Are you facing connection not secured error on your website? Have you ever noticed or not?  Let’s see how this error can be detected.

When you open any site on your browser and if you can see the browser not secure with a cut sign on padlock. This indicates that such sites can be hacked and important data present on the site can be hacked by hackers. This can prevent many users from visiting such websites, they can avoid purchasing any product from such site nor will they leave any information on the site. So we need to ensure that our site should be secure and if users find the site secured then only they will prefer to visit the site. For this you need to install SSL Certificate, and after installing SSL Certificate you need to redirect http to https.  In this video post I will discuss how to install SSL Certificate which is provided by a hosting or self-signed certificate. Also how to redirect http to https through cloudflare. So read this post till the very end to know about it. If you like this  video don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Let see how to install SSL Certificate?


If you have purchased new domain with hosting then SSL certificate will be provided by the hosting. I have opened the Cpanel of the hosting. Its theme is Paper Lantern. In the Cpanel search for SSL. You will get the option of SSL/TLS. Click on it and a page will open that will give the options of

  • Private Keys,
  • Certificate Signing Requests,
  • Certificates, Install and Manage SSL for your site.

 You need to select Manage and install the SSL Certificate option. The SSL Certificate is provided by your Hosting along with the domain. Click on Manage SSL Certificate. A Window will open up. Just click on the drop down option, list of sites will be displayed. The SSL certificates provided by the Hosting is installed and will expire in October for my sites.  If SSL certificate is not installed you need to install it by selecting the Domain and click on Auto fill by Domain option. This will auto fill the certificate provided by Hosting and click on Install. This will install the SSL Certificate. This was the first way to install an SSL Certificate.

Second way is to purchase an SSL Certificate.


Many people purchase SSL Certificates. If the certificate is expiring and is set to expire in October. When it will expire , then again SSL Certificate is to be purchased. But since SSL Certificate is costly and if you do not want to invest money you can go for free SSL Certificate options. For that you can install Self signed certificate. For that you need to open a website with url on your browser.  Now you need to copy the domain name and input it in the server name and click on generate. Now you will get a Certificate and Key will be generated for the given domain. Now you need to select the certificate and open it with a notepad. Now you need to copy the entire certificate as text. Now go back to SSL/ TLS and paste the text in the certificate space. Also you have the private key generated. Now open the private key and open it in notepad and copy and input in the Private Key space option. You can leave the space of Certificate Authority Bundle. Now you need to click on the Install option and your Self signed SSL Certificate will get installed. This will make your site secured.

Now next I am describing how to convert http to https using cloudflare so that when our site is redirected it opens in secured protocol. HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Yes so we need to redirect http to https using cloudflare. So let’s begin how to do this?


Open CLoudflare in the browser. Now you need to sign up if you don’t have an account. I have my account so I am going to login. After login in the panel you will get the option to add site. You need to copy the domain and input it on Add site. Now you will get an option to select. You need to select a free option and not a paid one. Now after selecting the free Option you need to confirm Zero Plan. Now the CLoudflare will gather the DNS details of the site and will fetch it. After that you need to select Continue option and continue with default. Now you will get the name of the hosting provider and go to the hosting provider from where you have purchased the domain.

Select it and rename the name server with Cloudflare. So this cloudflare will act as a bridge between domain and hosting. It will protect your domain site from any malicious attacks. After this go to CLoudflare and click on done Check Name server. This will check the Name Server. Now you need to select the finish later option. You will get a panel click on recheck now.

Now how to redirect http to https

For this you need to select on SSL/TLS. Since SSL Certificate is already installed you will get full mode as a selected option. You can click on partial and again select full mode. Now select Edge Certificate in the tab above. This will show the status as active. If you have installed a new SSL Certificate then it may take some time to show and will display inactive. You need to switch the HTTPS option ON if it is switched off. Now your site is redirected from http to https.  

After this you can increase the speed of the site. For this click on speed and Cloudflare will analyze the speed of your site. After calculating it will display the speed of the site. As your site gets faster after switching to CLoudflare platform as much as 53 % faster. Also you can optimize the site performance.. Select Optimization and click on Auto Minify to reduce the source code on your website. Select and click on all 3 options as


  •   Java Script
  •     CSS
  •     HTML

Click on all these and do not make any other changes. Now this will be auto saved and speed of the site will be optimized. Now go to Page Rules and set rules for your site by clicking on create Page Rules.

Input https://www. Domain name

Now set the rule as forward URL and Select 301 redirect

To Https://www.domain name will be set up as Rule.

Permanent redirecting will ensure good rank and non secure connection is changed to secured https. This will also make your site rank better. As Google has given instruction to ensure that sites should be secured for better ranking. SO you need to install an SSL Certificate and make it secure. Now let us refresh the site to see the effects of https redirect. This will take some time to be effective. SO this video must have cleared how to install SSL Certificate and redirect http to https using cloudflare.

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