Welcome friends! In this video tutorial we are going to discuss how to find the best day of the week in Google Analytics. How can you know In a week i.e. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday which is the most profitable or highest traffic seen on which specific day or how can you know about it. Actually it can be easily calculated for a week but if you want to know the report of last one month day then how will you find the same. As we know in 1 month there are four weeks. SO how can you know which was the best day in Google Analytics keeping number of visitors or traffic on that specific day of the last four weeks. So for this you need to consider the average of traffic in Google Analytics. How to accomplish this you might be wondering about. To find out the average of best day in four weeks we need to prepare a custom report in Google Analytics. Now many of you might be wondering as why to find best day of week in Google Analytics? What is exactly its benefit? Actually if you come to know about best day of the week in terms of traffic which means maximum no of visitors online who visited on your site. For example suppose on every Tuesday, maximum users visited your site or you came to know that your visitors are mostly online on Tuesday through Analytics, so you can make most out of it for Digital marketing,.

How You Can Make Most Out Of Best Day On Google Analytics?

If you are into email marketing so you can send maximum emails on Tuesday since your maximum visitors are online on this specific day of the week. Even if you regularly post on facebook then you can even make or do new postings on fb on Tuesday why because your maximum visitors are active on Tuesday. So this data is most important for site owners or business owners if they can know which day of the week derives maximum traffic. So now let’s find out the best day by logging into Google Analytics. So I have prepared a list of the last week in which Tuesday shows maximum number of visitors or hits on my website in Google Analytics report. Also Monday is quite close and fetched good amount of traffic. Where as Saturday shows poorest number of visitors. So if I have to do email marketing or post anything online on site, I will prefer Tuesday and since Saturday has lowest traffic in the report, I will never post on Saturday on the basis of Google Analytics report.

How To Prepare Custom Report In Google Analytics?

In order to prepare a custom report

  • First of all log into your Google Analytics account panel.
  • Now select the website in the dashboard for which you need to find out or prepare the report.
  • After selecting the website, you need to select custom report option.
  • Once Custom report is clicked, there will be an option to create new custom report.
  • Click on new custom report and give a name in the Title option.
  • You can give any name such as Best day of the week or any other name as you desire.
  • Then add name in Report Tab.
  • Now there you will find Metric Group, you need to add metric and select sessions for any number of sessions you desire.
  • After that you will get an option to select Day of the week name in Dimension Drilldowns and now click on save option at the end of the page.
  • This will generate Custom report of the week.

So next time whenever you wish to view the report just click on the custom report on the dashboard and whatever report was prepared will be displayed in the Google Analytics list. So you can now easily know about the best day of the week through Google Analytics report and make use of it to post on that specific day of the week on which there is maximum number of visitors active online. I hope you must have liked this tutorial or tips. If yes, kindly like and subscribe our channel. I will post more other similar and helpful tips in future too. Thanks a lot!

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