Welcome Friends, How are you? In this video we will discuss GMB. When we login on Google My Business account, on the left hand side of the dashboard you will get various options such as home, post, info, insight, reviews. So I am going to come up with a series of videos and discuss in detail about the various options and how these options can improve the ranking of your GMB listing on Google.

In this video post we will mainly focus on the GMB post option. How many kinds of posts can be done and what are the benefits and importance of posts on GMB. I will also share the details of my business listing and different postings which I did for the same. So watch this video till the very end and like, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel as I will post a series of videos related to GMB tips and tricks so that you can learn how to grow your local business using GMB. So let us start this tutorial.

The post option in GMB has a great significance as whenever we create a new post it directly features on your Google Business profile of GMB account. Also it appears in the Google Map and when any searches they can easily view that live post. Thus it serves as the best medium for interaction between your business and customers. The live post remains for 7 days and after that period, Google stops showing that post on your profile. So there is a simple trick which can be used and that is one can post twice that is 2 posts should be made live on a weekly basis. Suppose if you did 1st posting on Tuesday , the second posting should be done on Saturday. This will ensure that your live post always remains there on GMB and it can be directly viewed by your customers. you can learn more about such tips in our Digital Marketing Course and If you follow this strategy it will surely improve your GMB listing ranking. So now I am going to share my desktop.

When we login in the dashboard, you can see there are various options on the left hand side. On the second position you can view the post option. When we click on post all the latest post will appear on the screen. The first option in the post is Covid-19 Update. First this option was not there, but after this pandemic this option is added. If it has affected your business and if there is any change in the business timing it can be updated here.

Next is an Add offer related to business. If you want to give a discount you can add here. For this you can add photos and upload it here. You can also upload videos of your product. You can add any offer Title. Start date and end date related to the offer. You can provide offer details such as new stock. If you have a coupon code you can add it here. Link to redeem it as online and after providing all the details publish it.

Next option is to add an update. We must use every option on a monthly basis as an update. You can add photos and videos, describe something about the post then there is a button option, if you want you can use a call now, or provide a link to your website.

Now the next option is the Add Event. Add event is best if you are running any event suppose if you have a coaching Institute you can add an event as a Demo Class. Or if you have beauty parlour you can run even accordingly also you can promote your business keywords. You can add photos and videos for the same, Title of the Event, Start Date and End Date of the Event and Publish it. The last option is to Add Product, you can also add products through the left hand side in the dashboard so we will discuss there about how to add products.

So now let us see our posts, in the All tabs, offers as we posted in the month of Aug for GMB Mastery Course and gave 90% discount as offers and it is showing. What’s new so all the posts will appear here with a number of views. Then there is an event option as we conducted a Webinar in the month of July. So you can post anything related to your business. If you post irrelevant then it can be marked as Spam by Google. It can even close your account. Try to use videos and photos with your business logo. Also do not post copyright photos and videos as it will lead to termination of your local Business listing. So follow the above mentioned tips such as post twice weekly, and maintain frequency of 7 days so that it appears on GMB for healthy ranking. So if you have any queries related to GMB posting, you can ask us and we will create a video for the same. If you are a fresher or a student, you can pursue your career in Digital marketing. So on this note I conclude this post let’s meet in next video. IF you liked this video, do share and subscribe our channel. Thank You.