Welcome friends ! This post is about Affiliate Marketing Tip #6. Today we will discuss how to take out Affiliate Marketing products from ClickBank.

I am going to discuss methods on how to promote products organically. Now let us begin the tutorial without wasting time further. I am not going to discuss how to register on Click bank as such videos are available on my YouTube channel. What we have to do is to go to the market place in the dashboard.  Now we will click on search the lens and this will give all the top listed products. Maximum Affiliates look for the gravity of the product. They select products with maximum gravity.


Now what is the meaning of Gravity in Click bank?

Gravity is the number of affiliates promoting that specific product. If I consider the first product in the list which is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. It has a gravity of 566 and as many affiliates are promoting this product. If you select this product you will have to fight a tough competition to generate sales.

IF you go through paid ads then you won’t be able to survive the competition. So what is to be done now? We need to check gravity but we should not select the top products. SO in the left corner there is an option to select Date added to Marketplace, This will sort the number of products added to the market place within a period of time frame such as months. Now this will show the listed products added within the specific time frame as from last month till date.. Now the list will be generated and we now sort it with gravity. Now we can view the products which are added and promoted in the last one month. The first product is shown as a Miraculous Manifestation product. It has a gravity of 16.97 which means 16 to 17 Affiliates are promoting it and has a good Affiliate commission.

Now the second product is Vista Clear has a gravity of 16.32 and affiliate commission of $104.31 which is very good. You might be wondering why its gravity is so less. Let me tell you the reason for low gravity is that this is a new product which was recently added to the marketplace.  

Many of the Affiliates are not promoting it right now. But with time it will definitely increase. Suppose if I select Vista Clear Product and search it on cbs snooper which is a free website to check analytics of products.

When I search for this product on a website. The overall rank of this product is decreasing with time and its gravity has increased.   SO you can select this product for promoting for Affiliate Marketing. Also you can select many other products such as Manifestation at first sight, Free Trump, Free 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Silver Coin, Wealth Miracle and so on. So you can promote any of these products for Affiliate Marketing.

Now how to promote Products after selecting them?

Now suppose if you want to Promote Vista Clear Product. The best way to do it is to find out its review. Whenever users see any new product on TV, magazines or on YouTube channel what they do is they check out its review before giving it a try. SO they check for the review and its user’s testimonials.

SO it is very easy to convert such users into customers. They are already familiar with the product, they just need confirmation whether it is good or not. SO they mostly search for reviews. SO what we have to actually do is to select the product and add review with the product name and search it on Google.

So I am searching for Vista Clear Review. You can clearly see the first sight which is on rank with Vista Clear Review as the keyword was published or updated on 26 March. Also other websites which are next to top are latest. So if you also want to promote Vista Clear Product you need to have a website and you should target Vista Clear Review as a keyword. Suppose if you don’t want to have a website or to start without a website, so you can see there is a YouTube channel and they have uploaded a video which is also in rank with the same keyword. Similarly there is Quora where you can find threads related to this product and promote there.

Now for this we have an online 30 Days Internship program. This is a 30 days challenge where you can apply and implement Digital Marketing strategy and rank your product within 30 days.

All you will get 30 videos in 30 days. That is one video daily. I will show you actually what this internship is all about. If you visit our website training.semsols.com. Under online courses you will find Online Internship Digital marketing. In this Internship of 30 days you have to perform one task daily.

The product which you have selected from ClickBank, apply that task and implement it. If you select 4 to 5 products and implement the strategy, I am confident that you will start getting sales within 30 days.

Let’s see and find out the details as Phase 1 which is from Day 1 to Day 10. Here you will learn how to find and select keywords and rank it organically with detailed analysis. How to write content, how to make headlines?  Then it is followed by Phase 2 from Day 11 to 24. Here you will learn how to create links for your website or product to rank. You will know how to create BlogSpot, word press, we will give resources of various resources and links for link building. Also I will give 4 to 5 press release sites where you can post PR for your products.  You will learn completely off page.

Then there is Phase 4 Day 27 to Day 30.

Here you will learn how to create videos. You can record your own video, record your screen, you can use these videos and post it on YouTube to promote your products online. SO you can create various videos on keywords and reviews. So you have full guidance and I will guide you how to promote your business. There is no excuse anymore as we are here to guide you and make your business successful. So if you have any queries related to affiliate marketing or how to select products from Click bank do ask us. We will reply back. If you like this video do like, share and subscribe to our channel. So let’s meet with the next tip on Affiliate Marketing. Thank You!