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I hope you all must be fine. In this video I am going to discuss about Google My Business Account Suspension.

These days maximum users are complaining that their GMB account is getting suspended. We introspected why GMB accounts are getting suspended these days ? We visited GMB related support forums and came across multiple threads with postings from users that their account has been suspended. Users do not have any idea why their account got suspended by Google. If you are also one among those whose GMB account is suspended then you need to apply for manual review to reconsider the account and revoke suspension.

If you are one among those whose account is not suspended then you must strictly adhere to the policies of Google My Business.


Else your account can get suspended any day. Actually there are various reasons that might result in GMB account suspension.

Let’s Look at various reasons that might result in GMB account suspension.

#1 Forwarding URL

The first reason is forwarding URLs. In GMB we include forwarding Url and if it redirects to some other website which is against Google’s Policy. Google never supports such forwarding of fake urls which reroutes users to business other than that which is promoted in GMB.

#2 Excessive Keyword stuffing in Business Title

if you have used too many keywords in Business Title. It is advised not to use or embed keywords in GMB Title. It is better to use Business Name in Title than to embed excessive keywords. If you are using a legal Business name which you own can be used and there is no problem in doing so.

#3 Multiple listings of Same Business

If you have created multiple listings for same business and verified it multiple times then your account will get suspended. Google recommends that there should be only one listing for the same business and if you have changed address and verified same business with different and various contact numbers then your account is likely to get suspended.

#4 Virtual Address of Business

if you have given a virtual address instead of any physical address then you are under the radar of Google. So if this is the case with your business also , you need to provide and verify your physical business location.

#5 Excessive Competition in Niche: 

if there is excessive competition related to your niche then also there are many possibilities of Spam. The Spam detection radar of Google is highly active and can Spam and ban your account even if you have not violated any of GMB policies. In such a case you need to contact Google Support Team to re-initiate for account reconsideration. You can also contact them on its Twitter handle by tweeting your issue. You can contact them on Google Support forum and highlight your issue. So these were the steps if you follow then you can keep your GMB safe.

If you have listed your business on GMB then this is the most important platform from where you will get most traffic. If you have worked properly then within one month or so your business will get in rank on GMB listing and you will start getting phone calls from customers showing interest in your business and services.

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