Welcome friends How are you? In this video post we are going to explain how to fix the issue of multiple url error.

In my last video I explained how to audit any website. There were 12 audit points and I will make and explain each point in specific videos separately. The first point of Website audit is Multiple Home Page Url error. This is the first video of the same series. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel then kindly subscribe it now because I am going to come up with various related new videos on how to optimize websites, how to implement Digital marketing, how to grow and rank your local business through GMB. So let us begin this tutorial and explain how to fix multiple urls of website issues and resolve this problem.

First of all let us know what is multiple Url ?


Are your websites accessible with all these Urls?






these all 4 urls if clicked will redirect to the same homepage of the website. Actually what happens is that Google or any search engine might crawl any of these urls or supposedly it crawls any 2 of the urls and cache it in its index. This can lead to a major problem. Actually Google identifies each url as a separate url. Ethically, Google wants each Url to have unique content written on its homepage or website. However in this case the Urls are getting created and indexed separately but the content of all of these will be the same as it is the same site. So this will create a problem of Duplicate Content. If there is duplicate content on any of the websites it will not rank on Google. So what is the solution to this problem? So we need to decide any one Url which we want to have for our website. This solely depends on the website owner as to what url they want to have. Whether they want to have WWW or without WWW. It doesn’t make any difference. But https and http matters a lot. Https is secured as compared to http in today’s time when hacking of data is quite a big problem. I will deal with this in another video post separately on the difference between http and https.

In this post I am considering that your website is https secured. If not then you need to first convert http to https and then fix duplicate Url issues. Suppose we have selected https://yourwebsite.com and we will project and use this url everywhere. Firstly we have to use this url for the configuration of website wordpress sites. I am considering that it is applicable for all WP sites. In WP site’s there you can find settings option

There you will get option as

WordPress Address (URL)  https://digitalmarketingcoursepatna.com

Site Address (URL)             https://digitalmarketingcoursepatna.com

This is my website for Digital Marketing Course Patna. In your case you need to include your url whatever it might be suppose yourdomain.com but it should be with https only. If you are getting traffic from any other Url for the same website then you need to redirect it and the website should get open with https://yourdomain.com as selected by us.

If it’s implemented, then the problem of multiple Url will get fixed to a larger extent on WP sites. However, it is seen that when you login to the WP site, this website Address URl area will be grey and it cannot be edited. SO what to do then in such a case?  If that is the case then we need to go to wp-config.php file and edit there. This wp-config file can be found when you login using ftp or when you go to the control panel to find the root panel.

If its too technical then you can also contact your service provider to make the change and it should be the same url as  yourdomain means your website url with https only. So this will fix the problem of multiple urls on your website. But there might be many multiple urls of your same website which are already cached and index by Google. So how would you inform Google that the url which was crawled before by Google is not the one which I wanted it to crawl for. How to crawl the new Url in future and not the previous multiple url again. For this we have to make changes in HTACCESS File. This will Redirect Old Urls to New Url

We need to rewrite https://www.yourdomain.com/ [L,R=301] to yourdomain.com this will inform Google or Google will come to know that this is the new url of your website which you want to get it crawled by Google. Also all other multiple Url will get redirected and would open to this new url only permanently. Let us see this on WP site. You will find it in the settings option and you need to keep the same url in both the fields as WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL. In our case I have used https://digitalmarketingcoursepatna.com in both the fields.

You need to have the same Url and not alternate urls as mentioned before out of 4 urls. Also you need to use it anywhere and everywhere for link building also. Then it is to be saved. Now see what changes it will have. Even if someone opens my website with www. Although there is no www included to my website as I decided not to have, then also it would get redirected to my website and it will show the url without www in the browser.

As https://digitalmarketingcoursepatna.com. This is the way one can test manually. Even now if someone is getting a new page with www then it means that multiple url for the same site exists and it needs to be fixed. So this was the first point of Website audit how to fix multiple Url problems. I will come up with all other points for website audit in my next new video posts. If you haven’t seen my previous video where I mentioned all 12 points for website audit, you need to go through it. I hope you will like this video and found it informative. If you have any doubts or any query regarding Digital Marketing, SEO, Website creation,, you can ask in the comment section We will reply back. So let’s meet in my next post soon. Thank You.