Hello Friends, Do you want to earn Rs 7000 per day which is $100 from YouTube?

How To Make $100 A Day with YouTube Ad-sense?

As you can see in the video footage above. That too without revealing your face and voice. I have come up with a video post on how to earn and make money online $100 on YouTube without showing your face and without using your voice easily by creating a video and earning through Adsense.

Let us understand what YouTube Adsense is ?

If you watch any video on YouTube first of all you get Ads which can run as long as the ads are played. However after 4-5 seconds YouTube gives an option to skip the ads. Most of the users skip such ads and proceed towards watching their video. This is due to Google Ads which is played on YouTube videos. You can also get ads as banners on YouTube.in between videos as Adsense. So these are both the methods through which you can earn through creating a YouTube channel and uploading your videos on YouTube.

But the problem is that you do not want to show your face and neither do you want to use your voice but want to make videos for YouTube. So I have come up with a solution on how to earn by making videos on YouTube without showing face, voice and without investing any money as YouTube is free to use and create channels for free. Before proceeding further, if you are new to our Channel, kindly subscribe us and click on the bell icon to receive the latest notifications related to how to earn money online. Also share this video to your friends and family members so that they can even learn how to earn money online.

The stats of this website channel and their estimated earning on a monthly basis is $1k to $16.5 K. This means they are earning estimated as $16.5 K on maximum note. If we see its daily earning, 64 to 1K, $32-$504 on a daily basis. Lets see another channel as monthly earning is $2.3 K to $36 K as estimated earning. Estimated earnings for daily basis is $86-$1.4 K. This is an estimated earning it may vary and can be more or less.

We can check stats of YouTube channels on socialblade.com as discussed in my last video also. So let us see how to earn in such a way by creating videos without showing your face, without voice and earn without investing any money. Lets begin and kindly follow the steps exactly in the same manner and do not skip till and read till last.

First of all Go to YouTube and search Reddit stories. You will get various channels as pop-up with good traffic and views. You can view any videos and can find what they have done while making such videos. They have taken the questions from reddit and given the answers in the videos without showing their face and voice.

The Worst Things People Overheard While Fake Sleeping (r/AskReddit | Reddit Stories)

So as you can see they are getting ads on such videos and they are earning through adsense. So I am skipping the ads now. They have selected the question What is the worst thing you’ve heard while pretending to be asleep? They have posted the answer and there is a voice. I will tell you how to add voice. So you can also post similar questions and post answer series and make videos and publish them on YouTube. They have more than 60K subscribers and their stats I have shown above as $16k per month which is quite good.

So let us know how to make such a video?

For this we have to go to Reddit. Either you can put up your Question or can search for Questions on Reddit posted by other users on it. You can select any Question with good views and many answers accordingly. Now you can select the best answer and take a screenshot of it and save it on your desktop using lightshot. You can search for this app on Google and install it on your PC.

Next step is to give voice. For this we have to search free text to speech on Google. You will get results at the top natural readers online. Now you can open it and paste the text for which you want to use audio voice for the same. You can change voice and select voice of male or female and convert it into MP3 and download it and save it on your PC. Now how to make video

Search Openshot Video Editor on Google and open the website. This is a free open source video editor. Take images and photos screen shot of Question and answers selected by you, add voice which you have downloaded and add black background and render videos to give attractive interface look. So you can create videos easily using this platform. Now you can save the rendered video and upload it on the YouTube channel. Now you need to add Title, description and add #tags. You can search YouTube for finding tags using YouTube Tags grabber. Now your video is ready to be published with Title, Description, Tags. Now you need to make one thumbnail for your video. You Can create a thumbnail using Canva as an image editing website mentioned in my previous video post.

So this is how you can create video without showing your face, voice and rendering most effective video and publish it on YouTube channel and earn and make money whether you are freshers, Graduate, students or professionals. If you have any problem anywhere you can ask us in the comment section which is active. We will reply back and clear all your doubts. IF you want to make a career in Digital Marketing then we have designed a Digital Marketing Course from Zero To Hero where we have explained the entire course using theory and practical approach. So you can enroll for the course and become an expert. I will give the link in the description part of my video or can directly contact or call us. On this note I am concluding my post, will be back with similar videos on how to earn and make money online. Till then take care. Thank You!