Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you must be safe. Today I have come up with a new topic How To Quit Your Unemployment And Start Working To Earn. I am Neeraj Vijay an entrepreneur and Digital Marketer. Let us know how to find a job and start new work in the current scenario.

The conditions are the worst at the moment due to the outbreak of Corona virus. It has badly hit and impacted the job sector. So if you have lost your job or are unemployed then it is the suitable time to switch to the Digital Marketing field. No matter whichever field you might belong from. You can learn and get ample opportunity in the field of Digital Marketing to start your career and excel in it. You can get a good job or if you don’t wish to do a job then you can even start your new business. In my last post I had discussed and briefed about those people who wish to learn Digital Marketing but never do due to various reasons. So if you are also one among them then you need to be positive and come forward to take up Digital Marketing as a course and then as a career. If you are unemployed and unable to sight any scope for your future then believe me, Digital Marketing is a field which can make your future as it will make you expert in various verticals. It will be in great demand in future and can easily get a job or create your own business.

If you are new to Digital Marketing then let me introduce it to you. The way in which the products are promoted offline , similarly when they are promoted online using Digital channels such as websites, blogs, YouTube, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or any other online medium it is known as Digital Marketing. There are various modules of Digital Marketing and it starts with website design, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Social Media Optimization. In SMO, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter marketing can be learned. Similar to Videos and its promotion, YouTube Marketing can be done by creating a YouTube channel. So Digital Marketing is a wide stream with various modules and you can learn each module as it will provide various verticals to provide opportunities for jobs or to create your business.

Hardly you will get so many opportunities in any other field as compared to the Digital Marketing field. So if you are unemployed and want to get a job within the next 2 to 3 months then you can learn Digital Marketing. How much salary can Digital Marketing provide ? So as a fresher if you join any Company you can easily get a salary of 8k to 10k. If you gain an experience of 1 year with good knowledge of Digital Marketing then can easily get selected for Good Company and get a salary of 15k – 20k easily.

So just think that today you are not in a job and getting nothing virtually. So if you learn and dedicate your time to learn Digital Marketing and learn various skills to grow your career. Also you can start your own business. But in order to grow your business you need to give ample time with dedication. You can earn a good amount through your business within 2 – 3 years. So it is better to start with a job in a Digital Marketing Company and gain some experience and then switch on to your own business. The situation right now is suitable to learn Digital Marketing to Quit Your Unemployment And Start Working To Earn.

Now the Question arises How To Learn Digital Marketing to Quit Your Unemployment And Start Working To Earn.

To this my reply is that you can even learn from YouTube. There are various videos on Digital Marketing as there is various free content. But there you wont get a systematic approach to Digital Marketing and neither you will get its entire syllabus of Digital Marketing. So if you want to learn and get structured syllabus for Digital Marketing then you need a mentor who can guide you. So we have come up with our Digital Marketing Video Course from Zero To Hero. In this video course we will teach complete Digital Marketing with 23 modules. If you purchase this course you will get complete online support and whatever doubts you will face it can be resolved online by us. Once you complete 80% of the course, you will get a 1 month internship as a bonus. This will give you practical knowledge to work and practice whatever you learned in Digital Marketing course. The entire Digital Marketing course will be covered within 2-3 months along with a free internship.

So if you want to change your life and get placed in some reputed Company so join our online Digital Marketing video Course today. I hope this post must be helpful so let’s meet in our next post. Thank you.


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