Hello friends! Are you also getting problems while creating an account on clickbank from India?

Are you an user from Bangladesh, Pakistan and unable to create an account for the same?

Actually one of my user has messaged in the comment section which I am sharing in this video post

Hello Sir, I am very interested in earning money from affiliate marketing and yesterday I created a new click bank account, but today I have seen that my account has been suspended. Please give me a solution sir, how can I reactivate?

You might also get such messages if you are from Asian Countries. So I contacted and asked for what exact message that user got from clickbank. To which the user replied and shared the email

Your ClickBank account has been suspended. After reviewing your clickbank account, we have concerns about your account activity. If you have received a request to provide ID Verification, please follow the instructions provided via email.

Your account has been suspended at this time. Actions within your account including promotion, are not accessible.

So why does such a problem arise? If you are from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan you might face such problems or issues. Apart from this there is one more error message which users always complain about. Let see what that is?

I’ve been trying to sign up for a Clickbank account from Thailand, and from India. I tried creating an account from Thailand first and I kept getting the message “unfortunately we cannot offer you an account at this time” So I then tried creating an account with my Indian details and the same message prompted me to fill up the form. Just wondering if anybody has been in a similar situation?

So these are all common error messages which one might get while creating an account on clickbank. So first of all let me verify myself as I will create one account right now just to check whether the account is getting registered and what are the problems which are faced while doing so. Before we begin, if you are new to my channel kindly subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to receive new and latest notifications for videos on how to earn money online? Also share the video to your friends and family members so that they can also know how to earn money online.

Now we are on Clickbank and I am signing up

I have selected India as my Country. However you can select VPN for creating accounts for other countries. You can get all the account details of that particular country so that account is not suspended. You need to use Payoneer and first your amount will be credited in Payoneer and from there it will be transferred to your bank account. I will also make a video for how to use VPN for creating accounts in Clickbank. But today we will see how to create an account from India.

We have selected India as Country, First name and last name, phone number, email address and desired password. You need to accept terms and conditions to join clickbank. Now my account is created and I have opted for a training program on how to earn on clickbank.

Now the most important thing I need to complete my profile option. You don’t have to leave it blank. Fill up all the details and it should be legit and true. You need to sign up as an affiliate marketer. Input all details and it won’t be suspended. This is how I created an account easily. IF it gets banned, then you need to go to support and submit a request. Provide the email address of your account. In description, you have to write a message in description* as I have created an account with the same email. I want to promote your products. Kindly allow me to sign up. I can provide all the documents you require and I am genuine and please provide me a chance to work with Clickbank. This is to be written. You can also add and upload supported documents as a file. You can also write for creating a new account.

If your account is disabled then you need to contact the support team and submit a ticket. This was all how to create your account. If you want to know how to create an account using VPN, then you need to write in the comment section and I will make a video for the same. I hope this video will help in creating an account on Clickbank.

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