Hello friends! I hope you all must be fine and you all had a great Diwali festivity.

I am back with a new video post in which I will discuss free earning through clickbank.

You do not require any skills and neither have to invest any money for earning through this free method. You can easily earn from home and generate a good amount of income. Let us see how to use this method to earn through clickbank. Kindly do not skip any part as you need to follow this guide. If you are new to our channel, kindly subscribe  us and click on the bell icon to get latest notifications related to online earning. Also like our video and share it to your friends and family members so that they can also know how to earn and make money online. So let us begin our video post.

First of all we have to open clickbank and login on this website. So in the dashboard you need to go to the marketplace. As discussed in my earlier post also I mentioned about selecting 3 hot niches on which you can try such as making money online, health & wealth and relationships.

You can select any of these niches and promote any product from these niches using a free method as discussed in this video. Selecting by gravity will promote products according to the sales and affiliate marketers are using the most to sell any specific product for generating traffic and selling it.

Today I am discussing the category Marriage & Relationship related to relationship niche. Now I have selected by gravity to find the best offers with gravity value 151 and the offer is his secret obsession.

Now I have selected and clicked this offer and we need to promote it. Open it in a new tab and go through it. Now we have to generate affiliate links and copy it on notepad. Now since we have to use Instagram to promote this offer for free. You can use mobile phone or through facebook by connecting your Instagram to facebook. Let us search for keywords related to relationships. I have selected more love. With this I am getting skillofmanifestation 1010 page upon searching on Instagram.

It has a shortened link of bit.ly and is leading to the same page of clickbank. There is nothing on this page but only it has quotes of the day. So you can see that it has 32K followers of 32K and they are earning 5-7 orders through clickbank and earning upto $200 on a daily basis. Let us open a page and see what they have done. So they have included a short description and they have made the interface interactive. So users who are landing on this page need to interact by giving their comments as Yes or No. So you can also try the same strategy by copying the description, #tag by making slight modifications.

So it is easy to make such a page and generate a short url using bit.ly. It will shorten the link so you need to use the affiliate link which was generated on clickbank and use it to shorten it. Let us see one more example of manifestation magic. They have 82.3K followers. So you can follow these pages and see what strategy they apply for 1-2 weeks and create a similar page on Instagram. You can easily generate traffic and post such quotes daily. Soon you will see there will be followers and they will increase daily. You can generate traffic and land your visitors on the clickbank page. So I hope you have followed the entire steps on how to make money by promoting pages on Instagram. If you have any queries regarding this free method or any suggestions do write in the comment box. We will reply to you soon.

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