would get an idea and can use it for writing reviews for your business. Also you need to change this sample text after every 7 to 10 days. This will give some change in the pattern of the review else all the reviews would sound similar and there will be no uniqueness. So you should create new texts of 5-6 lines with embedding keywords. For this we have designed and created Google My Business Mastery Course to improve your business in GMB listing. If you have listed your business then you can join this course and if you have not listed your business yet, thinking to list your business but do not know exactly how to do it, then also you can join our GMB Mastery Course. In our course we will illustrate how to list your business and improve the rank of listing by embedding your business keywords through sample templates. If you have any queries related to GMB listing or the course or Digital marketing you can ask us, we will reply and clear all your doubts. If you like this video, do like it, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank You!