In this video post users will come to know how to sell digital products and earn lakhs of money online right from the comfort of their home. This is a beginner-friendly process and to accomplish it you do not need any technical skills or any hi-fi gadgets. This is a step-wise process and it can be implemented as part-time or full-time work.

Now we are going to reveal the earnings of one of our students who has implemented this process earned more than 4.5 Lakhs last month with a total of 519 transactions.


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Now let us understand if we consider what this process is all about. What is a digital product and what actually it is? How to find a digital product? After that, the next step is the process.

How the process should be implemented so that customers can purchase the product. Finally, how will you get the traffic? so users will come to know about the complete steps to earn the kind of earnings shown in the video above. It might take some time to achieve that but it is possible. So don’t skip the post, read it till the very end.

what are digital products

1. What are Digital Products?

whenever we want to sell any things it can be either a digital or physical product. A physical product is that which we can touch as it is evident from the name itself. Physical products can be delivered by courier or speed post. Whereas Digital products can be sent digitally through the digital medium. Such as ebooks, PDFs, website templates, or designs.

To deliver digital products, no delivery charges are there. It can get delivered easily through email. Also, there are no worries that someone is going to charge an exorbitant sum for the same, return back, etc. Suppose you want to gift a customized mug or T-shirt to someone as their birthday gift. It can be the best option and is trending these days.

So if there is an option to get more than 8000 + designs for only 249 rupees, can anyone say no to this offer? So anyone will prefer to buy and this is a digital Product. Similarly, there can be email templates as a bundle with more than 30K as autoresponders. Then there is custom vector design. Then there are forms and 3D texts. These are all the best examples of Digital bundle products. 

Apart from this there are

2800 + Video Reels
300 Editable Landing Pages Bundle
Gym 2050 + Video Reels Bundle
3500 + Canva Editable Templates Bundle
700+ GB Graphics Bundle
Elementor Pro 3.9.

So you can sell templates, plugins, and Divi themes as Digital Products as Resale copyrights. so these are examples of digital products.

2. Now let’s come to the Process

always select the product where there is good perceive value. The difference between what you are getting and the price in which you are getting should have a vast difference. So that the customers should have a feeling that they are spending very less amount and gaining a lot more in the form of digital products such as templates, and landing pages at 299 for creating websites or other options. Now how to pitch the product to your customer so that the customer willingly purchases it without any fuss. For that, you need to have a website. If you do not want to invest in Domain and hosting then you can go for a free site and use But it is not suggested to have an e-commerce website on some free platform as it will give a bad impression to the customers.

Now you should include an image of the Digital product with a description of it. You can use customer testimonials and user’s reviews and also you can show the screenshot of your earning that you made from the digital product. At last, you need to include the Buy button that would redirect to the payment gateway as Instamojo, Payme. There are no extra charges for availing of these only you need to pay a little amount of commission if any product is sold using that payment gateway.

3. How to Get Traffic?

for getting traffic, you can run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads,
Suppose if you are investing 1000 on ads and then getting leads and making 3000 out of it then it is a profitable business. It can be regarded as a money-printing business. So you can also invest more and get more sales from that. so it can be a money-printing business. This is a scalable business. Now let me show you practically so that one can believe this.


facebook ads

For this, you need to go to Facebook and search the Facebook ad library. so now you will get a link where you need to select the options and you will get to know about those websites that are running Facebook ads. Tools Club India is one group that is running Facebook ads for the landing page. Now when you click on it you will come to know all the details about their ads and you can copy the same strategy which they are following to run ads for readymade landing page templates. Only you need to create one image similar to the one there and you are ready to run ads. so you will find different ads such as image ads, video ads, and text ads. So you don’t have to do anything other than simply implement this strategy to print money from your home.

fb ad library

As you came to know that you are getting 300+ landing pages so you can purchase it easily and sell them at higher prices to your customers by adding a few more landing page templates in the collection. this is the tip for the product if you can’t think or don’t have any digital products. Similarly, there is the tip for ads too, always run conversion ads and not traffic ads. Because then only your leads will get converted to sales. Also, you need to earn ads at least for 7 days  If you want to know more about this entire process there is one link to the Google form, kindly fill up and submit it. Believe me, it will only take 3 Days to complete this entire process as mentioned above. Maybe from the 4th day, your sales will start and you will start earning.


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