How to earn from Instagram without posting anything or without having any followers?

Β Yes today in this video post I will discuss how you can earn and make money from Instagram without posting any images, videos or even if you have no followers. Before proceeding further let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain, a digital Marketer and I am running my Own Digital Marketing Company as Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD, for the last 15 years. We are Digital Marketing service providers and have clients globally. So let’s come back to our topic. How to earn money from Instagram? Β You must be familiar with Giveaways. Actually giveaways are the process where you get gifts in return of some work.

Many Instagram account holders give giveaways in order to increase their followers on Instagram to manifolds. Even many celebrities also give giveaways to make themselves more popular among their followers. Have you ever wondered even celebrities having millions of followers do they pay for giveaways from their pocket? There are various celebrities on International platforms who do spend a lot as giveaways. They even spend up to 20 K US $ as cash to their followers. No, celebrities do not give money from their pocket. Then who pays on behalf of them. Actually this amount is paid by the Companies those who want to get their products / services promoted by the celebrities. Such companies actually sponsor the entire giveaways and get into agreement with Instagram Account holders who have millions and trillions of followers.

Actually they pay celebrities to share some posts on Instagram in the form of images or any videos on their profile page. Many Companies work like agents and contact celebrities and sign up a deal for which they pay them. They ask popular celebrities to share 2-3 posts on their Instagram profile page. Also these agents ask celebrities to give away 20k in dollars as giveaways which would be sponsored by the Agents and Companies. Actually these agents are in touch with many small companies who wish to have their products promoted on Instagram by popular Celebrities. Since these small companies are not so financially sound to directly be in touch with popular celebrities or pay them for ads. So what is the work of an agent? So many of the small companies get tied up together and get clubbed up and contact the celebrities. Let me demonstrate with an example

Giveaway agents contact and tie up popular celebrities having millions of followers. So they tie up with 3 to 4 such celebrities. Also these agents have tie up with small businesses and customers who want to promote their product on Instagram and increase their followers. As we all know there is millions of traffic as Instagram Audience and it is a good platform to promote your product and services. So these small business customers are in tie up with agents and pay him in small amounts say about 2.5 K. SO all the customers get clubbed together and each one of them pay 2.5 k to the agent. Now the agents is in tie up with the popular celebrities and ask him to promote their product by sharing 2 to 3 posts on Instagram for which these celebrities receive money from the agent. Also these agents get a very good amount for themselves as a connecting link between business clients and celebrities. Also the celebrities are sponsored by the agents who in turn get bounties from clients to distribute giveaways of 10k in US $ among the followers by the selected celebrities. So it is good for all of them as clients can easily promote their products and get followers on Instagram, Agents get good amount as their commission and celebrities get heavily paid and sponsored for distributing giveaways and they also get more and more followers. Also the Instagram followers are happy as they get giveaways. So now let us check this with live example

A company named highkeyagency sponsored kevinhart4real celebrity on 28th June to promote its products. This deal was signed up and all the followers of Kevinhart were asked to follow and comment on his page supporting the campaign and receive giveaways as cash amounts. The popular is the celebrity, more number of followers they will have and the giveaways will be larger as a cash amount which is actually sponsored by agents and clients.

As this entire chain works in this strategy where an agent contacts the celebrity and pays him a good amount to share posts on their profile page and give away cash amounts to their Instagram followers as takeaways. If you want to start your own business, you can become a Giveaway agent. You need to contact celebrities having a minimum of 50 k followers. Also you need to contact local businesses such as gyms, restaurants or any local business who wish to promote their products/ services on Instagram. There is a work percent of 1 % of the followers. Suppose if the celebrity has 10k followers, 1% of the audience will start following the small business clients account on Instagram. Yes it means 100 users will start following them so they will get 100 followers which is very good to start with.

So I hope you will like this video post and will know how to set up your full fledged business using Instagram to earn and make good money online. If you like it, do comment on the video. On this note I am concluding and let us meet in my next video post . Thank You!