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In this video we will know about how to get a first customer or client by working from home.

We all know due to the Corona crisis many people have lost their jobs or returned back to their home and have no jobs. Unfortunately even if they are looking for jobs there are not many jobs depending upon the skill sets for those people. So this video can be really beneficial for those people as how to identify the skill sets and get their first client and customer while working from home. So let’s start our video tutorial.

The most important thing is to identify the skill set.

Yes, skill needs to be identified first. If you feel that you are best in everything, then this is wrong conception. No one can be perfect in every skill and segment. For example, suppose you are in the Digital Marketing segment and you feel that you can do digital Marketing for any Company and promote the same. It may be possible but this is very ambiguous and you won’t find clients easily.

You need to know and select specific Niche. There are various fields in Digital Marketing Segment such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Local Listings, Video Optimization, Linkedin Profile Optimization, Facebook Profile Optimization etc. You need to select a specific Niche for a specific segment. Suppose if you selected SEO field, then you need to select SEO for which field.

You cannot Do SEO for all sites and it is not possible to select SEO for all the fields. IF you select SEO for Real Estate Companies, then it would be more specific and enhance your profile. As you can mention that I can do SEO for Real Estate Companies and bring Leads for those Companies dealing in Real Estates. Then you will get your clients and you will be listed by Companies with your skill sets

Let’s take another example

If you are in the teaching field and feel that you can teach everyone then again it is wrong and you need to identify the skill sets. You can’t teach everyone. You have to select a specific field such as you can teach students of Class 10, 12th, or IIT Level. So you need to select the niche and your skill then only you can find your audience, clients, customers in Digital Marketing. Unless you don’t identify your skill sets then you won’t be able to target your audience.

I am a Digital Marketer and I teach Digital Marketing to my Students. Now whom can I teach Digital Marketing? If I say that I can teach everyone then it is not correct as it is not specific. But I create a campaign and target BCA and MCA students and help them get their job in Digital Marketing who are pursuing their course before their degree. So as you can see that I have selected the Niche and I target my audience and they are only BCA and MCA students and those who are appearing and have not got their degree. So this is how to get into specific Niche.

After finding and selecting the Niche you need to find out your audience and where are those audiences. Whether they are on facebook? Are they searching on Google? Are they looking and searching new sites? Are they watching videos on YouTube? You need to find out and identify them as your audience.

Suppose if you are searching for an audience for Real Estate Company and want to provide your services for the real estate niche. The best way would be to find out and search on Google. You need to search on Google with Real Estate Company with your local city name. Such as Real Estate in Patna, Real Estate in Delhi etc. First results which are fetched by Google would be Ads and GMB listings. After that you would get top sites. Leave the first 3-4 sites which are in rank and select the sites below and directly contact them using their email ids, contact numbers directly informing them that your sites are not optimized properly and it can improve SEO rank and they can be your right audience and customers.

Suppose you are good at running fb ads. Select top 10 sites and directly view their view source of the website. Check if pixels are installed or not. If pixels are installed then it means those sites are running fb ads. Leave those sites and select those sites on which pixels are not installed. Now you can directly contact those site owners and inform them that you can bring traffic and bring new leads to those sites.

If you contact 30 customers and clients you would easily get a good number of clients for yourself. You will at least get 1 client from the list of 30 customers. This is one of the best ways to use your skill sets to get clients and customers working from home.

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