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You can see that we listed it in GMB listing and it got a superb views of 6.4 K and that also only within 30 days. Do you want to know about what activity was used by us? We have used and applied activity from 93 and took it to 9 K activities. Activities refer to engagements which we have got as a response from our users. They have clicked our images, visited our website, contacted us to know about our business etc. If you feel or are of the opinion that you can rank your business only through Google reviews then you are wrong. Yes you cannot rank your business by getting reviews written for the same. As you can see in the video, that only reviews is not the ranking factor. Our site is on Top on Google with only 30 reviews. However, the sites which are ranking below us on 6th position on Google clearly have more than 100 reviews. So reviews are not the only deciding factor as you can analyze.

There are Many Other Factors which Decides #1 Position in Google My Business. As you can see that our business has an average ranking position of 1.89 found in 9 data points. It means we are ranking in 9 places as 1, 2 and 3rd position on Google within 3 Miles of location. So how to achieve such data for your business? If you want to rank your Business at #1 in Google My Business Listing and want to get quality traffic converted into sales, then join our Google My Business Master Course.

What can you learn through Google My Business Mastery Course?

If you purchase our course, you will get to know how to set up your account and register your business on GMB. How to optimize ranking and bring it on top of Google? How all the factors can be implemented which are there on the GMB dashboard. We have Ranking Secrets of GMB, which you will come to know to rank and remain there for a long time to improve and increase growth of your business. This will help in converting leads into sales with quality traffic . We also have our Advance Strategy, which you can learn in our Google My Business Mastery Course. How to beat your competitor and rank on top and remain on top. You can see how this strategy worked for us so it will work for your business also. So click on the link which is provided below in the description part to purchase the course. You can’t ignore GMB in today’s time. It is a fact that 95% of the consumers searched online to find a local business in their area. (Hubspot). So purchase our course today and boost growth to your business.